"Mi-Chan." Dark aura yet again appeared around the green eyed girl.

"What is it that you want?" She mattured darkly. Ai pointed at th clock on Michiru's nightstand. it read:

"7:30!" Michiru shouted. She kicked Ai of the way ("HEY!") and dashed of to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, she appeared magically wiht her school uniform, a white sailor outfit, with pink eyeshadow an red lips.

"How do you do that?" Ai asked confused.

"Two word, mon copain: super and model."

"But super, and and model are three words."

"Oh, shut up."

Holy Kuro school: 08:10. Monday, the 18 January.

'Where the hell are they? And who is dashing-oh no...' Chika let out a deep sigh, before he turned to a girl with brown hair and glasses.

"Senpai!" She said with a cute smile. "I've made you some cake. It's a white chocolate one." She shoved a sour loooking cake in his face. Noting to himself that maybe Michiru is not such an awful cook as the girl before him.

"Sorry, but I don't like white chocolate." He lied smoothly. 'Damnit Michiru and A-whatever, hurry up. Those girls are pissing me of.' Just like a miracle (or michiru's powers) the female duo appeared, sporting the uniform with some changes.

"Yo, Chi-Baka, flirting with girls I see?" Chika blushed madly at this, seeing michiru snicker behind her back.

"Him and flirting? Don't make me laugh, most girls he like end up falling for Shito instead." Chika popped a vein. She's not going there.

"You sure change your mood fast. And no, hey don't, and I can flirt with girls perfectly fine." The lavendette shook her head with a smirk on her face.

"You and Shito taught me how to."

"Shut up!"

"And by the way, you're lying. Do you remember that girl from the karaoke shop that was your type? Y'know, with that dog? She asked you to give Shito her love letter to him. That was hilarious! And then when Shito didn't want to read it, he read the letter in the hall of our school!" She started to imitate Chika's voice, but it made her laugh even harder. "And people taught he was gay too!"

"Or that girl from the restaurant. You thought she was going to confess to you, but walked past you to confess to me." Shito said, who just passed by. He tried hard to keep himself from laughing hysterical.

"You know what Shit-Shito? If I'm able to get a girl before Valentine day, who's good looking and smart, then you're going to pay me freaking lot of yen." Shito smirked.

"Sure, sure, and if you don't, then you must act as Michiru's slave for a month." Chika huffed for a second, before he shook hands with his former partner in crime. [insert eye of the tiger here]

"Deal." Michiru laughed heartwarming at the duo, unknowing of the brown-haired girl glaring at her.

'Damn b*tch.' The girl ran away unnoticed.

"So, how's case Daisetsu? Still insulting you?" Ai asked innocently while standing outside of the classroom. michiru shook her head.

"I have a nice idea, but I'll tel you later." The redhead nodded.

"...we have two transfer student, one we know from a half year ago." The door of the classroom opened, revealing a handsome man around his twenties. "Come in, you two." The girl nodded excitedly.

"Yes sensei!" They both walked in the room, preparing for massive squeals they'll hear any seconds.

"Hello, as you may know, I'm michiru Kita. Please take care of me." She said, smiling cutely.

This was the (very, very) update. Sorry, I've other, more famous, fics. Keep me busy.

"And by the way, you're lying. Do you remember that girl from the karaoke shop that was your type? Y'know, with that dog? She asked you to give Shito her love letter to him. That was hilarious!"

This truly happened to Chika. On tumblr ( tagged/zombie-loan?before=1334785620) - link if it work. If not, go to inurclosets blog on tumblr, he has that extra chapter. XD