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Your Eyes

I placed my hands over my eyes, the chains stopping my hands halfway to their destination. My lips trembled, but I couldn't close my eyes. No matter how much I wanted to.

Please, make it stop...

I pulled back toward the wall as blood splattered my face. Screams ripped through my ears. Pleas of mercy grappling at my heart. I couldn't look away.

No, stop it... Please.

The man... I would never forget him. He was the orchestrator of everything. His thick eyebrows, the pair of sunken, lifeless eyes, grizzly exterior. His face, walk, demeanor were forever ingrained into my memory, my very soul. What I feared most though, was his smile. Every girl that he smiled at was raped... and beat to death. All of it in front of the rest of our eyes. No girl made it more than a year... except me.

I don't want to die...

I was undesirable. As much as that appeared to be good, I wished that he'd taken me long ago. The memories were irrevocable. They were all that I knew by that time. The screams, tears, blood. It was almost normal. So much so that it barely even bothered me when the blood pooled at my knees, splattered across my body, face, when they screamed for help, mercy and death. I wished that I could be bothered by it, yet I rejoiced in my numb apathy as well. Feeling was what made the girls desirable.

Save me! Please save me!

My eyes lost their luster a million years ago. The scenes were everyday to me. I sometimes hoped he would smile at me, just so that everything would find its end. Stubble gathered on his chin, and he stopped cutting it. The man became beefier, began to call himself a pirate. Black Beard


I knew quite well how he greeted us each morning, "Good morning, flowers." He had an impossibly crude smile, leering at us like we were his lunch. It all worsened when he ate a devil fruit. He sucked in the girl when he was done with her. Her battered, naked and bloody body disappearing within his essence. I still wanted to die.

Make it stop! Lucky... Please save me...

All of us girls gave each other names. They always stuck. Mine was Lucky. No one knew anyone's real name. That allowed us to remain impersonal. No attachments. It meant less pain when the other girl became Teach's new play thing.

One day, it was just me. I was the only one left. Teach's deep, brown eyes pierced the darkness at me. His bellowing laughter bit my ears. I didn't move. I didn't care that I was the only girl. I was happy. It meant he couldn't avoid me anymore. It meant I was finally going to die. Oh joy! I would finally be freed!

His heavy body glowed with lust. His shoes hit the ground with a loud, thunk, thunk as he neared me. I stared up at the large, hairy man. I was ready.

Lucky... I'm dying... isn't that wonderful?

The last thing I ever saw were his eyes. The eyes of my murderer. Your eyes.

I explored a new, strange way of looking at one's situation... I hate Black Beard, yet I did happen to write this. It was a bit short, and I never explained some things, but I like how it is. I like how it reads.

Regardless, I would like to hear your thoughts (even if you flame). I'm curious. It's not my first time writing something like this though. :)

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