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Miyako/Bubbles P.O.V

Momoko, Koaru, Amber, and I hid in a closet wrapping ourselves together as we shiver in fear.

"Come on Professor, just give us the girls." one voice said.

"They're not here," Professor lied. "What would you do to them, you know, if you had them?"

"You know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and some of this." another said, with a tone smothered in sarcasm.

Koaru got out of the huddle and slowly opened the door a crack. We looked through it and noticed three boys standing there. We saw a raven head boy smirking. Well, that's the only person we could see.

All of a sudden we hear someone shout-whisper, "Close it before they hear us, or worse, see us!" I turned around and saw that Momoko was the one shout-whispering.

"SSSSHHHH!" We all whispered. Well, besides Momoko.

"We're not stupid professor, we can here 'em." said a different voice than the other two.

The four of us didn't move, we practically stopped breathing.

"Oh girls," he sang. "Come out, come out wherever you are!"

No one moved, besides Koaru who was slowly but cautiously, closing the closet door. But as soon as she did the door flew open. In front of us four girls stood the three boys. We all screamed while Koaru punched the raven haired boy in the face, distracting the other two. We used this as an escape and ran out of the closet and into the dark cold night.

Kaoru/Buttercups P.O.V

I ran and I ran until I felt someone grab my arm. It's hand was strong and muscular, but it's also cold. I turned my head around and saw the raven head smiling at me.

"Hey babe!" he said.

I looked at him with disgust. I think I'm gonna throw up! I struggled to pull my arm out of his strong grip.

"That was a… a good punch you got back there." he stated.

As he kept babbling away about me punching him, I try to figure out a way to escape. Seconds later, it hits me.`

"You know, I wasn't warmed up yet." he continued. "You my dear, got lucky. You know what I th-" I kicked him where somewhere no guy wants to get kicked and took off. I started to laugh as I look back to see the boy on the floor, howling in pain.

Amber/Bonnie P.O.V.

I hear footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Kaoru come up. I stopped. She stopped. We both turn around to see a blondie and a red head grabbing Miyako and Momoko.

"You get the blonde. I'll get the other one." Kaoru commanded.

I nodded and we both took off. When I reached my destination, Miyako was crying. Miyako met my eyes and then said, "Help me."

I bite down on my lip, looking into Miyako's sad eyes. I've got to think of something quickly. And within a reflex move, I bit down on the blonde boy's hand so hard, he sprang away in a quick movement and I saw the blood drip down on the floor.

"Come on." I say to Miyako, grabbing her hand and yanking her in the opposite direction, Kaoru and Momoko close behind.

We run until we hit a forest's edge.

"I don't think we should go in there." Miyako complained, her face completely taken over by fear.

"Well I don't want those stupid bimbos to get us!" Kaoru snapped back. "So stop your whining and lets go!"

With a commanding hand she points in the direction ahead and we follow as fast as possible.

"We need to get out of the town." I say as we sprint down the tree bark and dead grass. "We could be safer there." They give a tired nod and we continue on.

Then I bump into Momoko as she halts suddenly, sending the other two toppling over us, almost causing us to pile on top of each other.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"We need supplies." Momoko turns around and faces us. "Food, clothes, money, weapons. We can't go anywhere empty handed."

"You're right." Kaoru agrees. Miyako nods after her.

I shrug. "Where do we go?" I ask.

"You're place. A house full of brothers is sure to bring some major guarantees." Momoko answers.

"Okay, I guess that's alright." I reply.

"Well what are we doing standing around?" Kaoru screams impatiently. "Lets go!"

And with that, we take a turn and begin heading to my house, careful to be quiet so we don't bump into the boys again.

We run down the sidewalks and through the alleys, making sure to check to see if the coast is clear. When we reach my house I wave everyone in and turn around, looking out at the sea of black before closing the door behind me and locking it securely.

"Kaoru, get some food. Miyako, help her with the refreshments. Make sure to grab plenty of water." Momoko instructed. "I'll fill some bags with clothes and get some money. Amber, you get the weapons. Anything will do. Split!"

"Wait, when did you ever become such a leader?" Kaoru asks perplexed. And now that I think about it, When did she get so responsible.

She just shrugs and goes to pack the clothes. Kaoru and Miyako head for the kitchen leaving me alone in the living room. I grab a duffel bag out of the hallway closet and drop it near the chess sitting on the back of the wall.

I kneel down on my knees, taking my key necklace off and putting it through the lock. A click sounds and I pull it out, setting it back on my neck and open the chess's lid.

I'm greeted to an abundance of jewels in shining armor. One by one I stuff them in the bag. Once done I zip it closed and straddle it on my back as the others come back with their share.

"So where exactly out of town are we going?" Kaoru asks. There's a long pause before I answer.

"How about back in the ol' England?" I suggest. "We could go live in Liverpool. It's a really cool place, a little rural but awesome. It could probably be the least expected place they'd find us."

"I don't mind going." Miyako chirps.

"If we can get out of here then I'm with ya!" Kaoru exclaims proudly.

"Then I guess it's decided." Momoko says. "We're going to Liverpool!"

I give myself a big old cheesy smile and squeal a small bit, not being able to hold it in. Then it disappears.

"How are we going to get there?" I ask. "Yes, we've got passports but we're only fifteen. Not old enough to do anything!"

"We…" Momoko trails off. "We'll work it out as we go." she finishes. " Right now we've got to get out of here." We nod and I open the door, shoving them out. Then we hear a couple of voices. We hide quickly behind a nearby bush and Kaoru is the one who dare's to look.

"Oh no." she whispers. And that's when I look.

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