Gargoyles: Consequences

Hi there, I finally decided that I would put up my sequel to One Night With You. This one is not ready made such as the other one was(IE it is not a complete story). I only have the first few chapters written so I will be on again off again writing on this one and my Predator Story. This Story picks up where ONWY left off, with say six weeks elapsing in between. I hope you like it. Please read and review, I learn a lot from them and they help me with ideas for future stories. If this goes well there will be a third, so this will be a trilogy so to speak.



Chapter one: Elisa's Illness

Stone chips pinged dully off the parapets as the seemingly stone figurehead came to life. Goliath roared to welcome the night, as he stretched sleep-stiffened muscles. His dusky purple hide reflected the glow from the myriad of lights from the city below as he turned, and stepped down from his perch at the highest point on the highest building in Manhattan. Goliath glanced down at the level below, watching as the rest of the clan dispersed to undertake their own interests. One person was missing though and he looked harder trying to locate her. He frowned and straightening and moved down the steps of the tower to the floor below. As he exited the passage he again looked around disappointed when he was still unable to locate her. He moved to the TV room where Hudson was seated, and leaning on the frame, sighed heavily.

Hudson looked up from the book he was struggling through, "Even'n' lad," to which Goliath only nodded, "What's the trouble?" The old Gargoyle asked in concern knowing the look on his successors face.

"Elisa and I have patrol tonight, and she has not yet come," Goliath replied sliding off the frame and folding his long muscular legs under him to sit in the chair across from his mentor, "I am worried that something is wrong." Hudson raised an eyebrow as he saw the twitching in Goliath's tail, a sure sign that the younger Gargoyle was highly agitated.

"She'll be here, Goliath, don' worry," Hudson reassured him.

He nodded resting his chin on laced fingers as he contemplated worst case scenarios in his head.

"Hi guys," came tiredly from the door, Goliath and Hudson both looked up at the same time, "Sorry I'm late." Elisa stood in the doorway. She looked ill, for her face was ashen and her eyes dark and sunken. Her dark hair was disheveled and limp around her thin face.

Concern showed on Goliath's face as her rose and moved to her side, "Are you… all right?"

She did not meet his gaze when she nodded and said, "Fine."

Goliath said nothing more, never one to look far beyond her word, and moving past her, he asked "Are you ready then?"

"Sure," Elisa said without enthusiasm, turning to follow him.

Goliath paused to allow Elisa to catch up to him, and then he gathered her into his muscular arms as he stepped onto the waist high wall. He smiled warmly down at her, but she only managed a fleeting quirky smile before her expression turned to one of dread.

Elisa stiffened uncharacteristically as Goliath leapt from the edge and as he glided out over the city her face paled even further. Goliath noticed with some concern but made no comment as they circled further from the tower. Also uncharacteristic was the fact that Elisa was not bounding with conversation as she usually was. She avoided eye contact with Goliath pretending to concentrate on the streets below them as they started their patrol…or perhaps it was her stomach, "Are you sure you are all right?" he asked able to ignore neither her pallid face nor her queasy expression, any longer.

Elisa finally looked at him, swallowing hard. She shook her head in the negative, "Set down," she said before retching dryly. Goliath, looking very worried now, found the nearest building and quickly touched down. Elisa stumbled out of his arms to a semi-private corner of the roof and proceeded to lose the contents of her stomach. Goliath stepped up behind her shielding her slight body from the fury of the wind mantling one grand wing around her. He stood by in silent worry until she had regained some control of her heaving stomach. When she had finished, he knelt next to her and laid a hand on her slender shoulder. The concern for Elisa was plain to see on Goliath's face.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Goliath," she said with her head still buried in her sleeve, "I was fine yesterday."

"I know," Goliath stated, and then she saw his jaw tense in worry before he asked, "Have you been like this all day?" Elisa nodded an answer, and Goliath said quietly, "Then we will go home. You need not keep this pretense for me," he ran one large four fingered hand down her cheek.

"I hope I can last the trip," she said wryly, standing with Goliath's aid and allowing him to lift her again into his arms.

"I will ensure that the flight is smooth," Goliath replied, "I do not wish to be the recipient of an episode such as the one I just saw."

Elisa laughed at his humor, "I'll try not to do that in your arms, love."

Goliath nodded smiling as he leapt into the strong air currents. The trip to Elisa's loft was a short one, and it was as smooth as Goliath had promised. He back-winged once landing lightly on the balcony of her loft. He did not let her down there, but opened the sliding window and stepped inside. He moved surely through the house, a house that he had become very familiar with. Goliath delivered her directly to her bed sitting next to her as she began to undress. He watched her silently as she changed from her work clothes to a set of pajama's seeing briefly the body that he had held in his arms not so very long ago. He felt his face flush with the remembered passion of that night. The love that he felt for this woman swelled in him, but it left a bittersweet aftertaste knowing that it could never be like that again.

As Elisa lay down he leaned over and kissed her forehead, "Will you be all right alone? Do you wish me to stay and watch over you tonight?" he asked tenderly.

"I'm fine Goliath, thank you," she said smiling for his sake.

His mouth thinned as he stood, "I will be by tomorrow night to check on you."

"All right," Elisa said with an exhausted yawn, "Good night, Goliath."

"Goodnight, my love," he said softly.

Goliath continued to patrol the city for trouble long into the morning, but the time seemed to drag by without Elisa's company. He enjoyed any time they could spend together, but their patrols most of all, because that gave them a chance to be alone with each other with little chance of interruption.

He could not help the nagging worry at the back of his mind for his unrequited love. She was rarely ill, and he had never seen her in such poor condition, "I hope she is OK," Goliath muttered into the wind.

The next night as he had promised he returned to see how Elisa had fared through the odd bout of nausea. He frowned as he found a note on the window of Elisa's loft, and of his partner he saw nothing. It only stated that she had some business to take care of and that she would be at the castle the next night to talk to him. His brows furrowed as he read it wondering what exactly the message meant. He assumed that she had been assigned some undercover job tonight, spur of the moment and she was unable to let him know in time. That always brought a degree of worry into his mind, he knew that Elisa was quite capable of handling tough situations, but found himself worried none-the-less.