A Betrayal To Deep

This was my first attempt at a Dark Hunter story, I love the books and I hope to god I can get their characters straight. Especially Ash! He likes to talk in riddles all the time and I'm no good at those. That's for sure. Yet I still want to share a story where Harry becomes a Dark Hunter. For those of you who haven't read a Dark Hunter book - don't worry I'll explain everything as the story comes along : ) okay? so on with the editing.

Chapter 1

Dark Hunter

Born of extreme wealth and power, Harry Potter wielded magic as though it was born for him alone. He was charming and charismatic, he was a hero, and if he wanted to he could have ruled the world around him. That wasn't something Harry had wanted, he had wanted nothing more than a family, a lover and a life of peace out of the limelight. Some would say Harry Potter was a born warrior, destined for great things. He brought riches and glory to his name, Potter would live on in the world even after he died. Until an act of brutal betrayal made him the Ruler of the Night. Now he walks the shadowy realm between life and the Underworld. Neither man nor beast, he is something else entirely. He is Solitude. He is Darkness. He is a shadow in the night. A restless, lonely spirit whose destiny is to save the very mortals who despise and fear him. Not much had changed in that regard for Harry Potter. Who would never know rest; never know peace until he finds the one person who would not betray him. The one pure heart that can see past his dark side and bring him back to the light. Unfortunately for Harry - he'd trust no such person and so he swore he'd remain a Dark Hunter forever…than be a shade.

A Shade is what a Dark Hunter becomes should they be killed. They wandered around, unable to communicate with anything or anyone. Dying with hunger yet not able to eat. Dying of thirst but unable to quench it. Destined to roam the world watching yet so far away. A shade in the wind. Life wasn't fair, but to all Dark Hunters - it was something they had all learned painfully. It's what made them what they were.

This story is ungoing big time editing, the story as it is just doesnt make sense and I'm hoping that with patience it will become a better story.