A regular-looking house appears. The background was trees everywhere with a mere neighborhood around them, forcing the inhabitants to travel thirty-five miles (or more) to go grocery shopping. The house is completely painted white with several white windows dimpled here and there.

Zoom in. What seems to be a regular house is actually… is a regular house. The living room was tiled, tiled with a checkerboard black-white-black pattern.

Suddenly, an aggravated shout comes into hearing. A pronounced "Fuuuuuuuuuck!" echoes around the house. Travelling around to find the source, it seems like two friends are playing a game.

One was a freckled, black-haired boy about thirteen years old. According to his downward eyebrows and overall serious look, it seems like he was the source of the sound.

Next to him was an Asian girl – black haired, much shorter than him. She was grinning from side from side, clearly enjoying the boy's reaction. Both of them were sitting on a bed.

Looking into the game screen, the two friends were playing a game of Super Smash Brothers Brawl – the familiar Final Destination stage was selected, with only one huge platform and a never ending changing background. The boy was Player 1 and selected Marth with his long blade and the girl was Player 2 and selected Meta Knight, abusing the moves. They have originally started with five lives, no items – the typical match for them – but within five minutes the poor boy had only one life left. The girl had 50% damage done to her and five lives.

"Kevin! You're getting rusty!" the girl laughed.

Kevin ignored the girl, mashing up the buttons as a desperate attempt to beat her. But alas, a dodge and a powerful strike to the left was enough to finally defeat Marth and claim victory.

"FUUUUUUUCK!" Kevin shouted again.

"Kevvvin! That's not how you play Marth!" the girl taunted.

He's had enough. "Fuck, you know what, Tracy? I've seen more than enough YouTube videos to know that's certainly not how to use Meta Knight. You're just button mashing it endlessly and somehow, you're winning everything you participate in. I can't… my brain can't even fucking handle the amount of buttfuckery you're signaling to me, Tracy," he ranted, sighing at the end.

Tracy grinned from end to end, putting down the controller, her work done. It was so easy to anger Kevin like that. Just a few timed button mashing sessions, and boom. He's off like that. Every game she played with him, she manages to make poor Kevin rage in a matter of minutes.

He took a second to breathe after the rant. "Trace, you know, that's enough. I know you prefer strategy games. Go play with Elmar. I know he likes strategy games," Kevin sighed.

Tracy would have said no just to piss off Kevin. But she was seriously in a need of a strategy game session. Elmar would certainly be a great foe with Vesta joining in. "Suit yourself, Kevin," Tracy said, giggling, racing outside homebound.

Author's Note:

Hello again! I'm here again with an AU of Homestuck which stemmed from my WIP AU called Gamestuck (AU where the trolls are in a MMORPG where their 'job' is based on their class and title, it's still a strong WIP so I can't post the AU). It also started when I heard a voice headcanon where Eridan is Irish accented. Thoughts formed into this. After the 'buttfuckery you're signaling to me' paragraph, I realized that I've been making five-letter names for Karkat and Terezi, haha. So, uh. Yeah. See you.