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Once, once again,
I'm sitting here, watching you wide-eyed,
Breathless and reverently,
Thank you, for everything you've done for me,
Thank you, for protecting me.

My hands aren't shaking as much now,
But my eyes start to water slightly,
There are words that can't come out of my mouth,
Glass in my throat,
It hurts to even think about it.

"Sorry for the things I've done."
"Sorry for the things I haven't done,"
"Sorry for the things I have yet to do,"
"There's not much I can do for you."

Because all you've done is listen to me,
Help me and be good to me,
So thank you for that, too,
And so,

"I like you,"
"If there was one thing to love, it would be you,"
"That said, I like you,"
"Instead, I love you,"
"I like this stupid you,"
"My love for you,
Is more than tenfold of everything else that I like,"
But silence answers me.

The mood unsettling,
Wish your eyes were open to see me,
So I can lose myself in their red depths,
Warmth, happiness, companionship,
Lacking now, because you're not here.
Sighs of sadness,
But a sigh of relief, you can't hear me,
Stupid me,
Stupid me,
Can't hear stupid me wail in my misery.

"I like you,"
"...That's a lie,"
"I really, truly love you,"
"I didn't want to hurt you,"
"Never meant to let you get hurt,"
"It was my fault,"
"Will you still like me back?"
This time,
Silence doesn't answer me.

"Yes, so don't worry anymore,"
"I like you too,"
"More than I love you, I like you,"
"I'll listen to you forever,"
"And protect you from anything."

Red eyes and a smile I've missed.
The demon is gone from my heart,
Promises I know you will keep,
Throat unstuck from glass,

"I like you,"
"I know,"
I smile so widely
Because if I don't, I'll burst.

"I like you,"
"I like you too,"
"My love is more than your love,"
"But my like is more than your like,"
"Does it matter?"

"We like each other."

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