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Chapter 3

Andy waved goodbye as Traci drove away, and she walked up to her condo. It had been such a busy day and she ended up leaving the station two hours after her shift was over, so she was thankful to finally be getting home. She opened the door to her condo and smelled them before she saw them. Dozens of flowers placed all over her condo. Every flat surface appeared to have flowers on it.

The majority of the flowers were tulips and lilies – her favorites – but daises, carnations, orchids and a bunch of other flowers she didn't recognize were also mixed in. She saw a note propped up against a vase sitting on the island in the kitchen, and putting down her work bag she walked over and picked up the folded piece of paper.

Making up for all the times I should have given you flowers.


She smiled and plucked one of the tulips from the vase and brought it up to her nose. She loved flowers; they brightened up any room, lifted your mood, and were nature's natural air freshener. She spun slowly around, taking in all the flowers and shook her head in amazement. She couldn't believe Sam had done all this. When she was facing the counter again, she noticed a small box sitting next to the vase and eyed it suspiciously. She put down Sam's note and the tulip she held, and opened the box, her eyes staring at a familiar looking set of keys. She twirled the keys in her hand for a moment before putting them down and taking her phone out of her pocket. Hitting her speed dial, she waited for him to pick up.

"Hey. You home?" he asked as he answered her call.

"Did you rob a florist?" she teased.

"Too much?"

"I love it, thank you. They're beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," he replied, without missing a beat. He knew she was blushing, but he would never stop telling her that.

She walked into the bedroom as they continued talking and she saw two more large vases, this time filled with pink and yellow roses.

"Why?" she asked.

"Why what?"

"Why'd you get me all these flowers?"

"Like the note said, I'm making up for what I didn't do. It occurred to me in all the time we were together, I never gave you flowers and you deserve to be showered with them," he said.

"You didn't have to do this."

"I know. I wanted to."

"You got all my favorites." She remembered back to a conversation they had in the cruiser nearly two years ago. Luke had gotten her this huge bouquet and while it was beautiful, it didn't contain any of the favorite flowers she loved. It shouldn't have mattered, but it did, and as she vented about it to Sam, he had locked that information in the back of his brain somewhere. At the time, he only hoped one day he'd be able to put it to use.

"What's the point of getting someone flowers if they can't truly appreciate them?" he asked rhetorically.

"How'd you get them all in here?" she asked, as she began changing into her pajamas.

"Well, as much of an idiot I was for asking for my keys back, you never asked for yours, so...I still had it. Hope you don't mind that I used it."

"No, I wouldn't have given it to you if I didn't want you to use it. Although, I kind of forgot you had it and never imagined you'd be using it for this," she laughed.

"Speaking of..." Sam cleared his throat as he momentarily lost the ability to speak. "Did you, uh...did you see the box?"

Andy smiled at his obvious nervousness, but decided she wouldn't torture him with her silence. "I did."

"Okay. You know, I just thought you should hang on to them again. In case you need to use the truck or something." He knew it was a lame excuse, that nine times out of ten, she'd ask him to drive her somewhere versus asking to simply borrow his truck. But nonetheless, he wanted her to have his keys back and he thought placing them in a box next to the flowers would be less awkward than handing them over in person. Apparently, he forgot about the conversation he'd need to have to make sure she saw them there.

"You never know when you'll get locked out and have to call me to save the day," she teased, pulling him from his nervous thoughts. Getting more serious, she continued, "Thank you."

"Oh yeah, you're, uh, welcome."

She liked this side of Sam, seeing him nervous when it came to her. God knows, she'd been nervous enough times over the years for the both of them, but somehow him being nervous showed her how much he wanted this.

Andy inhaled deeply before she spoke. "These flowers smell wonderful, Sam. Thank you."

She laid down in bed and in her silence Sam could hear the rustling of clothes and sheets. "I should let you go. I imagine the crappy weather didn't make for an easy day today."

As tired as she was, she didn't want to stop hearing Sam's voice. "No. I mean, yeah, the day sucked. But, um, could you just. Could you just keep talking to me? Just, you know, until I fall asleep."

Sam smiled, knowing this was a sign of her walls coming down and her letting him in a bit more. "Sure, what do you want me to talk about?"

"I don't know…" She yawned. "…anything. How about dogs?" She was already half asleep and didn't realize she'd slipped up and let him know how much she thought about them getting a dog, something he'd suggested before she left for the taskforce.

"Dogs, huh?" He couldn't help but smile. He rambled on about some of the information he'd found in researching what types of dogs were good for condo or apartment living where large yards weren't an option. He'd even found a website about how to name your dog. He'd gone on for about 20 minutes when all he heard on the other end of the phone was the in and out of Andy's breathing. "Andy?" he whispered. The lack of response confirmed she was asleep. "Goodnight. I love you," he said before hanging up.

Sam and Oliver walked out of Parade the next day and made a beeline for the coffee machine. "So, how are things going?" Oliver asked as he made himself a coffee.

"Good. I'm liking this detective thing more than I thought," Sam responded, looking through the glass wall of the break room and following a certain brunette's ponytail bouncing down the hallway.

"Yeah, not what I meant, brother." Oliver waited until his friend looked his way before giving him a pointed look. They both knew Oliver had been asking about things with Andy.

Sam huffed out a breath as he turned back to the hallway, now only filled with the occasional officer walking by. Oliver stepped back from the coffee machine to let Sam get his own cup. A few more officers filtered into the room, to grab a morning snack or put their lunch in the fridge, as Sam fixed his coffee and finally responded to his friend's question. "My truck's clean," he said, not wanting to openly talk about Andy with other officers around, but also knowing Oliver would understand the meaning.

"Good to hear. A clean truck will make you happy," Oliver replied, smiling into his coffee.

"She does," Sam said, turning to face his friend. When they were alone again, he continued. "I'm just not sure I make her happy."

"You do. Give her time. A lot's happened." They headed out of the break room and walked down the hall.

"I know. And I am. I love her. I'm not giving up this fight," he said, as they stopped in front of the detective's office.

"You need any advice, you know where to come, buddy," Oliver said, motioning to himself with his hand, which earned a chuckle from Sam. "Alright, time to head out. You know you miss patrolling with the rookies!"

Sam did in fact miss patrolling with one rookie in particular, but he wouldn't let on and simply smiled at Oliver's comment. "Who are you partnered with today?" he asked.

"Peck," Oliver replied, giving a small shake of his head. "I swear, punishing her by making her ride with a senior officer punishes the rest of us."

Sam slapped his friend on the back before he walked up the stairs to his office. "Make her buy you lunch."

"Oh, that's a given Sammy," Oliver said, chuckling as he walked away.

For the rest of the day, Sam did a lot of thinking. He could somewhat easily tell his best friend that he loved Andy, but he hadn't said those three words to her since the day she was holding the bomb and then left for the taskforce. He knew he had to tell Andy to her face what he'd only had the courage to say once he knew she was asleep. He spent the whole day trying to figure out the best way to tell her and still didn't have a clue.

At the end of shift, he caught up with her as she was leaving the station. "Andy!" he called out.

She stopped midway through the parking lot and turned around. "Hey Sam."

He jogged over to her. "Need a ride?" he asked as droplets of rain started to fall around them.

Andy looked up at the sky that moments ago she was about to curse as she dreaded a rainy walk home, and then back at Sam. "That would be great." Her smile lit his heart on fire and he knew he had to find some way to tell her tonight.

They chatted about the cases they worked that day on the drive to her place. Their investigations hadn't crossed paths so they didn't see much of each other. Soon enough they were parked outside Andy's condo. "Thanks for the ride," she said, as she moved to get out of the car.

"Andy, wait." His heart was beating faster than he thought possible as he watched her turn toward him. "Look, there's, uh, something I wanted to talk to you about." Andy leaned back into her seat and waited for him to continue. "That day, when you were holding the bomb..." Sam looked around and questioned if telling her here in his truck in the parking lot of her condo was the right thing to do. He shook off those thoughts, not wanting to wait another minute.

"I'm sorry it took that situation for me to tell you how I feel, but - "

"Sam, it's okay," she interrupted. "I get it, heat of the moment."

"No, that's not what it was. I knew I loved you for a long time. But the words are tough for me...and I guess I always thought I'd have time to work up the courage. I wasn't lying when I said I wish you were in my head. Seeing you with the bomb, the risk of you dying..." Sam took a deep breath. "It was the spark I needed to ignite my courage and realize you had to know. If that was our last day, you had to know."

She was beginning to understand what was running through Sam's mind that day and smiled while she shook her head slightly. "You just had to top me on the most awkward time for it to come out, didn't you?" she teased.

Sam took one of her hands in his, rubbing his thumb against the back of her hand, as his face got serious. "The way I felt then, the way I feel now, the way I've felt for a long time hasn't changed. I love you, Andy."

"Sam..." She didn't know what to say. She still loved him, but if she said those words again it was like all was forgotten, and she wasn't sure she was ready for that. She didn't know if she could open herself up to completely trusting him again. And until she did, she couldn't open up her feelings to him.

Seemingly reading her mind, he spoke before she had a chance to. "I don't expect anything in return, but I needed you to know. I needed you to hear it when you weren't holding a bomb. And I'm going to do everything I can to prove to you I mean it." With that, he released her hand.

Andy licked her lips, suddenly feeling that her throat was very dry. She let the silence linger for a moment and smiled at Sam before finally finding her voice. "Thanks for the ride. I'll, um, I'll see you tomorrow," she said, getting out of the truck.

"See you tomorrow, McNally."