Waluigi tries to change his ways.

A short but sweet fanfic.

One day, Waluigi found Luigi sitting by himself in a restaurant.

"Hey, Luigi." He smiled "Mind if I join you?"

"Yes I do mind. Go away or I'll call the manager."

Waluigi sat down anyway "Oh c'mon. Don't be like that. I've totally changed my ways."

Luigi frowned "Oh really?"

"Why yes, only the other day, I was doing some nice deeds for the woman who lives down the road from me."

"Go on…"

"Around 7am a week ago, I made her breakfast in bed, tidied up her living room and cleaned out her cupboard."

"I'm listening…."

"I even made her breakfast in bed. Made her favourite too. Bacon and eggs. I also kissed her on the lips. She was completly ungrateful for it. You know what she said?"


"How the fuck did you get in my house!? Get the fuck out before I call the cops!"

Luigi just facepalmed.

"Not even a thank you!" Waluigi snarled.

THE END (Well seeing as how this is my 69th fanfic, why not do a story involving rape?)