A/N: Hey guys! I AM still going to continue "Down To Earth", in case you were wondering. Let me know what you think of this, though. I thought maybe a second fan fic about what should happen in a season two might be fun.

This is supposed to take place at the end of episode 180...

"Oh my God!" That was all Loren Tate had to say to Eddie Duran, who was standing right in front of her. He wasn't in jail, he wasn't at fault for Chloe's fall. No, he was free, and standing right there in his apartment's door.

Eddie smiled sheepishly and gave Loren his cutest look he could produce. "Nice place you have here," he said in a reply.

Loren hugged Eddie with all her might; she was so happy he was safe and free and they could finally be happy together. She didn't care that she was crying; she just wanted to stay in that hug forever. Eddie felt the same, and made that clear; he wasn't afraid to be holding back his own tears. He wouldn't cry, no, but he wouldn't let Loren go until they absolutely had to.

"I'm so glad you're safe," Loren whispered. She felt Eddie's strong hands grab at her back and dig into her hair; he was as happy as she was.

"Of course I am," Eddie said back. "I told you I didn't do it."

"I never doubted you!" Loren said, this time letting herself cry. It felt so good to have Eddie back. "I thought you were dead," she sobbed into his shoulder. "Eddie, what happened all that time?"

"We'll talk about it on the plane, babe," Eddie told her. "Right now, I just want to hold you."

That did it; Loren pulled out of their hug, but only so she could give Eddie the most passionate kiss of their relationship. Their lips touched and nothing else mattered; Eddie gave her every bit of energy he had. Loren loved the warmth of his touch and the smell of him she had missed so much.

Finally, Eddie pulled away and let out a short laugh. He wanted to stay there with Loren as much as she did, but she had a plane to catch and Eddie wouldn't let her miss it. In a few hours, his girl would be up on stage doing her thing, and for once, he would be the guy in the group of fans by the stage.

Eddie's eyes looked right into Loren's deep brown eyes; they were so beautiful, just as she was, and all at once, the memories from the day before came flooding back to him. He thought Loren wasn't coming to the hill; he was certain she had left him or she didn't get his note. But there she was, standing in front of his headlights as soon as he was about to give up and drive back to the apartment.

That moment was the best thing that Eddie had ever experienced. He knew he missed Loren so much, but he didn't realize how bad the pain was of not having her until he finally got to touch her again. Those slow seconds that he ran to Loren killed him, but when he finally got to wrap his arms around her again, everything was perfect. He didn't care that he would go to jail if he was caught; all that mattered was that Loren knew how much he cared. And from the very beginning of that hug, Eddie knew what he had to tell her.

Those same three words were exactly what Eddie needed to say again, now that everything was over with and the drama had ceased. "Loren Tate, I love you," he said, never taking his eyes away from hers.

"Oh, I love you too!" Loren said, diving back in for a hug.

Loren was over that night's concert. All she wanted now was to stay at home with Eddie; it was her home now, too. She had only stayed in Eddie's apartment for the past few days, but it already felt like where she was supposed to be.

"Loren," Eddie laughed, pulling her off of him. He hated the feeling of pushing her away, but he knew what he had to say would make her even happier than before. "You have a plane to catch."

Loren stood, her eyes wide like a deer in headlights. "Oh no!" she yelped, looking at her phone for the time. "I'm supposed to be there in fifteen minutes!"

Like that, Eddie grabbed Loren's keys from her hand. "We'll take a cab," he told her, setting them down on his piano.

"Yeah, a cab... Wait, we'll?" Loren asked, a new grin showing and curving her lips up slightly. She looked straight at Eddie, hoping he would say what she thought he would.

"Yeah, I'm coming with you, babe," Eddie told her.

Loren's eyes lit up as soon as he told her he was coming. They both knew Eddie needed to wait for his music until his name was officially cleared to the public and people began liking him again. Once they knew he didn't push Chloe, his fans would come back and he would start up his music career again, but until then, he had all the time in the world to spend with Loren and help her with her career.

And like that, Loren and Eddie found themselves back to their normal lives; they were boarding the plane, ten minutes late, and headed for New York. For Loren, this lifestyle was still a little bit different, but she was getting used to it, and fast. For Eddie, though, traveling and dealing with fame was what he knew his whole life, so jumping back into it so quickly was perfectly fine for him.

As the plane took off, Eddie pulled back Loren's hair and gave her his famous smile. She knew then that everything would be alright; her world was back...Eddie was back. Eddie took Loren's hand in his for everyone to see; his dad and Nora smiled from their seats, and Kelly and Jake were laughing it up from theirs.

"These are new times," Eddie told Loren.

Eddie's words were meant for not only her, but everyone in the plane cab; this was a new beginning for Loren and Eddie, Jake and Kelly, and Nora and Max. Loren knew that this was true even for her friends, who weren't present on the plane; Melissa and Adam were about to start their own fun journey as soon as graduation hit them.

Everything was sealed and official once Eddie leaned in and kissed Loren. He let his hand rest on her cheek, making Loren blush. She loved being able to touch him again; she loved him being able to touch her again. Everything was perfect, or so she thought.

"Eddie?" an unfamiliar voice asked, breaking up Loren and Eddie's kiss. From the back of the cab came a blond girl, followed by a dirty blond man. Both were dressed in valley clothes; Loren knew this from how her older neighbors dressed; sometimes, it seemed like she and her mother were the "upper class" of the valley homes.

Eddie turned immediately after seeing the confused look on Loren's face. He thought he knew the voice, but he wasn't sure until he saw her for himself.

A lump formed in Eddie's throat. How would he explain this one to Loren? "Lia?"