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I'its been 6 years and a lot has is living with the bandicoot and secretly loves crash and because of that she found the reason crash cant speak and intends to fix it but little douse she know she will get something in return.

Nina was sitting on the couch in the living room flipping through channels on the t.v then she growled

"man there's nothing on but reruns"

she then herd crashes gibberish speech and turned around to see him in the door way

"oh crash just the guy I wanted to see"

he looked at and gestured with his hands asking what was up Nina almost blushed because of how cute he was when he did hide it she quickly said

"well fur ball I think I know why you cant speak and I might be able to fix it what do think"

crash just stood there shocked for years he has wanted to speak and right here in front of him he is being told that he will get recovered and nodded excitedly.

"great lets get to my lab I have every thing I need there"

crash ran ahead of her thinking only 'is it true is it possible I might be able to talk'he went strait through the door to Nina's lab and forgetting that there was a wall ran into it and was knocked out.

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