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Chapter One: Secrets Revealed

The start of a story is important, so is the ending. You need a plot, a climax, and an ending that everyone will remember. An ending that makes everyone go, 'Aw…' makes them cry, or makes them want to see what happens next. You need morals that will make people think.

The Kung Fu Panda movies have it all.

The last one, Kung Fu Panda 2, ended with bittersweet family issues, friendships growing stronger, and finding out who you are and how you approach life.

It made us want more.

This story is about more surprising secrets. It's about forgetting the past because it doesn't make you who you are.

You choose to be who you are.

This story also starts out with a demand….

"Tell us! Tell us!"

"Ugh!" Tigress groaned. They had been at her for minutes! Didn't they realize she didn't want to talk about it!

Dear readers, what could this be? Are they trying to force her to blurt out her feelings for Po? Trying to make her do a dare?!

No, in fact, it was nothing like that. But you all were pretty close.

The long, true, and perhaps shocking story that I'm about to tell you all started at the dinner table.

The Dragon Warrior and the world famous Furious Five had settled down and were having a delicious supper.

Grandmaster Shifu usually ate with everyone, but tonight, he was studying the latest scrolls and filling out important papers.

Since everyone fought all the time about what Po would cook, he created a meal chart so everyone would get a chance to pick the entrée (And believe me, you don't want to see them fight. It's worse than the Wuxi Finger Hold!).

It was Tigress' choice night, so they were having tofu stir fry, her favorite meal.

Everyone was tired; the day had been rather tough.

They had begun with waking up earlier than usual due to the village being attacked. Lately, after the defeat of Lord Shen, the burglaries in The Valley Of Peace had been at an all time low. Maybe the bandits had finally figured that the warrior's homeland was called Valley of Peace for a reason. That, or they decided give the villagers more nightmares by raiding the store super early...

The fight was soon followed by a scrumptious breakfast, then an 'awesome' training session which turned into kind of an annoying workout when Master Shifu started shouting at them on their way out…

"Do your homework! I need it in by tomorrow! Tigress and Viper are the only ones that have turned it in! Do your homework! Do your homework!"

Hours later, everyone had walked to the kitchen with grumbling tummies. The aroma of the delectable meal was so strong, you could smell it all the way from the peach blossom tree. Monkey and Mantis licked their lips; they felt like they could almost taste the stir-fry.

They waited until everyone was seated and served to dig in.

It certainly was the best tofu stir-fry Tigress had ever tasted. Having delicious food like this every night made her wish she had been nicer to Po about his cooking when he first came. Instead, she had of accused him of not eating like a true warrior. But even after having treating him like dirt, he never seemed to hold a grudge and still cooked everyone's favorite meals, including hers.

That was one of the reasons the wise, all-knowing, turtle, known as Grandmaster Oogway had chosen the panda as the Dragon Warrior.

While they ate they talked about upcoming seminars, joked around, and laughed at the most hilarious things.

One of the topics was Gongmen City.

It had only been one week since they had defeated the evil, cold, peacock, known as Lord Shen. The last thing Tigress thought they would ever talk about was the latest victory. It had been a hard and difficult journey, especially for Po.

He had found out that he had been adopted. That wasn't too surprising for Tigress, knowing that Po's father was a goose. But the way Po had been adopted was a rather heartbreaking realization. His parents and the whole population of pandas had been killed, leaving Po to be the last panda in the world.

Surprisingly, the person that had killed Po's parents was none other than the devious peacock, Shen. Tigress thought that Po didn't like to talk about what had happened with his parents, but he seemed fine about it.

The panda had said that even though he had a terrible beginning in his life, his life now was more than he could have ever dreamed of.

But thankfully, the tear-jerking story was not within their conversations. Instead, they were all joking about some of the funniest moments in the past week.

"That was hilarious, Monkey!" Mantis chortled. "The Caw Caw Cawkee!"

Crane tried to hide his shame by pulling his straw hat over his eyes. "Seriously! I never do that... ever!" he protested.

"Uh… hate to break it to you buddy," Po interjected. "But you did it when we were trying to block the harbor entrance with the boats."

"No, I didn't!" Crane cried.

"I was right below you, how I could I not know?" Po shot back.

"I did nothing of the sort." The avian replied, which caused everyone to burst out into laughter.

Po looked at Viper and laughed.

"Remember when we were running away from the bandits, and we got into those barrels?" He got on the floor and started to pretend he was rolling in a barrel.

Tigress couldn't help but grin at the Dragon Warrior. Po simply had the wildest imagination and he could make almost anyone laugh in any situation.

"When I was still in mine, I thought I had a 'Kung Fu chill running up my spine.'" He motioned over to Viper and she slithered next to him.

"Then Viper came out of my barrel and went…"

Viper pretended to poke her head out of Po's fantasy barrel and whispered. "Sorry Po, that's just me."

Po smiled cheerfully and laughed. "Wasn't that perfect timing?"

Everyone looked at the panda in question.

"When did that happen?" Mantis asked.

"Yeah," Crane cut in, "I didn't get to see it."

Po gestured to his best feline friend. "Tigress was there."

"Yes, she was." Viper confirmed. "It happened right outside Gongmen Jail."

Mantis stared at Tigress like he was trying to hypnotize her. "On a scale of one to ten, how funny was that?"

Tigress looked up slowly from her food, trying not to wince from the soreness in her neck. "It seemed like a six."

"Ooh, ooh!" Monkey exclaimed. "How about in the jail, when Po was trying to get the masters out of their cell. What was that face that Master Croc made at you, Tigress?"

"Yeah," Mantis joined in. "He looked like he saw a ghost!"

Po looked to Tigress, "Why would he make a face at you?"

"She probably scared him!" Monkey joked.

Tigress raised her eyebrows in irritation. The last thing the tiger needed was Monkey and Mantis making fun of her. To top that, her burns from the previous battle had been painful the last few days.

To express her annoyance, she shot a 'Mess with me again, and you'll be hurting' look. Monkey quickly turned away, as if he had lost interest.

Mantis on the other hand, wanted some answers.

He leaned in closer. "Why did he look at you like that Tigress?"

The feline remained quiet and refused to answer. Usually, she would be socializing with her comrades. But tonight, the violent headache she had been suffering from was killing her and she just didn't want to be pestered.

The insect continued to ask the same question over and over again until he and the others started chanting:

"Tell Us! Tell Us!"

Po tried to stop them, although he was interested too, he knew when Tigress didn't want to be bothered. "Come on, guys, leave her alone! Crane! Viper!" Po scowled. "Why are you chanting too?"

Suddenly, Viper and Crane realized what they were doing and immediately stopped.

But unfortunately, the primate and praying mantis did not.

"Tell Us! Tell Us!"

So here Tigress was, arguing with herself. She really didn't want to get into this. She had held this secret in for so long. Couldn't she keep it in a little more? Who knew what would happen if word got out to Master Shifu?

But if she didn't, she would never hear the end of it. This was the time when she should've just walked away. But instead, she took a deep breath and decided it was time to reveal a piece of her past.

"The reason why Master Croc looked at me like that is because he used to be a bandit."

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