A Betrayal Too Deep

Chapter 16

Stopping More Fights

Harry wandered around, once again deviating from his 'allotted' patrolling area. He had a habit of it, one he seemed unable to break. He had continued to ignore Valerius when called; he'd always been a forgiving person as a human, no matter the grievances heaped upon him. Especially when it came to his Ex-best friend Ronald Weasley. If he had just been stubborn like his mother, he would never have known betrayal by the likes he'd experienced upon his death. No doubt Valerius was confused, and if he knew the Roman as he liked to think, he'd give up soon and his walls would once again be placed firmly on lockdown. He wasn't sure what to do, but tonight he realized he'd have to decide. Gilbert was officially Valerius' squire, no doubt he'd been sworn in. Harry frowned, and then froze when he heard two Dark-Hunters at each others throat. He didn't have to go further to know who it was, no doubt Talon and Zarek locking horns on each other.

"Damn you, Zarek. You better lay off the feeding crap while you're in this city." cursed Talon; his anger was obvious in his voice and stance.

"Or what Celt? You going to hit me?" asked Zarek his voice was amused, he obviously didn't fear Talon; to be frank Harry didn't think there was anything Zarek was afraid off. It made Harry realize just how bad his human life had been to be this way. If he was afraid he certainly didn't show it, then again Harry wouldn't have either. It just gave others ammunition against you if they sensed fear.

"I'll rip your throat out." threatened Talon; Harry drew nearer hiding in the shadows cloaking his existence.

"And kill yourself in the process? You don't have it in you." laughed Zarek, the laugh chilled Harry to the bone, and it was empty, sadistic.

"You have no idea what I'm capable of. And you better pray to whatever god you worship that you never find out." snarled Talon his hands turned to fists as he forcefully stopped himself attacking Zarek. It didn't help matters when Zarek smacked his chops like a dog after a meal.

"I didn't hurt her. She won't even remember it in three minutes. They never do." said Zarek eventually. Harry knew this was Zarek's way of apologizing and stating he wouldn't do it again. Although he hadn't used any of those words, Harry could feel it - too bad Talon didn't as he went to attack him.

Zarek grabbed his hand threateningly, "I warned you not to touch me, Celt. No one touches me. Ever."

Talon shrugged off Zarek's grip "You swore an oath, just like the rest of us. I won't have you preying on innocent in my town." he told the Dark-Hunter in warning.

"Enough both of you, we have work to do so I suggest you get to it. Unless you haven't realized. It's been too quiet tonight something is brewing." snapped Harry appearing before them. Glaring at both of them, "Every second we squabble among ourselves we let them win, not only that innocent humans get killed."

Talon stared at Harry in surprise, he was probably the only Dark-Hunter he'd never really spoken to, other than Zarek that is but once is enough in this guy's case. He was different from the rest of them; he wondered why he'd been turned. After all most Dark-Hunters had been around for hundreds of years, and were Roman, Greek, like himself and a few other countries he'd never met a British one. There was also the fact the boy looked very young, and wasn't strong, muscular and tall like the rest of them. "It has been, hasn't it?" Talon replied his fight with Zarek forgotten in the realization that Harry was right.

"Trust your instincts Talon, if you feel something is wrong - it's wrong. All I takes is a single phone call." said Harry mysteriously before he disappeared taking Zarek with him. Talon stood there completely baffled by Harry's statement. The boy was too much like Ash, speaking in riddles, it almost made his head hurt! A mini Ash was the last thing he needed right now.

"You know I can fight my own battles," said Zarek, his claw flexing dangerously as if he wanted to use it. His black eyes glaring at Harry, but it was absent of malice just exasperation and darkness. Harry didn't even flinch he just stared at Zarek completely unafraid of him.

"Do you want to end up back in Alaska?" asked Harry staring at Zarek emotionlessly his black eyes flashing angrily in return.

"What are you talking about?" scoffed Zarek straight on the defensive, surprised by Harry's question; it was as if he knew something Zarek didn't.

"Do you even know why you are here?" asked Harry staring at him in annoyed exasperation. Surely the Dark-Hunter couldn't be that clueless could he? He'd seemed so smart and suspicious; surely he had at least suspected what was going on?

Zarek hissed, his hand making a fist biting his tongue stopping a nasty retort leaving his lips.

"I'll clue you in Zarek, it wasn't Ash's idea, Artemis is just waiting for an excuse to see you executed." sighed Harry shaking his head, his hand carding through his hair tiredly. He didn't want to lose Zarek as well; he knew if he continued on he would. "She's been dying for it ever since you were sent to Alaska. Please for the love of Merlin just behave. For me." he finished begging the man he was coming to really care about - it wasn't just platonic either.

"How do you know?" demanded Zarek. What did he know? Was practically screamed in his mind, he had never understood why he was sent to Alaska. He had supposedly killed a town full of humans, which he did not believe, couldn't believe. He knew he was a vindictive bastard, but name someone in his place that wouldn't be! Regardless he had never wished any harm upon anyone; even if he was a dickhead to everyone he met. He cared for no one but himself, a fact he did not hide. Who could really blame him? Nobody else had cared about him. His mother had been a Greek slave who'd ordered him killed, moments after his birth his mother had ordered a servant to kill him. The servant had taken pity on the child and took him to his father. Unfortunately his father hadn't wanted Zarek anymore than the mother did, and in the end he became a whipping boy for the family. His family. Nobody even knew how he died; it was a secret he kept to himself.

Harry looked constipated; he had said too much, he wasn't sure how this would go. There had to be a reason Ash had blocked his memories. "Artemis wanted you killed after what happened, Ash wouldn't allow it that's why you've been in Alaska. This is your last chance Zarek, screw it up again and nothing Ash does will help." Harry told the stubborn Dark-Hunter. Not even Ash surrendering himself to Artemis would help Zarek. There was still a chance Artemis would send someone after him without Zarek doing anything. She was a bitch and she always had to get her own way.

Zarek grabbed Harry, his claw metal covered hand digging painfully into his thin shoulder. Harry didn't outwardly react; pain was basically all he knew. "How do you know this?" he growled angrily into Harry's face.

"How do you do the things you do? Magic. I just can." said Harry staring at Zarek impassively, not showing the pain the claw painfully digging into his shoulder was causing.

Zarek let go of him abruptly, not even apologizing, although there was a slight glimmer in his eyes before disappearing completely. Harry stared blankly at the space Zarek had been, feeling as if he'd gone too far. Zarek just might go and do something stupid now; Harry didn't know him well enough to say for any degree of certainty what he'd do. Praying he didn't do anything, he began walking away from the spot.

Just then Talon sped past on his bike, and Harry got a wave of memories not his own. He closed his eyes, so it had already begun. He wondered though if Ash could see what his brother was up to or if he was completely obvious about it. Talon knew something wasn't right yet he was doing and saying nothing. Bloody stupid idiotic Dark-Hunter, Ash had never once used the bloody word 'Buddy' and Talon knew that! He really didn't know what to do. Zarek and Ash were both involved in this; he couldn't say anything without screwing things up. So what did he do? Where could he go to get answers from someone not involved?

Talon got off his bike, outside Sunshine's club; he was very worried about her against his better judgement. The less he tried to think about her the more he did, he couldn't get the woman out of his mind. Talon had never been like that before, yet he couldn't help it. The club was in chaos. A large crowd of people stood around outside where two ambulances were parked while medics were tending three wounded officers. Someone had beaten them to a pulp. Talon paused near the ambulance where he heard the officers giving the reports to the detective.

"He was at least six feet. Lean, muscular build. Caucasian male dressed in black, with long black hair and a goatee. Mid- to late twenties with this huge silver claw thing on his hand." explained the officer.

Talon froze just hearing the words; there was nobody else that could fit the description. It had to have been Zarek; he should never have let the man out of his sight. He continued to listen and groaned in frustration, the officers had seen Zarek fighting two Daimons. He'd only been here a few days and he now had the entire police force out looking for him.

His phone rang suddenly, expecting it to be Ash he answered, but to his surprise it was Zarek "The Daimons wanted to party with your girlfriend, Celt. Don't leave her unprotected." then the phone went dead. Talon felt dread spread through him, how the hell did Zarek know about the two of them?

"You are an ungrateful foul git, you know that?" said Harry making Talon jump as he materialized out of nowhere. "Hasn't anyone told you not to believe everything you hear? You would think after what happened to your sister you'd realize this." the scorn was deep in Harry's voice as he spoke.

Talon stiffened some more, how the hell did Harry know about his little sister? His hands balled into fists as he stared at Harry. He was really beginning to dislike this young Dark-Hunter; his powers apparently knew no bounds. Harry's voice brought him out of his musings again, as he began speaking.

"His actions were purely self defence. If Zarek had been human they would have rendered him in a coma, this is the thanks he gets for saving mankind…" sighed Harry, removing a stick from his arm before shouting in Latin causing everyone nearby to go into a sort of trance. He didn't have to use it, but it was safer using his wand with this particular spell, the wand grounded the magic. His Wandless magic was to wild and unpredictable because there was more of it.

"What the hell are you doing?" gaped Talon shocked. He had more questions than answers, in truth Zarek and Harry were freaking him out. They seemed to have powers that were in par with Acherons.

"Stopping a man hunt for the man who just helped you out at personal cost." snapped Harry angrily stepping away, their memories were changed, the writing on the detectives notepad changed. He had thought about removing their injuries then decided not to. They deserved them, attacking Zarek as they had. "You best find her, protect her and do not waste your time thinking she's better of away from you. Trust me without you she will die."

Talon swallowed thickly fear and dread filling his bones making him feel cold all over as he managed to get a question out passed the lump in his throat. He didn't know why but the thought of anything happening to sunshine terrified the life out of him. "But why…and how?"

"Answers will come in time, just wait for them, plus you aren't listening to a single damn thing I say anyway, I told you to trust your instincts yet you didn't." said Harry before he disappeared. Well at least that was one crisis averted, no doubt whoever was behind it would try again. He was quite angry that Ash hadn't intervened.

Talon frowned at his words, trying to decipher them as if they were a very complicated riddle. What the hell did the Dark-Hunter mean by trust his instincts? And the earlier warning of all it took was a single phone call? Shaking his thoughts of remembering Harry's warning about her dying, he took off into the club, his heart beating fast - he had to know she was alright, that she was safe.

Harry Apparated home, it had been one hell of a night and he was glad it was nearly over. He had not fought a single Daimon; Zarek had gotten two, lucky git that he was. Talon was already away with Sunshine in his house, if his vision was right, and they always were. At least the idiot was out of the way, the man had no idea he was conversing with Ash's twin brother Styxx. He was still unsure what to do, but he did text Ash demanding that he come tomorrow night, early so they could talk. He would be tied up until then anyway. Quite literally tied up as it was.

He wasn't surprised to see Zarek wasn't there, but his things were, hopefully he would come back. At least he could teleport himself, so he was safe from the dangers the sun posed. At least he didn't have the entire police force after him at the moment.

Just then the bell went; looking at the time, he knew there was only twenty minutes left until the sun came up. There weren't many people who knew where he was, he doubted Zarek would ring the bell, Ash would just appear as well. Curiosity got the better of him, and knowing soon he wouldn't be able to answer it for fear of the sun…he went to the door and opened it. He couldn't have been more stunned if someone had just come up to him and cast Stupefy on him.

"May I come in?" asked Valerius hoping Harry wouldn't leave him out there to fry. It's why he'd left it to now to come, so Harry would have no choice but to talk to him. He was on one hand, furious that Harry was ignoring him on the other he felt guilty. Not an emotion that sat well with the Roman and so he tried very hard to ignore it.

Harry scowled angrily, yet a part of him felt extremely happy, he knew how much it was costing the Roman to do this. It didn't mean he was going to go easy on him, but easier than he'd planned just a day ago. "Get in." he said his voice didn't convey his happiness.

"Thank you," said Valerius heading into Harry's home. He entered Harry's small sitting room, struck by how cosy and tiny it was compared to his mansion. He wanted answers from Harry, he had to know what he'd said or done. He didn't have many friends, ok any friends, and he had cherished Harry's friendship dearly. To be completely ignored had hurt Valerius, whether he admitted it to himself or not. He wanted his friend back; he hated this wall that had sprung up between them.

He just didn't know where to start! He didn't know exactly what he'd done.

There we go, is it to early to have Zarek and Valerius realize they are brothers? will it only happen when Harry goes to Alaska with Zarek? keeping him safe from what he knows it about to come? only coming back in time to get a frantic phonecall from valerius when he ends up Tabby's house :D :D :D love that bit! lmaoo will they ever be friends? will harry and zarek end up gods? perhaps the gods of the sun and moon...taking over from Artemis and apollo when they try and have harry and Zarek killed? harry and zarek after all wouldnt just lie down and allow themselves to be harmed ;) they'd kick and scream bloody murder :D R&R PLEASE!