Tokyo airplanes: 15:00. Friday 15 January.

"Welcome to Japan, miss. May I have your passport please?" The girl with lavender hair hesitated for a moment, before picking her passport from her jacket. She hid herself with a jacket, scarf, a hat and sunglasses for certain reason. She gave it to the custom, who stared at her confused.

"Miss, can you please take of your hat and sunglasses?" The girl cursed under her breath and took of the asked accessories, revealing long lavender hair that reached her waist. Her beautiful olive eyes had irritation in it, showing dislike to the action. The custom gasped at the female before her. The passport said:

Surname: Kita

Given name: Michiru

"Oh my god, are you the supermodel Michiru Kita!" The squealing of the woman caused all of the people to turn around. The male had hearts in their eyes, the woman stars. They stared at her with lust and envy

"Shit!" Michiru quickly ran to her friend, who had passed earlier, that had all luggage by her. "Code fans!" The redheaded friend of her nodded and ran with her friend. The fangirls/boys were running like crazy, hoping to catch the model. Michiru and her friend, Ai kokoro, threw away their jackets, revealing their curvy body and a half year of sporting worth stomach. The fans fought over the jacket, letting the two girls have enough time to run.

"Over here!" Another female called. It was Michiru's manger, Kuro Mori, was waving her hands. The girls evaded one tackling girl and ran to the black limousine. They hopped in it and comfortably took a seat.

"So, Mi-Chan and Ai-Chan, you're going to start from Monday on school, am I right?" Ai her purple eyes gleamed, while Michiru's eyes showed nostalgia.

"The holy Kuro school, wait for me! I'm going to blast it!" Ai screamed with joy. Michiru couldn't help but to giggle.

"Well, I can show you the way, so we can blast it." They both laughed while the Kuro was waiting for them to quiet down.

"That's right, but on Friday, you will get private teaching so that you have enough time to work on your career." She stated clearly. The limousine ride was further pretty calm, consisting of playing cards and giving make-up advice to each other.

It stopped at a grand villa with a swimming pool. It was 10 minutes of driving to school, and was quiet baeutifull. The two high school girls jumped out of the car and ran inside the villa. Ai jumped at all the 'awesome' furniture.

"Ai-Chan, calm down." The purple-haired beauty said. Ai pouted, but jumped upstairs to see the bedrooms.

"I'm so gonna take this one!" Michiru facepalmed and looked for a room herself She ended up in a simple room with dark green walls, black sofa, king sized bed wit dark green pillows and a desk with a modern computer. The lavender beauty grabbed her Samsung galaxy S and turned it on. She typed the URL of Facebook and typed her current status.

Michiru Kita: Hi guys, I'm in japan! So great to be back here, although I miss my friends in China. Kiss and hughs from yo mama.

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Chinatsu Kaneko: Miss you to -. Come back here, and now *Cries*.

Daisetsu Kaneko: Nice to see you're safe and sound *Winks*. Don't mind my sister, you know how plain annoying she is. If I could fly over, then I'll kiss and hug you

Chinatsu Kaneko: You make me wanna vomit.

Teng Rui Tian: You two are just idiotic sometimes...

Chinatsu Kaneko: Shut up!

Michiru Kita: You all, stop this.

Chinatsu Kaneko: Sorry...

Daisetsu Kaneko: Sorry babe...

Michiru Kita: It's fine. I'm going to bed now. Bye

Michiru put her Iphone of and changed herself into her PJ's. She saw a picture of her, Chika and Shito partying because they payed their loan of. She couldn't wait for Monday, wanting to see her friends again

Next day, 8:00 Saturday 16 January

"Mi-chan! Wake up!" the said girl groaned and opened her eyes to see her friend above her. Michiru schreeched and tumbled of her bed. She grabbed the arm of Ai with a demonic aura.

"Who sad that you could wake me up so soon?" Michiru laughed soft but evilly, making the red head want to run away.

"Sorry, but I don't really know the way around Tokyo and we need to shop for food." Ai said in one breath. Michiru sighed bitterly and led her friend out of the door. She went to her private closet and picked a simple sleeveless white nurse top and black miniskirt and heels. She ran to the bathroom to put her hair in a high ponytail, but my side bangs that reached till my chest, lose and put some mascara on.

"Mi, hurry up!" Ai whined from the bedroom. Michiru scoffed and took her black Prade purse whit her.

"I'm going!" Michiru closed the doors behind her and started walking around, feeling nostalgia hit her. She saw the elementary school she went to in 5th grade. Behind it was a park, where she used to escape the rowdiness of the loan She decided to take a look and walked to the destination. There where some guys playing football. She saw a blur of black and white dashing to the goal on the right. Another guy tackled the blur, and the ball was coming towards the girl.

Oh shit.

And ass you guessed, it came right her my face and she saw black.

Half hour later, ?

Michiru's eyes fluttered open, seeing that she's in a foreign house. She tried to get up, but was pinned down the gray couch she was laying on. The girl looked up to see her old friend, Chika Akatsuki, grinning at her.

"Welcome back!"