Yay! New story! This time about my two favorite fandoms. Enjoy.

Harry Potter looked up and down the street, shifting anxiously. If there wasn't a break in traffic soon, he was going to be late for his very first job as an Auror. But the cars pushed forward along the street. They seemed blissfully oblivious to his plight.

"Come off it," he muttered to himself. The bathroom entrance to the Ministry of Magic was just across the street. All he needed was the right moment to cross.

"Oi! Harry!" called a boisterous voice. Harry hardly had time to look around before someone grabbed him in a hug from behind.

"Ron?" Harry wheezed out.

"Oh, let him breathe, Ronald!" said another voice fondly. Ron released him, and he and Hermione stepped into Harry's view.

"What are you two doing here?" Harry asked in surprise. "I thought you'd already be at work!"

"We got your letter!" Hermione said in confusion. "The letter that said you wanted us here to wish you off." Harry looked at her bemusedly. "You know – " She pulled out a cobalt blue envelope, pulled a letter out, and began reading. "Dear Ron and Hermione, wondered if you might come to the curb across the street from the bathroom entrance of Ministry of Magic to see me off. Just in case my first job involves getting eaten by dragons or sea anemones or dragon-sea-anemones. Cheers, Harry."

Harry still looked taken aback. Ron elbowed Hermione. "See, told you it wasn't like him. Harry never says cheers. He's too grumpy for that. Probably something to do with the fact he doesn't see me as often as he'd like."

"Well, if you didn't send it, who – " Hermione began. She was interrupted by Ron, who suddenly pointed across the street.

"I'd swear that wasn't there before." He was pointing at a police box across the street. It was dark blue and old-fashioned, and had a burn mark across its front door.

Harry frowned. "No, it wasn't. I don't suppose there's such a thing as a magic telephone box? One that disappears and reappears at will?"

"Well, there's the Ministry of Magic visitors' entrance," said Hermione. "The one we used to go rescue Sirius. But that one's red."

"Maybe they've remodeled?" suggested Ron. "So that whenever you need it it appears?"

Harry's glasses felt heavier on his nose than usual. "Let's go investigate. I don't want to get to work yet anyways."

The break in traffic finally, miraculously appeared and they started off across the street. It was the most peculiar sensation, but the closer they got to the mysterious police box, the more his glasses started to tingle. It was as if they had developed a life of their own. Harry told himself he was being ridiculous. It was probably just nerves from his first day on the job.

They reached the old police box and stood uncertainly in front of it. Harry reached out a tentative hand towards the door and pulled on the handle. It was locked. Hermione pulled out her wand.

"Alohomora!" It remained locked. Harry pulled out his own wand and repeated the spell. He heard a click as the gears disengaged and the door unlocked

Hermione looked shocked. "Why would it work for you and not for me?"

Harry's heart was in his ears and his glasses tingled even more. "Dunno."

Ron reached out a hand towards the door. "Maybe the answer's in here."

The door swung open as he pushed it, and they stepped inside.

They were not prepared for what they saw.

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