Toadette Toots

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Screwy, ain't it? Heh heh heh... I already have a fanfic of Toadette farting, but... something about Toadette and toots seems... odd. Oddly funny. So yeah, here it is, Toadette tooting. ...Maybe it's because they both have Ts in their name.

Toadette was driving alongside Petey Piranha in the DK Barrel car, driving around in Sherbet Land as they were trying to collect as many green bananas as possible, due to being placed on a bet by Donkey Kong. Petey Piranha handled the driving as Toadette snatched up all of the green colored bananas, placing them inside the kart as they exited the cave.

"We almost got them all, Petey!" Toadette exclaimed as she looked down in the kart, noticing that they have collected one thousand bananas. "We only need one hundred and eleven more!"

Petey rubbed the back of his gigantic, flowery head with his left, leafy hand. "That's a lot of bananas," He mumbled, his words obviously being translated for audiences to understand.

Toadette patted Petey on the head. "Well, don't worry. We'll be able to show off to Donkey Kong that we're capable of having a lot of bananas!"

Suddenly, Petey went over a speed bump, causing Toadette and several bananas to be sent into the air. Toadette screamed as she landed flat on the ice, groaning in pain as she plucked her face off the bright blue ice, shaking her head.

"Ohh, that was brutal..." Toadette muttered as she felt her stomach growl, gasping as she placed both of her hands on her face. "Uh oh... I'm feeling gassy..."

Toadette farted loudly, her pink dress blowing upwards as it revealed her white panties to the large Freezies that were sliding back and forth. Toadette blushed as she held down her dress, letting out another loud toot as it made the climate in Sherbet Land slightly warmer. Luckily for her, Petey Piranha came back, having not only gathered one hundred and eleven bananas, but grabbing the ones he dropped.

Toadette sighed of relief as she shook her arms. "Thank goodness, Petey! We got the bananas we were missing and the ones we dropped!" She climbed onto the back of the DK Barrel, letting out another tuba like poot as she continued to blush. "Let's go show these to DK before I cause Global Warming here..."

Petey nodded, using a Star he picked up from an item box as he sped right through the Freezies, breaking them into pieces. They stopped at the finish line, with both Petey and Toadette jumping out of the kart as Donkey Kong inspected all the bananas, in shock as his jaw dropped.

"Well I'll be!" Donkey Kong exclaimed in his annoying Scooby Doo like voice, pounding his chest. "You managed to collect all the bananas! You two aren't so bad after all!"

Petey laughed as he clapped his big leafy hands together. Toadette screamed with delight as she was bouncing up and down with joy, causing her to fart loudly again that shook all of Sherbet Land. Donkey Kong and Petey Piranha exchanged odd glances with each other as they turned to Toadette, whose red blush got brighter.

"Golly... maybe I shouldn't have had McDonald's last night..." Toadette admitted as she placed her hands behind her back, more embarrassed than ever as she sheepishly laughed. "Well, at least the snow didn't melt..."

Toadette farted in a deep pitch tone, causing the snow behind her to instantly melt. Toadette fainted from total embarrassment as Donkey Kong and Petey continued to give each other odd glances, not offended by the rotten odor.