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The Quidditch match between Beauxbatons and Waratah was a lively affair. Dylan had done his famous lion again, and it was prowling across the grass as they teams played. But while the Beauxbatons chasers did a fairly good job with the Quaffle their seeker Durand didn't stand a chance, and Harry landed with the Snitch twenty minutes into the game.

"Harry!" Julian exclaimed when he entered the Lionpaw common room later in the afternoon. "We won! We won the cup!"

"I know," he said, grinning. "There's no way Durmstrang could win even if the won against Hogwarts."

"We're going to celebrate this!" Dylan shouted and dumped a big bag of chocaroos on the table."

"Save some for the real celebration, Dylan," Oscar commented. "When we've gotten the trophy."

The match between Durmstrang and Hogwarts happened in mid May. Everyone were gathered at the Quidditch pitch; students and teachers alike, leaving Hogwarts Castle empty. Harry didn't really care who won. He still felt a bit of a grudge towards Hogwarts, but Durmstrang's headmaster was a deatheater after all. He couldn't bring himself to support either of the team.

"Viktor Krum has got the snitch! That gives Durmstrang one hundred and fifty points, but because of magnificent play from the Hogwarts team Hogwarts win the match 320 to 300!"

The black-robed part of the crowd stood and cheered, waving scarves and banners as the teams landed and politely shook hands with each other.

"The School Cup has now come to an end," Madam Hooch said with a Sonorus aimed at her neck. "On fourth place, with nil points; Beauxbatons." The crowd gave a low cheer in sympathy. "On third place, with two point, Durmstrang," she continued, but there wasn't anything more than a polite applause. "On second place; with four points; Hogwarts." The Hogwarts students broke into a satisfied cheering. "On first place, with six points, Waratah!" Madam Hooch called over the pitch, and was instantly drowned in cheering from the white-robed students and the Lionpaw lion.

Harry was pulled down to the pitch by Christopher and stepped forth when Madam Hooch came with the Cup Trophy.

"Congratulations," she said and smiled.

"Thank you," Harry smiled and took the trophy she handed him.

Then suddenly seven brooms came soaring out of the air towards them. Harry recognized his own and grabbed it.

"Victory lap!" Emma shouted and took to the air.

Harry followed suit with a happy laughter. The crowd cheered for them, and several of the students shot confetti into the air with their wands as they passed over them. Whistlewind's falcon soared beside them and gave a loud call as it raced Jasper around the pitch. Anthony did a dip and flew slalom through the goal posts and Emma and Oscar had a small race from one end to the other end of the pitch. Harry was hovering far above, and the next moment he was glad he did, because on the school grounds, right outside the boundaries of the magical shields protecting the school. He halted all of the sudden to look closer.

"Death Eaters!" he shouted before a stream of yellow light was hurled towards him from the mass of Death Eaters through a newly made hole in the shields. He saw it in good time, so he evaded it easily, but then dived straight down.

"Get the students away!" he shouted when he reached the Professors' stands. "The Death Eaters are coming!"

He had barely managed to say it before the stages around the pitch started to collapse by the force of the spells it was hit with. People screamed and panicked, so Harry knew he had to come up with something quickly unless they wanted a mass death. Doing the only thing he thought of he transfigured the stands into huge mattresses.

"Harry! Consensio Contego!" Oscar shouted.

"Yeah! Guys!" he shouted for the rest of the team, and they lined up on their brooms facing the Death Eaters before starting to chant.

"Consensio Contego! Consensio Contego!"

A ball of pale red expanded quickly around them, stretching over the whole pitch, up to the castle and then down towards the Death Eaters. By now the old shields had failed, and they had advanced a few hundred metres. That was until the bubble hit them and forcefully pushed them backwards and knocking out those who came in contact with it, then tying them down with enchanted ropes.

Meanwhile Professor Reaburn had taken command as she knew how the spell worked and how to evacuate while being unaffected by the spell.

Professor McGonagall was shouting orders to her staff on the way up to the castle. "Julia, how much time do we have?" she asked.

"Perhaps an hour!" Professor Reaburn said. "Those students who want to stay and fight are allowed to do so; everyone else go to the Emergency room in the carriage!" she shouted to her students.

An emergency room had been created before they left for Britain in case Voldemort should show up. After all the British Ministry had been ignorant, so no safety measures had been done.

Half of the students remained outside the carriage watching as their Quidditch team ended their chanting.

Harry looked around for Karkaroff, but he saw the Durmstrang students all on their own, but rather than fleeing towards their ship they had retreated towards the castle and waited with the Hogwarts students who had chosen to stay and fight. He dived towards them and pulled up beside Viktor.

"Where is Karkaroff?" he asked.

"I don't know. He disappeared suddenly. First he vas there, and suddenly he vas not."

"Do you have a way to evacuate?" Harry asked.

Viktor shook his head. "Ve are staying here to fight."

Harry gave a short nod, then soared higher to see how the Death Eaters were handling the shield. They were firing magic at it, but it didn't budge. Some were trying to rennervate the fallen Death Eaters and cut the ropes, but no one succeeded. In front of the Death Eaters stood a tall man with snake-like face and pale skin.

"Voldemort," he muttered.

And beside him stood a short, round man with watery eyes and balding hair.

"Potter!" Voldemort shouted. "Come down here."

Harry, trusting the shield, dived closer. "What?"

"Hiding behind a shield, are we?" Voldemort snarled and turned to his Death Eaters. "Show him what we've got." He grinned maliciously as the group parted, and uncle Vernon, aunt Petunia and Dudley were pushed forward with ropes tied around their wrists.

Aunt Petunia was deadly pale, had a cut on her forearm and bruises in her face. Dudley's fists had bruises as well, and Harry reckoned he'd knocked down some Death Eaters by his bare hands. Uncle Vernon had wounds under the ropes, revealing previous struggles.

"No! Let them go!" he shouted, feeling panic threatening to overtake him.

Voldemort laughed, and his minions joined in. "I will. On one condition."


"That we get you instead!" Voldemort looked at him with a challenging expression.

"Don't do it, Harry! He's going to kill you!" Dudley shouted.

"Shut up, muggle!" Voldemort barked. "Crucio!"

Dudley screamed in pain, and aunt Petunia whimpered at the sight, but she didn't dare to speak.

"Stop it!" Harry shouted. "Leave him alone!"

Voldemort looked at him with an evil smile. "You know the rules, Potter!"

Harry hesitated for a second before Dudley screamed again. "Okay, okay! Deal! You'll get me if you let me have them!"

Voldemort grinned victoriously, and the Death Eaters cheered.

Harry took a deep breath, and with all the courage he had he flew through the shield, still on his broom.

"No, Harry!" He saw Julian hurrying towards him with Marcus and Jonathan in tow.

Harry, as a caster of the Consensio spell, was able to create an opening so aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and Dudley could pass the shield unharmed.

"Come back inside, Harry! Jonathan shouted.

"A deal is a deal, Jonathan," Harry replied. "Besides, it's the only way to kill him."

"Haha!" Voldemort roared. "You? Kill me! At least you have humour!"

By now the rest of the students and teachers had gathered on the hill above, watching with horror. At Voldemort's first killing curse people gasped.

Harry, agile on his Sunfire, managed to avoid it and fired a stinging hex back, but Voldemort kept firing killing curses.

"Hold still, you imbecile!" he shouted.

"What's the matter, Tom? Your aim having grown bad over the years?"

"How dare you call the Dark Lord – " Bellatrix began, but Voldemort shushed her.

"How did you figure it out?" he snarled angrily, blocking one of Harry's stunners.

"Wasn't too hard after I heard that Tom Riddle was your father, so I did a little digging and found that your pureblood mother married a muggle and had you!" he shouted, smiling with satisfaction as Voldemort's face turned red.

The Death Eaters gasped in shock, and some reacted by firing curses at Harry, who evaded them in an artistic manoeuvre on his broom.

"So how is it now that the one who wants to eliminate muggles and muggleborns actually is son of a muggle? Ashamed?" Harry teased.

Voldemort's face was twisted in rage, and he aimed his wand towards Harry.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouted, and Harry came up with the very same curse, causing them to clash.

One moment the twilight was lit up by green light, then the next the spells backfired, and this time Harry didn't manage to avoid it. It hit him squarely in his chest, and he barely managed to see Voldemort being hit by the rest of the spell before everything turned black.