A multichapter fanfic about Galinda and what if she had gotten married her first year at Shiz and Elphaba and her lost touch. Based off of the true story of the Duchess Georgania of Devonshire and the movie with Keira Knightly. Hope you all enjoy. Heavily bookverse.


Intrigues Of The Mind

Chapter One:

Galinda came home to Frottica on her Lurlinemas break during her first year at Shiz University to find her parents too eager and too proud for everything to be normal. It seemed like, to Galinda, that they were going to burst from the seams if they kept whatever information they were withholding from their daughter any longer.

"Mother, Father what ever is the matter," asked Galinda as herself and her parents sat around the dining room table quietly eating while the servants came in and out with more food or to take their plates away.

Her father, Highmuster looked up at her and dabbed at the leftover soup that had gotten on his dark beard, "I think that that is up to your mother to tell you, Galinda."

The blonde now looked at her mother, who was in every single way like her daughter down to the curve of their noses and the shape of their blonde hair.

Larena Upland beamed brightly at her young daughter, "Galinda… your father and I have very important and exciting news to tell you about."

Her mother paused and Galinda's fingers fidgeted at her spoon agitated and anxious to know what her mother had to say. Had Popsicle gotten a raise? Had her mother gotten that golden carriage she had wanted? Was she finally getting her own dorm so she wouldn't have to share hers with Elphaba Thropp, although she and the green bean had somehow become friends?

"Sir Chuffrey, the largest land and stock owner in all of Gillikin has asked us for your hand in marriage," squealed Larena barely able to contain her excitement.

Galinda dropped her spoon into her soup, causing the liquid to splatter all over her dress. But she barely noticed.

"Excuse me?" she managed to say as her whole body and mind went numb.

Her parents exchanged glances, "Darling," said her father, "Sir Chuffrey would like to marry you, and it would be a fine match if you said yes. You'd be a Lady, and obtain a position in the Emerald City if his business extends to there. Your mother and I would think it best if you did marry him."

Galinda brought her hand down to her lap, and rested it on the white fabric of her dress.

"What about Shiz? You want me to leave my education behind?"

"Chuffrey promised that he will hire the best tutors in the world if you marry him. He wouldn't want your education to be missed on his account," rushed in Larena.

Galinda's parents both looked at their daughter with hopeful eyes.

"But," said the blonde "I've only met him twice. I mean- does he even love me?"

Her blue eyes looked into her mothers'.

"Of course, darling, he expressed it to your father and I very poetically. Some men just have trouble communicating their feelings of love but that doesn't mean he doesn't have any for you. He says that you are a charming young woman, and he would be delighted to have you as his wife. And of course darling, think of all the money you will receive by being his wife. Money has its benefits, you know!"

As her mother rambled on about the good benefits of marrying Sir Chuffrey Galinda tried to think of the two occasions she had met Sir Chuffrey. Once had been at a wedding for a friend of her mother's, and Galinda recalled thinking of him as an older gentleman with little to say. The second time, Galinda recalled more features, his graying hair and beard, his sagging skin, the smell of brandy on his breath…

Galinda squirmed at the thought. Even though he had seemed nice enough, Galinda couldn't help but wonder if he was right for her… but then again he had been easy on the eyes. Chocolate, dark eyes… almost like Elphie's…

Galinda stopped her thoughts right there. Elphaba's name had no place in that thought. Why her mind had said her name, the reasons were buried in Galinda's soul for she could not express them out loud. The blonde and the green girl certainly were friends now, maybe even best friends but nothing more than that. Or there was nothing more that either of them wanted to admit…

"Galinda… what do you say?" Her mother's question pulled the seventeen-year old away from her thoughts.

She chewed her bottom lip and looked around. Her parents looked so hopeful and happy for her. Maybe this would be a good thing. Maybe this would be the one thing that Galinda would never regret in her life.

Taking a deep breath, she answered her parents' question, "I-I say yes."

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