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Summary of Mary Lynette coming to Daybreak: Mary Lynette was turned into vampire because Circle Daybreak was attacked. Hannah and Jade are pregnant. The mansion was destroyed in an attack, Kestrel found her soulmate.

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Chapter 1

Mary-Lynette's POV

The van grounds to a halt. I look out the windows, it's pitch black. I can feel my heart beating, a steady thump thump thump, ever since becoming a vampire I found my pulse never really quickens. Ash stares right ahead and I give his hand a gentle squeeze, although he would never admit it he's very nervous. A few of the other vans stop behind us and I let out a sigh. Here we go.

''Everybody out of the van and in your places'' Quinn orders. I hop out of the van and land in a muddy puddle. As I turn to warn Ash I notice him closing the door, I look at him questionably through the window but he just gives me a quick smile and he's gone. When I look around to see who I'm with I notice the only people who aren't here is Quinn and Ash. This isn't what I remember the plan being.

''What's happening?'' demands Galen.

''The security is different from the plans we have, when I checked the location this morning I noticed it. We had to make a quick decision'' Rashel informs the group.

''Why Quinn and Ash?'' I ask.

''Because they had soulmates that could take care of themselves'' I nod in understanding, I was now a vampire and Rashel was well able to take care of herself, they needed to pick someone who wasn't going to preoccupied thinking about us and checking if we were alright.

''Now everybody get in a line and I'll tell you your new stations'' I stand in line and stare at Maggie's head waiting to find out where my new look out place is. ''Mary-Lynette you're on the east wall with Gillian'' I stand there a second to long before realising that now I was the stronger in the pair, I would be the defender. I grab Gillian's little hand and lead her through the forest to our watch point. When I find a bush with a good view I crouch as Gillian casts her protection spells. I close my eyes and hope everything will work out.

Ash's POV

Quinn swerves and I wallop my head of the window, for the second time. ''Quinn I know they said this mission was dangerous but I didn't realize the danger was driving to the place''

''You don't like me driving, then you can drive''

''Oh so you're going to pull over the car just so you can prove a point''

''No I'm pulling over the car so I don't have to listen to your whining''

''Quinn!'' Thierry shouts through the speaker phone, '' do not pull the van over and Ash stop whining''

''You're not the one in the car with him'' I mumble just as Quinn stops and I go flying into the window, again. You'd think they'd get proper seatbelts.

''Don't forget, you're just going in, grabbing the files and back out. No heroic stunts ''

''Yes boss'' Quinn says as he jumps out of the van. I hear Thierry sigh as I get out myself. I follow Quinn for a few minutes until we're out of the forest. In front of us a large pale grey building stands.

''Is this is?'' I ask.

''Yeah, not much is it'' Quinn replies. We creep quietly forward and around the west side. We stay in the woods so the cameras can't see us. When we get to the designated place I break the latch on the window with a knife. ''Where did you learn that?'' Quinn wonders.

''CSI'' I wait to hear if an alarm goes off but there's silence, I let out a breath of relief and nod to Quinn to continue. Quinn gives me a boost up and I awkwardly drag him up. I take a look around and discover where in a testing lab. The lights are out but I can make out the details.

''This plan is crazy'' I whisper.

''It was your idea''

''I said it as a joke''

''It was the best idea any of us had''

''To dress as janitors and pretend to part of the enemies cleaning force, we don't even know if they have janitors''

''Well we'll find out'' I sigh and put on my cap. The witches had put a glamor on us so people wouldn't know who we are. Quinn checked his watch, ''the spell should have started to work by now, time to go.'' We look around in to find some sort of cleaning trolley but we can only find one.

''Looks like you're going to have to hide underneath it'' I say.

''What?! Hey respect your elders, you go hide''

''I'm taller, that makes no sense''

''Fine'' Quinn moaned. We decided that Quinn should hide in a bin bag while I looked around.

''Goddess'' I grounded as I shoved the now extremely heavy trolley. I kept my head down as I passed the first person but they were too busy talking to notice much. It didn't take long for me to find out where the room I wanted was. As I make my way to it nobody stops me. ''Quinn, we're nearly there'' I mumble.

''Okay'' Quinn mummers. As I take a few more steps I hear a commotion behind me. I look around to see arguing in the corridor. I can barely make out what they're saying, I hear snippets about some disturbance on the east side.

''Quinn, they've found them, they've found Mary-Lynette''

Mary-Lynette's POV

''Gillian, shh, do you hear something?''

''What? No'' I motion with my hand for Gillian to listen. Then I hear it, chatter, two people are outside talking, I can feel Gillian stiffen beside me as she realises what has happened. I hold her hands and try stay as still as possible. The talking doesn't stop and I start to hear feet moving, it's perimeter patrols. We warned about these, we were to stay still and wait for them to pass.

''Hey John'' someone shouts from the other side of the bush,'' boss wants to talk to you, he sent me out to switch with me'' When the men switch we stay still but as the other man comes back our way to go inside we move so he can't see us. Little to our knowledge we were now in view of the cameras.

Ash's POV

The group who was arguing quickly make a decision and I continue on down the corridor. ''Quinn! Get out of there now''


''You need to go and help the others''

''Remember what Thierry said, no heroic acts'' Quinn says as he sits up out of the bin.

''I don't care what Thierry said, we can't leave them''

''Well then you go''

''My plan was to go now and run and get the files while you stay here, wait until the coast is clear, then run and help them''

''That's idiotic'' I leave the trolley and run to control room.

''Ash you son of a-'' I'm through the door before Quinn can stop me. I look around the room which is deserted expect for someone typing away at a computer.

''Sorry sir, I'm just clearing some stuff'' The man turned around in his chair and scrutinises me.

''Who authorised this?'' He demands.

''A Mr…'' I search for a name,''Bart''

''Mr Bart?''


''Alright then away you go'' I start to look through files and when I finally find the correct one I'm out of the room in seconds, unbelieving of my luck. I walk as calmly as I can through the compound until I'm nearly there. Before I can get out the door someone has blocked my path.

''Look what I've found, a little mouse. A Daybreaker perhaps?''

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