Overweight Wario

A short but sweet fanfic

One day, Mario walked into a bar, he saw Wario at the counter looking very grumpy.

"Hey Wario. What's up?"

"Go away." Wario grumbled.

"Same old typical Wario." Mario smiled "What's up your ass this time?"

"Everybody's against me….I can't go one day where people don't make fun of my weight!"

"What happened?" asked Mario

"The other day I was queuing for about a half hour in a KFC, and the guy at the counter said. "Sorry about your wait." I was deeply offended, and gave the guy a black eye and yelled "YOU'RE NOT SO SKINNY YOURSELF ASSHOLE! ! "

"Err…..Wario…..I don't think…" Wario then gave Mario a nasty look then stopped. Then Mario clutched his fists and thought "No, must be strong!"

"You shouldn't be so sensitive Wario, and besides maybe you should lose some weight! Even I myself have lost some weight over the years."

"Tell me something I don't know!" snarled Wario

"Salad tastes nice." Mario smiled.

"O.K one more joke, out of you, and you're gonna get it!" Wario snapped.

"Oh….c'mon can't you lighten up? Get it? Lighten up?" Mario giggled.

Wario then made a dive for Mario. Mario quickly dived out of the way.

I suppose you're right Wario, maybe these fat jokes are horrible. Don't you think people like you have enough on their plate? HA HA HA!"

Mario then ran out the bar.

"The annoying orange wants his style back!" Wario called after him.