They had only closed their eyes for a second. When Merlin, King Arthur, Sir Gwaine, Sir Leon, Sir Percival, Sir Elyan, Sir Lancelot, Queen Gwen and Court Physician Giaus blinked, they were all settling down to camp as they journeyed to a small village who need medical help, Arthur and Gwen went along for a bit of luxury and a break, leaving the council in charge of everything in Camelot.
One minute they were in the clearing,talking and joking happily, next they were standing at the top of a hill overlooking a small village with no Merlin in sight.
"What happened?" asked Gwen. She was bit dazed.
"I've brought you here" said a female voice behind them. They all turned to see a young woman in a purple dress.
"And who are you?" asked Gwaine, getting ready to flirt.
"Freya, and I have a boyfriend" said the woman. Giaus and Lancelot looked at each other. Could this be..? But she was dead..?
"And who is this boyfriend?" asked Gwaine, "is he better looking than me?"
"You all know him" smiled Freya, "so you judge for yourself."
"What is his name?" asked Gwaine.

"Merlin? As in our...Merlin?" asked Arthur with a facial expression similar to his Knights, bar Lancelot, and wife. Shock. Who knew that Merlin had a girlfriend? And kept it a secret?
"The very same" smiled Freya.
"Why didn't he tell us?" asked Gwen.
"Because I'm dead" said Freya.
"You died?" asked Percival.
"Yeah" smiled Freya.
"But how are you here?" asked Leon.
"Magic" with that word all the knights reached for their swords to discover that they weren't there.
"Where are our swords?"

There was a sudden crying from the village, silencing the group.
"What's that?" asked Giaus in an attempt to change the subject. It worked.
"A baby was just born, and that baby is very important to you Arthur" said Freya.
"Me? How me? It isn't mine" with the last remark, Arthur looked at Gwen, who burst out laughing at his expression, wide eyed and shocked.
"No, we are overlooking the village of Ealdor, nine months ago a man fled for his life, leaving a pregnant Hunith behind" said Freya.
"Wait, that was Merlin being born?" asked Gwen.
"Yes, Merlin's destiny has been written down for many, many years now" said Freya.
"What do you mean, did we time travel?" asked Arthur.
"Merlin is Emrys" said Freya. Arthur, Gwen , Leon and Elyan looked confused. Percival and Gwaine looked shocked. Giaus and Lancelot looked at each other in worry.
"Who's Emrys?" asked Arthur.
"You don't know?" asked Gwaine with a big grin on his face.
"No" said Arthur.
"Emrys is written down in Druid prophecies off being the one to return magic to the land and is the most powerful warlock to ever life" recited Percival.

There was a small silence.

"Why are you grinning?" Leon asked Gwaine, whom was grinning like a mad man.
"Because it makes so much sense now" said Gwaine.
"What? That Merlin has magic?" asked Lancelot.
"What? No, figured that out ages ago, and so did you by the way of you reaction, but why he used his power to protect instead off destroy" said Gwaine.

"What?" whispered Arthur, "In what way does it make sense?"
"Percival gets it, don't you?" Gwaine said and everyone looked at Percival,
"Well, in the prophecies, it is said that Emrys is the protector and adviser to the Once and Future King. I'm guessing, that since your a prince, your the Once and Future King" shrugged Percival.

"Arthur is the Once and Future King, as you all have names, only Merlin, Arthur and Gwen have really important ones" said Freya.
"I get Merlin and Arthur, but me?" asked Gwen.
"You are the Once and Future Queen" smiled Freya.
"What are our names?" asked Gwaine.
"Not yet" smiled Freya, "back to the reason I've got you here. We are going to watch Merlin grow up."
"Starting from?" asked Gwaine.
"Why are you asking that?" asked Leon.
"Because, present Merlin looks sweet what will baby or even toddler Merlin look like?" asked Gwaine.
Gwen squealed, "he'll look like an angel."

"To answer your question, we will be be walking down the village tomorrow. We'll watch all the way up to Merlin departs to Camelot, after that, you will be returned to Merlin and another visitor" said Freya, "as for tonight, we sleep. No one will see us since we're spirits."

And they all settled down to sleep off the road leading to the village.