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-Act 1-

Draco Malfoy leaned his head on the Slytherin table, his hands clenched in his lap. As his left leg bounced up and down impatiently, his mind reeled with worry. His mate was not present. There was no trace of his scent but she had been there. Where was his father? Lucius had said he'd be there this morning.

'Oh.' Draco thought. 'It's morning, now is it?' He glared into the table. 'Get a grip, you're a Malfoy and a Veela. You should better control than this. Where is he?' A picture formed in his mind, a memory from his sixteenth birthday. His one soul mate.

Draco lifted his head off the table and looked around, 'Who was missing, it was probably in his year, after all mates were normally close in age…'

Potter! Potter was the only one missing! Did that mean his mate was Potter? Blaise wasn't helping at all. The normally composed boy was fidgeting as well. Several other Slytherins were nervous at seeing their two main leaders so discontent.

Then there was a scent, his mate's scent! Another came wafting through the Hall. There was a bang, the huge doors slammed open. Several people screamed, others were stupefied by the commotion.

'Humph, idiots.' Draco thought.

In the doorway stood a pair of companions, one boy leaning heavily on the other, who was a cloaked figure. The cloaked figure gently placed his companion down on the floor against the doorframe before turning and walking forward to the Head Table. A wicked wind whipped through the Hall and the teachers were submitted to the figure's hating, slit pupil, purple eyed, glared. Then the figure growled at all the heads turning in his direction.

"How dare you! How dare you! Do you know what you almost did!? You could have possibly destroyed your world's existence! How. Dare. You?!" the figure, now identified as a male being, yelled in rage, cloak whirling around him amazingly his hood remained up.

Dumbledore stood up slowly, assessing the danger that the pair brought. "I'm afraid I don't understand what you are yelling about." He spoke inconsequentially.

The figure snorted. "How couldn't you? You're the one who put him in that position. Notice anyone missing, eh?" The boy asked furiously, waving his arms as if to suggest a look around the Great Hall.

His statement caused heads to turn left and right, the Golden Trio had just witnessed their missing member. Draco noted both Ron and Hermione's expressions as he looked around.

"So it must be your fault he's like this." A blonde haired girl had walked over to Harry the moment that everyone was distracted, she was inspecting Harry's face.

'That voice.' Draco head spun around to look back in the door way. It was Lovegood, and he appeared to be the first to notice.

"But you brought him back, didn't you, you nice Manar?" She asked dreamily, turning toward the cloaked figure.

The figure stiffened but slowly nodded "That I did, young Sweeper, that I did." Several of the students looked at each other confused, what was a Manar, and Loony wasn't a Keeper in Quidditch at all, so what were they talking about?

Draco was distracted by this mystery when Blaise stood up abruptly with his eyes widened with alarm.

"Cousin Seth, what are you doing here?!"

The figure turned slightly towards the Slytherin table, his eyes flashing with amusement only seen by those at the end of the Head Table.

"Cousin Blaise, how nice to see you again, and so soon! Ah. I must go to my Shadow, you understand. Right, Blaise?" the figure said, turning around and walking swiftly down the walkways between the tables. Dumbledore decided that he needed to know if the man was a threat. A short blast of wind later and the figure's hood was finally blown off.

The figure stopped. He turned slowly to look at Dumbledore. Several of the students were whispering at the figure's appearance. Draco really couldn't blame them. The figure was tall, thin, had an almost white complexion, and white hair that was spotted and streaked with silver. What drew the most whispers was the pointed ears, elven ears, and slit pupil purple eyes, inhuman eyes.

Draco's eyes narrowed, the teen, for he couldn't be much older than Draco himself, had spoken of a Shadow. Then called Luna a Keeper, but only after Luna called him a Manar. Shadows and Keepers he knew of, both of them as in the inheritance of his pureblood family line. Since the boy had a Shadow, Draco could narrow down his choices of what position the boy held over his mate.

His mate! After all his jittering he hadn't actually looked at his mate very well. It was Potter as Draco had assumed it would be, but Potter did not look well. He was still where Blaise's cousin had left him, leaning against the doorframe. Draco lifted his head and sniffed the air, yes, Potter was his mate. Potter smelled wonderful, a scent of mint mixed with earth and… Blood? Why does he smell like blood? Draco cried out in his mind. Draco panicked slightly, not that it showed. But he could also pick up on a distinctly non-human scent on his mate as well. The power of the scent, Draco felt as if he was in heaven. But then He clued back into the conversation between Blaise's cousin and the Headmaster.

"- I'm surprised you don't recognize me Dumbledore, after all you hired me." The teen said and several people looked startled. Dumbledore had hired a teen, to do what?

"I never saw you during the interview if you remember correctly." Dumbledore said. Draco looked up at the Head Table, the only seat open was the DADA seat. Dumbledore had hired a teen to take that spot? But who was Draco to judge. The teen rolled his eyes at the curious looks and made to leave again.

"Where are you going?" Dumbledore asked. The teen rolled his eyes and turned slightly exasperation coloring his tone.

"To take care of my Shadow, he is injured in case you didn't notice. I am leaving now." The teen hissed in irritation and left without another word. Blaise followed after, his food forgotten on his place.

Draco decided followed Blaise. He had to find out more about his mate. He must. His insides were pulling him that direction. As if he could not be without Potter for one more moment.

Draco ran up after the teen, Seth? That's what Blaise had called him anyway. He heard footsteps behind him and figured it was Luna. How the teen knew how to get to the Hospital Wing, Draco never knew, probably Blaise was leading.

As he entered the teen were wondering around the cabinets in the back looking for a potion. "Well damn. They don't have it!" he heard as the teen closed the cabinet door. He turned around and walked over to a bed next to where Blaise stood. He looked at Harry, who was in the bed, Draco assumed.

"Is it that important for him to get it, Seth?" Blaise asked quietly. His cousin nodded fervently.

"Extremely important, the potion gets rid of inner bruising, I'm trying to save his ability to talk. His uncle had him in a strangle hold when I broke in. The bruises are deep enough to be worried about it." Seth replied, one of his hands going through his pockets looking for something. "Ha! Found it!"

"The potion?" Blaise asked.

"Sorta, I have the potion in here. It's my personal stash of potions and Wizarding supplies." Came the absent minded response as Seth tapped his hand on top of the tiny lid of a keychain trunk. Draco blinked as it enlarged, Seth wasted no time opening it and fishing out a smaller box.

Draco snuck over to look at the box and it was full of potions in all colors he could think of. Seth looked them over before selecting a brilliant purple potion. He snapped the box closed and, ignoring Draco, walked to the head of the bed and coaxed Harry into drinking it.

Harry himself, Draco noticed, was semi-conscious. His eyes were open, but the rich green color was dulled with pain. He whimpered slightly as he swallowed the potion, his muscles bruised and tight, making it hard to swallow.

Blaise noticed Draco standing near Seth's trunk and asked quietly "Is Potter your mate?"

Draco nodded and continued to stare as Seth slowly began to heal Harry. He wanted desperately to be there soothing his mate and helping ease the pain.

Seth apparently had noticed Draco as well and said, "If he is your mate, I am to warn you that if you hurt him, I will kill you. Immediately. I have failed my job of protecting his to this point but I will not allow myself to fail him now that I have found him."

Draco nodded and asked "You're his Keeper then? And Lovegood's his Sweeper?"

Seth nodded crossing his arms and giving Draco a look over.

There was silence for about ten minutes while the group of four sat waiting for the potions to work. Dumbledore strode in with the Heads of Houses on his heels. Madam Pomphrey strode in moments later, glaring at Dumbledore for making her stay at the feast when she obviously had a patient.

"I must ask what is going on in here." Dumbledore said observing the scene in front of him. Two Slytherins, one Ravenclaw and his new DADA teacher were all gathered around a bed that held his star Gryffindor pupil.

"I, Potter's Sweeper, am healing him from the abuse you left him to. She, Potter's Sweeper, is here to help me. He, my cousin, is here because he led me here. He, Blaise's friend, is here for moral support." Seth rattled off briskly. He kept the fact that Draco was Potter's mate to himself. He really didn't want Dumbledore to have that leverage over the other teens.

"I'm afraid I don't understand what that means, nor Ms. Lovegood's comment about Manar. Also Mr. Malfoy, I congratulate you on your recent birthday and hope you have happy hunting for your mate." Dumbledore replied, a crack in his omniscient personage.

"You already know what a Sweeper and a Keeper do." Seth stared at Dumbledore.

"Though if you really need to refresh your knowledge, a Keeper is the body guard of a Shadow and a Sweeper is the person who sweeps all the gunk away from the Shadow and tries to find the Shadow's soulmate." Draco interjected frowning, highly unimpressed by Dumbledore.

"As for a Maanar, they are genetically engineered magical creatures. People like me were created by Ministry of Magic and the CIA. We are the product of the first wizard/muggle experimentation coalition. We were born in cycles, and our age depends on what level the doctors were at. The first level, known as the CX level, is made up of combinations of human and various animal DNA. Only two survived, Sirius and Lupin. Then there was the LR level, made up of Human and two or more muggle animal DNA. Only five survived, Yuna, Aviero, Syfer, Bastion, and Cloud. Then there was a level that was entirely wiped out, the VQ level. It had only human and magical creature DNA, none of the subjects lived past the week they were made." Seth took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Then there was my level, the HZ level. We are a mix of human and four or more different types of both creature and animal DNA. Seven of us survived, biggest number of all, myself, Felix, Freya, Vivi, Rikku, Va'an, Leon. After that was the GY level, human DNA mixed with creatures considered beautiful. Only two survived, Lulu and Yuki. Then the MT level, Human and several creatures but only one animal. Only three survived, Garnet, Paine, and Zidane. Then the final level was KL level, which was designed to fly so animal and Creature DNA that could fly combined to human DNA. Once again only two left, Zavier and Alize." Seth breathed in deeply then blew out, trying to suppress the memories. Some were pleasant, but a great deal were not pleasant at all.

Dumbledore took everything at face value. He strode from the Hospital wing the moment Seth finished. There was much he had to look into.