Claire's Magical Gift

What if Claire had a secret she kept from everyone? What would the glass house gang do if they found out Claire's secret?

Claire's point of view.

I have this little secret I have told anyone in Morganville my secret, the only people that know is my parents and Rachel from my old high school ( she only know because she has THE GIFT to). THE GIFT is the fact is that I'm wizard, I hate being a wizard, I've tried to forget the fact that I'm a wizard but I can't every time I'm angry my old wand will appear from nowhere and in the end I'll just end up using it.

I don't want Eve or Michael or anyone in Morganville to know my secret. That'd the whole reason I moved to Morganville to try and hide my secret from everyone. But the real person I don't want to find out was Shan Collins my boyfriend he would freak if he found out my secret, imagine if he found out he girlfriend was a wizard, he freaking flipped when he found out his best friend was a vampire. So at all cost Shane must not find out my secret. Well that was my plan until I found him cheating on with ….


It was a lovely day Myrnin gave me the day off, classes were easy, but I couldn't wait to get home and see my boyfriend Shane Collins. I was walking down lot street smiling and when I got to the door and unusually I didn't mind having to have a fight with door I just couldn't wait to see Shane. Walked in the house to find Shane's zombie game on pause, I thought to myself "he must be in the kitchen getting food or drinks or many be he's on the toilet," so went in the kitchen to get myself a coke. As I stood by the kitchen door I heard grunt and sounds of pleasure "Ar Eve and Michael must be at again in the kitchen Ar that just yuck," I muttered to myself as I pushed the kitchen door open. What I found wasn't Eve and Michael, it was Shane in his underwear on top of ….