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Sources of happiness in the FAYZ were few and far between. After all, it was hard not to be sullen when you could see no possible way for things ever to be normal again; everyone alive in the FAYZ who could think for themselves had figured out by now—even if they were suppressing it, hiding it from themselves—that there weren't many happy endings to be had when—if—the FAYZ ended.

Even still, they did linger—ways to be happy, that is-, and could be found, depending on the person who was looking. And where—and in who, maybe—they were looking.

"You don't understand a damned thing, Edilio; you don't have anyone, you don't have anyone you need or love or care about, it's just you."

He let the words float in his head a bit. Of course, the moment the words had come from the other boys lips, Edilio had wanted to yell 'I have Rodger. I have Rodger. You don't notice anything but what happens with you, Sam, but I have Rodger.' Sam knew now, of course, after the lapse of control on the dock, but it was probably better that way, wasn't it? Everything in the open. Secrets tore society and peace apart. Not that love was much of a secret when you looked for it; love took away all sense of wrong or shame or fear. And after all the not-so-subtly exchanged glances between the two, how hadn't anyone else noticed?

Now, after the battle, there was still the looming threat of Diana and Caine's child, but there had been a calm to the night's air, a message telling Edilio to relax, whether it was the intelligent choice or not, that brought Edilio and Rodger to the place they lay now. The small field was concealed by a number of towering trees, the tops opening high above so that the stars peeked through the silent leaves. Unafraid of being caught, hands clasped, they lay on their sides facing one another.

Edilio looked at Rodger. The boys eyes were closed, a smile playing on his lips, almost as if he could feel Edilio's gaze on him. His hair fell onto his face, leaving shadows beneath the fallen strands. Edilio smiled at the sight. "This is nice," the previously smiling lips of Rodger said. "It's something I could get used to, you know? Not having to hide. It's nice."

Edilio thought that for a moment. It was nice, but he knew it would be a rarity, if it even happened again. This sort of luxury wouldn't be available all the time if he was going to have to be Edilio, Sam's Right Hand Man, the most "sane" out of everyone left(he wasn't even sure of that himself, though, so how could they be sure of it?). He listened to the nights sounds a few seconds longer before responding. "You know it won't last, though. Not with Diana and…And that child of hers. Not with the FAYZ wall being clear now and things being put into motion. This "calm after the storm" isn't going to last." Edilio's words dampened the mood, but he was only saying what they both knew to be the truth.

Rodger opened his eyes and looked up at the older boy. "I know. But I like to live where I am, when I am. It makes things a little easier on the brain." He smiled and shrugged. "But…so does this."

Before Edilio could ask just what this was, Rodger had closed the space between their bodies and pressed his lips to the unsuspecting Edilio's. He let all thoughts of what might become of the future fall out of his head, engulfing himself in the feeling of Rodger's arms encircling him. And while the ever-changing, ever-problem-making FAYZ still surrounded them, it didn't matter; perfection was what the moment was, and however had to find it was in their world, they had it in that moment.

After the kiss ended, Edilio hugged Rodger's body to his own. The heat from both of their bodies radiated and multiplied as they lay together, the night air caressing them. Before his eyes drifted shut, smiling into Rodger's hair, Edilio had one last waking thought : Yes, this may be only for tonight, but I could get used to it.