Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of 24, I'm just borrowing them. However the characters of Special Agent Scot Bauer, and Special Agent Miranda Almeida are mine

A/N: This story is set between days two, and three Please enjoy.

Chapter 1:

Scot Bauer, director of Field OPS for CTU DC was poring over various Intel reports, and Threat Assessments from various Law Enforcement, and Intel Agencies, both foreign, and domestic, when his phone began to ring shrilly. He reached over, and jabbed the speakerphone button as he growled in a deep raspy voice, " Bauer."

Special Agent in Charge Barbara McClellan said, "Scot, I need to see you, and Miranda in my office please?"

Scot rolled his eyes as he replied, " On our way."

He disconnected, and walked to the adjoining door, and told his lover, and partner Miranda Almeida, " Barbara wants to see us pronto."

She heaved a heavy sigh, and rolled her beautiful smokyy dark brown eyes as she closed the program she was using, and stood up. Scot watched her as she finished setting her personal security precautions. She was a short petite woman with an olive complexion, a very busty build, shoulder length wavy black hair, smoky almond shaped dark brown eyes that were ringed by a light coating of black eyeliner, and full bee stung ruby red lips. She wore black skinny jeans that hugged her rather curvaceous backside, black stiletto boots, a tight dark red 3 quarter length sleeved baby doll t-shirt that clung to her very ample breasts, and allowed a very generous amount of her luscious cleavage to be on display. She had her 9MM SIGSAUER P226Elite in a black Galco inside the waistband holster at the small of her back, a highly encrypted iPhone on her left hip, a Microtech HALOV 150-4 tanto in her pocket, and a 9MM Firstar strapped to her left ankle. She also had a small butterfly on the small of her back, and a Faerie warrior on her left hip, a Stainless steel dive watch on her right wrist, and a silver cross around her neck. She turned around, and said, " Let's go."

He nodded as they walked side by side down the stairs, and onto the main floor. As they walked she watched him out of the corner of her eye. He was a tall lithe muscularly built man with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, longish thick wavy auburn hair, a short thick auburn beard, and cold flashing midnight blue eyes that seemed to miss nothing. He wore tight black Levis, a tight charcoal gray banded collar short sleeve t-shirt, and Blackhaw Warrior Wear Black OPS boots. He had a stainless steel .45 Kimber Dessert Warrior in a Blackhawk Level 3 SERPA Light Bearing Duty Holster on his right hip, a Benchmade 5000BK Presidio Auto Axis in his right hip pocket, and his highly encrypted iPhone on his left hip. He also had a pair of stainless steel dog tags around his neck, and a MTM Black SEAL on his left wrist. He winked at her as they ascended the stairs leading into Barbara's office. Once they entered Barbara told them, Please sit down."

They both took their seat as Barbara began to speak, " At about 6:30 this morning, a small terrorist group that we think originated out of Libya detonated a car bomb in downtown Los Angeles. They are requesting we send two agents from this office, they already got O'Brien, and Edmonds last month."

Scot gave her a knowing grin as he said, " We'll go."

Barbara heaved a heavy sigh, and pinched the bridge of her nose between thumb, and forefinger. She knew they had siblings in the LA Field Office, but she hated losing her two best field agents. She sighed again as she said, " Alright you two can go to LA."