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I awake with a jolt. My head feeling slightly fuzzy and I am warm. Christian warm. He has wrapped himself around me like ivy. I try to move out of his hold without waking him. Successful, I go to the bathroom to relief myself. I walk back into the bedroom and look at the clock. 2:35 Am. Why am I awake so early? Then it hits me like a bolt of lightning. My stomach rumbles. I guess this means I will be having a somewhat early breakfast. I tiptoe out of the room to grab a snack. I switch on the main light. I can't face the darkness on my own yet. I guess after everything that happened with Hyde I am still shaken, but as long as I keep positive I will be fine. I have Christian to protect me...and blip. Opening the fridge I decided to let Blip choose. I fancy a PB'n'J sandwich. Grabbing what I need from the fridge I look for the peanut butter. Not finding it anywhere I look in the cupboard next to the fridge at top. Figures it would be up there. Reaching up I grab it then out of nowhere I wince in pain. I had forgotten the pain in my ribs. Wrapping my arms around myself to contain the pain I drop the glass jar and it smashes on the floor. I knew Christian's massage was too good. In less than a minute Christian is running into the room.

"Ana! Are you ok, baby?" His voice filled with panic.

"Yeah..." is all I could get out. Trying to catch my breath as I stood back up. "I was just getting the peanut butter from the shelf 'cause I was hungry, and then my ribs..." I start to rub the front of my ribs. Christian has one arm rubbing my back and the other bracing for me in case I fall.

"Come on. Bed. You can wait till it's proper morning." He says, leading me back to bed.

"It's not me whose hungry...well it is...but Blip needs feeding."

"Well Blip can wait until his mother has fully recovered till she can start pulling things of off high shelves." His voice is slightly stern. Filled with concern. He really can be too caring, too controlling sometimes, but that's my fifty.

I crawl back into bed slowly. The pain still lingering.

"That is a mighty fine view, Mrs Grey." He tells me, with a smirk on his face.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it." I reply, with a subtle seduction laced in my voice. He climbs on behind me while I'm still on my hands and knees. I am just wearing one of his t-shirts and panties, but I know he loves it. I wince in pain again. Jeez...when will it stop?

"You ok?" He asks, stopping his slow seduction on my thighs.

"Not really. I think I'm just gonna get some sleep, if I can."

"Ok baby. Do you want me to get my mom to look you over?"

"No, no. I'll be ok." I just barely whisper. Christian lies next to me. Spooning me and pulling the covers over us.

"Ok, but if it gets worse please tell me, Ana. Now sleep, baby." And with that I am out. I guess I'm gonna have to remember that I still have to take things easy.

"Ana. Wake up"


"Ana...Mrs Grey."

"What..?" I moan into my pillow.

"Time for lunch"

"Mmm...no...wait. What? Lunch?!" I ask in a panic. Did I really sleep till lunch time?

"Yes. Lunch. Come on. Get up. Or do I have to drag you out?" Christian whispers into my ear. He's nuzzling my neck and then kissing that one spot behind my ear. I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck when I face him.

"I love that sound, Mrs Grey." He continues to kiss along my jaw and down my neck. His hands exploring my body. Up my legs, my waist and up to my breasts. But his touch is ever so soft. But he stops.

"How are you feeling this morning?"

"Ok. Why?"

"What do you mean why? When you were crying in pain in the night."

"Christian, I was not crying."

"Could have fooled me. Come on. Up. I'll let you get dressed." He pulls me up and out of bed slowly. Seriously! I am not made of glass! I know he doesn't want to hurt me but I won't break under his touch. As I stand and walk to the bathroom the pain comes back. I try not to wince but I fail.

"Right! That's it. I'm calling my mom!" Christian yells to me from the bedroom.

"No! Please, Christian. I'm fine. Really."

"No you're not. Ana, I don't want you hurting yourself." I see it in his eyes. That guilt of something he can't control. But he hasn't done anything wrong.

"Ok." I whisper as I turn back to the bathroom and sort myself out. I was told my ribs weren't broken but they feel it. Maybe it won't hurt to have Grace look at them.

I walk out of the bathroom and wonder into the walk-in wardrobe. Knowing I can't go out I just grab my sweats seeing as I will be wearing them a lot soon. Once dressed I go look for Christian. As expected he is at the breakfast bar.

"Morning, Mrs Grey." Gail welcomes me. I notice she is on the floor picking up the pieces of glass that I had caused during the night.

"Morning. Oh let me do that."

"No, Mrs Grey. It's fine. What would you like for lunch?"

"Can I have scramble eggs with beans on toast, please?"

"Of course." She replies, giving me a puzzling look. Well actually both she and Christian are. Standing up again I walk up to the stool next Christian.


"Nothing. Nice to hear you want real food instead of what you normally have." He says with a smile and then going back to his sub.

"Granola is a normal food. I just don't fancy it." He doesn't answer. Just smiles and eats.

Just as I am about to ask him something I have a horrid feeling coming up my throat. I make a quick run to the bathroom and make it in time.

"Ana?!" I hear Christian running behind me.

"Please go. Don't come in." I say quickly and then my stomach heaves once more, and again, and again. During that whole 15 minutes Christians is down on the floor beside me holding my hair out the way.

"Nothing I haven't seen before. You ok?" He asks, stroking my cheek with his knuckles.

"Yeah. Just morning sickness I guess." Finally after what felt like forever my stomach is empty.


"Not really." I stagger to my feet and lose balance straight away. Luckily Christian picks me up before I fall. He carries me to the sinks and places me on the side.

"Let me wash your face." He grabs a cloth from the shelf and rinse it in warm water. He washes my face, planting a kiss on each cheek. He goes to kiss my lips but I turn my head.


"I need to brush my teeth again."

"Oh, Ana. It's fine."

"No, it's not." With that I jump from the side and grab my toothbrush. I hate the taste left in my mouth.

"Well don't forget we are going to my parents house for dinner this evening. Are you wanting to tell everyone then?"

"Do you?"

"I don't mind. Whatever you want, baby." Christian leans forward and kisses my forehead.

I haven't actually thought about how we're going to tell people. Of course Grace and Carrick know. I am more nervous about Kate's and my parents reactions.

"Christian? How do I tell my parents?"

"What do you mean? Just tell them."

"Well when I told her we were getting married she asked me if I was pregnant and sounded, I don't know...disgusted." I sink my head in shame. What if they think ill of me?

"Oh, Ana. They won't be." He holds me in his arms. "I am sure they won't be. Happy more than anything. Why would you think disgusted?" I ignore his question and look away.

"Ana?" He pulls my chin up so I look into his eyes.

"Well look what happened when I told you."

"Your parents are completely different from me. Look at how my mom and dad reacted. They were thrilled. Your parents will be the same. I promise."

"You think?"

"Yes I do." With that he kisses me softly on the lips. "Mmmm... minty." He licks his lips. I quickly rinse my mouth out and kiss him again. His hands move onto my hips and into my hair. His left hand moves down my back and onto my behind. He squeezes it gently and then moves his right hand onto my behind and then lifts be back on the side. Our lips not losing connection. His hands move to my thighs and then the waistband on my sweats. I groan into his mouth. He gasps. Why?

"Oh, Mrs Grey. No underwear. I most definitely approve." And with that he devours my mouth and removes my sweats off completely. He steps in between my legs making them wider apart. I move my hands up his finely toned back and I let my hands explore his hair. I make the kiss deeper. I pour all my love into him. But all too soon he breaks away.

"Wait. Ana slow down. There's no rush."


"Slow. I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. How many times do I have to you that you won't hurt me?" I pull him back to my lips, and deep in his throat he groans. Lifting me again he carries me to our bedroom. Slowly he lowers me down not breaking our contact. I move my hands to his jeans zipper. He senses my need and with that he pulls away and undoes his trousers and his erection springs free.

"Mr Grey, no underwear? I approve." I say with such seduction, my head to the side. He growls and crawls back up on top of me. Kissing his way back up to my mouth. His hands exploring. One to my breasts and the other...

"Christian..." I moan.

"You are so ready, Mrs Grey." He pulls me up and takes me t-shirt off. For a moment he studies my ribs. The bruises have gone down quicker than I expected. I cup his face into my hands and devour his mouth as he does to me. He falls slowly back down with me and starts kissing my neck down to my breast. One nipple between his finger and thumb and the other in his mouth. The sensation is mind blowing. Does being pregnant make me more sensitive? Could be just the hormones. I curl my fingers in his hair and he growls low and deep in his throat once more. Moving back up my body he wastes no time. Slowly, he enters me. Ever so slowly. And we are lost in each other. I meet him thrust for thrust. He kisses me on the neck and along my jaw. I run my fingers through his hair and down his back causing him to groan. He pulls harder on my nipple sending a strong sensation through me.

"Christian!" I scream. He quickens his pace and hardens his thrusts.

"Come on, baby." He whispers into my ear. He thrusts even more bringing us both to our climax. The room filled with our harsh breathing.

"Oh, Ana, Baby!" He shouts out. He falls to my side. "Oh, baby." He pulls my over to lay on his chest and I listen to his heart rate slowly go back to normal like mine.

"You never disappoint, Mr Grey." I say, nuzzling into his chest. I can hear him smirk.

"We aim to please, Mrs Grey."

"What time are we meant to be at your parents?"

"For 5 I think. Mia will be there early helping my mom with dinner. Elliot and Kate will be there same time as us."

"Can't wait."

"So are you going to let my mom check your ribs? Or are you gonna put up a fight?"

"I'll let her."

"How are your ribs now?"

"Fine. But I have to just take things easy."

"You were told that before you left the hospital. Come one let's shower." He says, rising slowly with me in tow.

We arrive at the Grey family home. I still find it hard to believe I have been so fortunate in marrying into such a warm and loving family. I hope me and Christian can make a big family. I don't want Blip to be alone like I was. Christian opens my door and takes my hand. On the steps by the front door stands Grace and Carrick. We walk closer and they both have welcoming, warm smiles. Although, Grace as slight worry in her eyes. I hope Christian hasn't worked her up about my ribs.

"Ana. Christian. Welcome." Grace says, giving me a gentle hug. Even she thinks I'm made of glass. Carrick smiles and kisses me on the cheeks.

"Mom. Dad." Christian says, smiling at both of them. Grace hugs him and smiles back down at me. I blush. She doesn't need to say it. She says it so much. 'Thank you for saving my children' or 'Oh, Ana, you have made this family so happy. Thank you'. As much as I love her. She doesn't need to keep thanking me.

"ANA!" Mia bellows down the hall. "It's about time you two got here." She says, grabbing my into a hug. I wince in pain, and once again she doesn't hear me.

"Mia! That's twice now!" Christian scolds her. He takes me into his arms keeping me close.

"Oh! Sorry Ana! I forgot!"

"It's ok, Mia."

"Right. Come on you two. In you come and I will have a look at you, Ana." Grace leads us into the giant family room. "You sit here and I'll have a look."

I look nervously up at Christian.

"Umm...mom? Can you not do it somewhere more private?" Christian asks her, speaking the question straight from my mind. How does he do that?

"Oh don't worry about me, son. I'm heading to my study." Carrick informs us, and leaves us to it. Mia has gone back into the kitchen to work on dinner.

"Right. Now let me have a look."

I sit nervously on the sofa and let Grace check me over. I feel so embarrassed. I am sitting here with my bra showing. My shirt almost over my shoulders. I bet Christian is loving this, seeing as he had to leave to go to the bathroom so 'urgently'.

"Well nothing is broken. Could you just lay down for a few minutes while I have a feel round your lower ribs?" I nod. Completely embarrassed. My face must be the colour of the playroom back home. And not a moment too soon Kate and Elliot walk in.

"Hey everyone!" Elliot shouts. "What are we...all...doing?" Elliot stares down at me and I up to him. OMG! "Hell, I didn't expect this kind of welcoming!"

"Elliot! What are you on about?" Kate walks in and looks at me, and then Christian walks in.

Silence. Grace hasn't taken notice and still checking my muscles...I think?

"What the hell, Elliot?! Get out of here! Both of you!" Christian shouts. I am speechless. Embarrassed to the core.


"OUT!" Christian is practically pushing him out and Kate alongside.

"Ok, looks like you just pulled a muscle. Nothing to worry about." Grace tells me, with a smile on her face. Did she seriously not notice what was happening?!

"Ok...thank you." I whisper, and quickly I pull my top down.

"Mom! You could have told me Elliot and Kate had arrived!"

"Oh calm down, Christian." Graces calmly waves at him.

"Calm down? I can't calm down! My brother just saw my wife practically naked!"

"She was not Christian. You all still need to grow up." She still has a smile on her faces but then turns to me with an apologetic look. I blush and look away. Well, how am I supposed to face them now? Grace walks out while Christian sits down next to me, pulling me into a hug.

"You ok?"

"Yeah...I think." I whisper. "How am I supposed to face them now? Kate I can deal with but Elliot?"

"Just ignore him. If he gives you any hassle I'll beat him up. So you just pulled a muscle then?"

"Yeah." I breath out. I can feel Christian relax. He must have been more worried than I thought.

"Dinner!" Mia cries out. We all make our way to the dining room. I follow Christian closely, hiding my flushed face. Elliot will not drop this one.

We take our places and I sit next to Christian and Grace. Elliot and Kate across from us and Mia and Carrick at either ends. My stomach rumbles. I am starving. It's a good thing that we always have a 3 course meal here. Melon salad to start off with and then the main...oh no! The main course. I get that feeling in my throat again. The smell drives me over board and I run out the room to the bathroom. Making it just in time, I heave into the toilet. Christian close behind.

"You ok?"

"No. The smell and look of the fish set me off." I let out, then heave again.

"So we now know you don't like fish." There's a knock on the door.

"Everything ok in there?" Oh no. Kate.

"Umm...yeah. I just ate something earlier which set me off." I hope she believes it.

"Ok. We'll see you out there." Kate says through the door.

"I'll let my mom know fish is off the menu. Is there anything you fancy?" Christian asks, while rubbing my back.

Finally the heaving stops.

"Maybe some chicken would be good." I say, looking nervously at Christian. I really don't want to offend Grace and Mia. They have put so much effort into it.

"Ok and don't worry about it. My mom knows, remember?" He kisses me on the cheek, possibly he remember what I said earlier. I nod, and he leaves me to freshen off.

I wash my face and rinse my mouth. Staring at myself in the mirror I look more flushed than ever. My face slightly plump. I have eaten a lot lately. Which I can tell Christian is happy about. He hasn't once pestered me to eat my food. It's nice. This has been somewhat of a normal day, which I can say is most definitely different. In a good way.

I finally join the family in the dining room. All giving me weird and concern looks.

"You ok?" Christian whispers into my ear, as I sit back down next to him. I nod in reply. "My mom has gone to make you something." I nod again. "Sure you're ok?"

"Yeah. I'll be fine." In all honesty I am now more nervous than earlier. How do we tell them I'm pregnant?

"Right." Christian stands from his seat. "We have something to tell you." Oh no. I try to tug Christian's hand to make him sit back down but he squeezes may hand as in saying it'll be ok.

"Ana and I. Are expecting a baby." There he's said it. I blush and look down into my lap. Well it was best that he said it. Kate kept staring at me trying to force me to open up which made me more nervous. Silence fills the room. I can tell Carrick is smiling as well as Grace as she places my food in front of me, but Kate, Elliot and Mia haven't said anything yet. Christian sits back down and clasps my hands in his, giving me a reassuring look.

"What? How? When? What?" is all Kate good stutter out.

"Oh yay! I'm going to be an aunty!" Mia cheers out.

"Well I think most definitely proves you aren't gay my little bro. Well done. Awesome! I'm gonna be an uncle." Elliot congratulates us. Grace and Carrick are still sitting there smiling at us. They don't need to say anything. They already have. Kate just continues to stare at me so I look away.

I can see it in Kate's eyes that she is shocked ad I know she will interrogate me later.

"Congratulations." Kate finally says, smiling at us both. Christian smiles back at everyone and looks at me. Lifts my chin, and gives me a quick kiss on the lips. I smile back at him and everyone. Great. Now to tell my parents. With that all done we continue our meal.

Luckily, during dinner Elliot didn't say anything to me about the earlier incident. But now we are all sitting and drinking and he keeps winking at me. I snuggle up close to Christian. I can't hide this blush no matter what. Everyone is in their own conversation, chatting away to each other.

"What's the matter?" Christian whispers down to me.

"Elliot keeps making me blush." I knew I should have said that differently. "I mean, he keeps winking at me. I guess it's about earlier on." And on queue he does it again, only this time in front of Christian.

"Elliot. Want to stop winking at my wife."

"Hey. Just my way of complimenting." He giggles, and Kate slaps him on the thigh. Christian is giving him the most unpleasant look I have ever seen.

"Come on now. Nothing happened" Elliot says, holding his hands up in defence.

"Keep looking at my wife like that and I won't pay you the fortune you are charging me."

"Hey. Now I didn't mean anything." Elliot replies. Knowing that he will lose a lot of money very soon. "Look, I'm sorry, Ana. But even I don't walk into Kate like that and it was a nice surprise." He sniggers. Christian gives him the death glare and Kate slaps him twice as hard on the thigh. "Ow! Jeez, alright, alright. I'm sorry for winking at you, Ana."

"It's ok. Was a surprise to me too." I giggle back at him, he smiles back and all is forgotten, well, Christian seems to have held me a lot closer. Does he really think he will really lose me to his brother? Oh well. I snuggle against him and rest my head on his chest. I am so tired even though I slept in really late. And all too soon my eyes become heavy and I drift into a pleasant sleep.

It really has been a normal day.

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