Quinn's POV

''C'mon, before the maze changes its mind again''

''Right'' Galen nods in agreement. As I start to wonder how long we've been here something dawns on me, I haven't reported into Thierry yet. Shit. I turn on my ear piece and wait for a response.

''Hello, Quinn you there?'' I hear Thierry's muffled voice.

''Yeah, I'm here''

''What's going on, you've been in there for two hours?''

''We got stuck in a maze'' I could hear silence on the other end, guess Thierry was waiting for the punch line, too bad there wasn't one.

''A maze?''

'Yes, a maze''

''Do you need back up?''

''No, no back up''

''You seem pretty adamant about that''

''Not to sound like a cliché but if they come in they won't ever come back out''

''And why's that?''

''Because the maze seems to change its mind'' Goddess I felt stupid.

''Well than what's your plan?'' Good old Thierry, always down to business. Now if that had been Ash he would have made some joke and laughed his ass. There I go off again about Ash, I sound worse than Mare, once Rashel had made a joke saying if it wasn't for the soulmate principal Ash and I would be married and have a little cottage in the wood.

As I turned a corner something strange happened, I thought I saw myself turn around the corner as well, but then I disappeared. Maybe the maze likes to accessorize with mirrors.

''Quinn you there?'' Woops forgot about Thierry.

''Yeah my plan's to find the exit''

''And then?''

''One step at time boss''

''Fine, update me soon. Don't take too long it's freezing out here''

''Sure'' I grumble as I hang up. Here we go again wandering aimlessly, what fun.

Mary-Lynette's POV

We continued on the rafters until finally we saw a corridor beneath us. Keller unhooked a rope from her belt and down we climbed, I started to feel dizzy halfway down but refused to let it take over me. I was no longer a weak human, I was a strong vampire. I landed with a light thud proud of myself that I hadn't fainted. Unsure of what way to go Keller and I had a silent argument using hand gestures; we ended up deciding to go right because the corridor was shorter. The lack of security was worrying but at the moment it was not my main priority. Later on we heard one patrol but they were too busy talking to register we were there, I guess they didn't get much action. We looked in numerous ones but finally we came to a big black door and instantly I knew Ash was behind it, the only problem was how to get in?

Quinn's POV

After eons we finally came out of the maze, I thought I might kiss the ground. We looked around and found the security room, there was only two guards which we took out easily. I scanned the screens and then I saw Ash, it took me a minute realize it was him. He appeared as if he was an extra for a horror film.

''Where does that look like?'' Galen asked waking me from my daze. Studying the room Ash was in I realised it had a big gaudy black door.

''That door looks kind of distinguishable'' I point out and Galen nods in agreement. ''Now we just need to find it'' One of the guards started to stir so I gave him a good kick in the head. They hadn't supplied any blueprints but all the cameras gave a detailed description of the warehouse, well warehouse might not be the proper title, magical building that defies physics maybe?

''Let's go, there's nothing else here'' I say as I open the door and who do I run head long into? Ash. He looks completely fine, maybe a little rough but nothing like the Ash from the camera.

''Ash?'' Galen frowns as he comes out from the room.

''Yeah'' he replies uncertainly.

''We just saw you on the camera footage, you were chained to a wall''

''It could have been old footage'' Ash suggests and Galen shrugs, I don't know but something just doesn't feel right.

''C'mon let's get outta here'' I say having no clue how.

Mary-Lynette's POV

Keller and I finally got the door open and there was Ash. He was chained to the celling and his beautiful blond hair was knotted with dry blood, his cloths were torn and most of his skin was covered with bruises and cuts. He lifted his head with obvious effort and smiled.

''You're getting better, nice touch adding Keller'' Ash just stares at us. Keller and I look at each other in confusion.

''Ash we're here to take you home''

''Yeah like I haven't heard that before, I thought you were getting better but obviously not. Although you haven't used hallucinations in a while.'' Ash address's some unknown thing.

''Ash what are you going on about?'' Ash just smiled at me sadly.

''Just end it already'' His voice was so sad. I started to walk over to him, when I was about a foot away from him he finally looked up, not making eye contact though. I lifted my hand to touch his cheek and when I did eventually touch him his eyes looked my directly in the eye. ''Mare?'' he whispered.

''It's me baby'' I whispered back as I felt my eyes tear up much to my dismay. ''Keller help me get him down''

When we get him down he can barely stand so I have to support him. We can't go up on the rafters again because of Ash's current condition so we opt to take the maze. Surprisingly the maze was easy to get out of. We burst out of the warehouse and I nearly collapsed. Sadly the mysteriousness wasn't over yet because right in front of us was another Ash standing right beside a confused Quinn.

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