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Maternity leave started off nice and relaxing but then quickly got uncomfortable. Christian has been loving and attentive. Going back to the playroom has been put off because my back has been killing me. Grace put me on bed rest for 3 days. I almost went insane I think. If it wasn't for Kate coming round every day Christian would be dead by now.

My mood swings have been like a roller coaster. I snapped at him the other day for making me a caramel hot chocolate and not a normal one. Then I burst into tears and constantly apologising for the whole day. How he has been putting up with me is beyond my understanding. I know he's been working with Elliot on getting an indoor pool build in the gym down in the den and a few mergers at work but he's been trying to keep his distance I think. Now that constant fear of him getting fed up of me and leaving has been pushing its way to the front of my mind. It's more and more difficult to push back.

It's now April 1st. I'm told Elliot tries to play pranks on someone each year but apparently he's got two people on his list. Kate and myself. I've already decided to stay in the house. I know that if he tries something I will go nuclear on him. Never mind Christian. He wouldn't want to go near me for a very long time.

So at the moment I am walking, waddling is more like it, around the house looking for something to do. Sawyer and Taylor have hidden themselves away in their office and Christian; well I better go look for him.

It being a Sunday we are going to Bellevue for a family roast dinner. Carrick has been busy working on something big which Christian won't tell me about. Actually, he's been keeping something from for a while. He's been double locking doors and windows. Our security has stayed the same, as far as I know. But I can't help but feel like something is going on.

I am distracted from my thoughts when I hear Christian shouting from his office.

"Well fucking make sure it doesn't happen!...I don't care!...That is not an option!" He yells down his phone and hangs up, tossing it on his desk. I knock on the lightly, wary of what he might do next.
"What?!" He snaps. He turns in his chair and sees me, his eyes soften.
"Sorry baby." He lets out a sign of frustration and rests his head in his hand which is propped up on the desk edge. I walk over to him quietly, rubbing my bump as I go, and just stand in front of him. I don't want to sit on his lap in case I hurt him.

I don't say a word. I just grab his hand and place it to where Blip is kicking. A smile spreads across his face instantly.
"Blip is saying 'Daddy. Tell us what's wrong?'" I murmur. Christian pulls me into his lap and nuzzles my hair, inhaling my scent.

"Oh, Ana. I don't know what to do." He tells me, resting his head on my shoulder. I raise my hand to his cheek and he leans into it.

"Tell me what's wrong. We promised to be open with each other. And if you don't, this one will make me snap at you which is something I do not enjoy at all."

"You're right." He chuckles, and caresses my bump. "There's just something that I can't seem to get control over. Something that I need control over. I need to keep you safe. Both of you."

"Christian, are we being threatened?" I ask. He nods.
"By who?"

"I don't want to say."



"Please?" I bring his face so our eyes meet and I can see his fear.

"The court has been revaluating Hyde's case." He says. I freeze in his lap. "Ana, baby, breathe."

"Sorry. Did you say...Hyde?" I ask. He can't be serious!

"Yes. But don't worry about a thing. My dad is making sure that he won't get out or make another bail. Nothing."

"Christian...I can't..but..."

"Baby. Nothing and I mean nothing will happen. I will keep safe, both of you. If I have to fly you out of the country I will. But please, don't worry about it."

"I'll try. But if I have a panic attack..."

"You won't. But you won't be on your own."

"I know. I haven't been on my own since I went on leave."

"Which I am loving so much."

"Sure I'm not driving you insane?"

" No. Never. In fact...there are some great benefits with you being at home a lot." He murmurs seductively.

"Christian..." I say sternly. I'm starting to get worked up on Hyde. Last time I saw him...No!

"Please, Ana. Don't think about it. Come. Let's get ready to go." He says. Setting me to my feet, he takes my hand and leads me upstairs.

The drive to Bellevue is silent. I look over to Christian and he is staring out the window, deep in thought. I know he's worried, angry even, but I wish I could snap him out of his mood. Our hands entwined with each other the whole time; he skims his thumb over my knuckles then he plays with my rings. It's a habit he's picked up when he's either stressed, worried or angry, sometimes all three.

Grace and Carrick are standing at the front door waiting for us. Christian jumps out of the car and is quick to my side.

"Mrs Grey." He offers his hand to me and smiles brightly he could light up the drive way.

"Thank you, Mr Grey." I reply with a giggle. "Hang on. This may take a while." I mumble as I shuffle to the edge of the seat.

"Come here." Christian leans in and lifts me in his arms.

"Christian...you don't need t..."

"Ana. What have I said? I don't mind."

"I know." I nuzzle my nose against his and kiss his lips. I catch a glimpse of Carrick and Grace smiling fondly at us as we approach the top of the steps.

"Hello you two love birds." Grace chimes, embracing me in a warm hug then moves over to Christian.

"Mom. Dad."

"Come on in you two. Everyone is almost here." Carrick says, leading us into the house.

"I'll be there in a bit, dad." Christian says, just before I catch his arm.


"Don't worry, baby. Just talking to Taylor for a moment." He explains, kissing my head he disappears with Taylor.

"Come inside, Ana." Grace takes my arm and helps me in. "Would you like some tea, sweetheart?" She asks, taking my coat from me.


"OK. I'll bring it to you. Go sit down." She smiles at me leaving me on my own in the foyer. I wonder where Carrick went? Normally he says when he's leaving the room. I make my way to the family room and I am greeted by Kate and Elliot.

"Steel!" Kate shouts, a little too loudly for Elliot's ears.

"Kate, not so loud." He moans.

"Oh shut up you big baby. Come here Ana." She pulls me into a tight hug.

"Hi, Kate. Would you mind letting go. Can't breathe."

"Oh sorry. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever."

"You saw her the other day for crying out loud!" Elliot exclaims a little too loudly.

"So! That's forever for me!"

"Ok, calm down, Kate." I try to calm her down by hugging her again.

"So where's my baby brother?" Elliot interjects.

"I don't know. He kind of disappeared to talk with Taylor. Even your dad disappeared when I came in." I explain. Elliot frowns a little then leaves the room.
"What the hell is going on?!" I shout.

"Ana. Calm down." Kate insists.

"No, Kate. Something is being kept from me and I can't take it anymore!"

"Ana?" Grace power walks into the room and to my side. Her face full of concern.

"I'm ok. I'm fed up of people not telling me what's going on." I explain. I march out of the family room in search of my husband. I know he told me about Hyde but I can't shift this feeling. Like something big is about to happen. Grace leads us to Carrick's study and low and behold. All the Grey men are here.

"Someone care to tell me what's going on?" I say firmly, making my presence known.

"Ana? What's wrong?" Christian asks. Oh, no you don't.

"Christian, tell me what's going on? Stop keeping things from me. I know something is up, so tell me." I order, staring directly into his concerning, gray eyes. He lets out a frustrated sigh and looks over his shoulder to the others. I notice Taylor and Carrick nod their heads. What?!

"Baby, come sit down."

"No, Christian." I can see it in his eyes. He's losing control of something and me.

"Ana. It's Hyde." His name strikes me. My eyes widen in shock and fear. "He escaped from prison."


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