Normal P.O.V.

"Hey Miyako!" Amber greeted sitting her lunch tray down on the table and pulling out a seat. "You will not believe what happened during third period. This dude, I can't remember his name, had come up to Himeko halfway through gym class and given her this cup of apple juice. When I saw it I was wondering where he had gotten it from but apparently that was the last thing on Himeko's mind because she just took the cup and waved him away, her cheeks stretched out from smiling in pleasure. And at that moment I was thinking why he would do that because everyone hates her but I stopped thinking because she took a huge gulp of the liquid and spat the whole thing out, throwing the cup behind her spilling more of the drink. I later found out that it wasn't apple juice, but it was the own guys urine! He says it was payback for spilling some punch on his girlfriend."

Miyako couldn't help it. Her mouth opened wide and the sound spilled out, covering the café's walls and waving through the air. Everyone turned to look but that didn't keep her from laughing. She laughed harder, her face turning a solid raspberry pink.

"Who knew a British girl could gossip?" she wailed, still laughing. And so Amber laughed with her finding it completely funny.

"What are you two laughing about?" Momoko asked taking a seat next to the two, Kaoru coming in and doing the same also.

Miyako finally managed to calm down a bit.

"Oh, you know." she says. "Just laughing at something Amber said." Miyako giggled a bit more before finally being able to stop.

"Must have been funny if it kept you laughing that long." Kaoru cut in taking a bite of her apple. "Want to share."

"I would," Amber starts, "but I'd rather not go through the fit again. My stomach hurts too much already."

"I'll get it out of you." Is all Kaoru says, taking another bite of her apple. They sat there quietly a little bit more before something had caught Kaoru's eyes.

"Hey, guys, look." She points over at a group of three boys standing out in the hallway, peaking through the doors window. Staring at them. They moved quickly before being able to glance at their features in detail.

"Did you see who they were?" Miyako asks.

"No." Kaoru answers. "I didn't." Another long silent pause.

"Well, whatever." Momoko says breaking the silence. "What we need to worry about is getting candy on the menu here. The food stinks!"

The tension is immediately released and the rest of the school day was spent arguing over whether or not there should be treats and if so, what candy.

While Momoko was at her locker, from her line of vision she could make out a boy staring at her from a distance. His eyes a fiery crimson red with low specks of gold. His red hair in a long ponytail trailing behind his back. Red cap placed on his head, leather coat zipped up, black jeans buttoned high, Red Jordans, and his skin around the same shade as Momoko's. His face was stone hard and betrayed no emotion.

Momoko continued to ignore him but couldn't seem to bypass the rolling chills spreading through her body. She quickly got her books out of her locker and stuffed them in her bag, shutting the locker door before running off quickly.

The boy who was staring gave a little smirk before walking after her. Oh Blossom! Come back! He thought to himself. He chuckled.

Momoko had caught up with the rest of the girls and started walking with them.

"I think we should go to the Professors." Momoko suggested as they had just turned off the block by their school.

"Why?" Kaoru asks.

"I just think we should." Momoko says again. "Those dudes could be creeps and we don't even know it. I think it's best we don't risk it."

"I agree." Miyako says. "I don't like creepers. They're too creepy for my taste. I'm more into the all smile, nice, animal lover kind."

"Whatever!" Kaoru huffs.

"You saw them again, didn't you?" Amber cut in.

"Only one, which means we don't know where the others are." Momoko answers. "For all we know they could be watching us now." They all give a involuntary shudder.

When they reach the Professor's building they tell him, Ken, and Peach everything. They wait for their responses.

"Sounds like creepers." Ken says.

"Exactly what we said!" All the girls scream in usion. Then they all start laughing until Peach cuts them off.

"Intruders! I sense intruders!" Peach yelled. They all stopped laughing and looked at him. "They're coming!"

"Hide!" The professor yelled. "Ken, Peach! Get out of here!" Ken and Peach rush out the back door while the girls freak out and crowd themselves into a nearby closet.

The door busts open.

"Where are they?" The red head barks at the Professor.

"Who?" The Professor replies, hands raised defensively.

"Don't play dumb! You know exactly who we're talking about!" The raven haired boy cuts in.

"The girls!" the blonde boy yells.

The Professor stands aghast, his back pressed against the wall as they boys take a step closer.

"Come on Professor, just give us the girls." the red head says, his hand raised in front of him.