Glass is fragile. You know that, don't you Teddy? Some people say that glass is the thing that is most like love. So beautiful. So fragile. So breakable.

That's what our relationship is like Teddy. Glass. On the outside, it's perfect. It's the kind of relationship that every girl dreams about. You can see straight through glass, did you know that? Glass isn't like a mirror, you don't see what you're looking at.

But on the inside, it's breakable. It's so fragile that a single touch will cause it to shatter.

And shatter it does.

We're walking on that glass. We're walking on shattered glass, Teddy, and I think I'm going to be the first to get hurt. But we'll keep up appearances, and to everyone else, it'll look like we're perfect.

Perfection is overrated, anyway. And for that matter, so is glass.

It always shatters.

A/N-For the Shot Put Challenge on the HPFC.