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Christian's POV

Ana is a week overdue. We're in the start of May and my little man hasn't made an appearance yet. I'm getting fucking frustrated and annoyed. If anything, worried. Mom keeps saying that this can happen to first time mothers but I'm not buying it. I think I've convinced myself something is wrong.

Ana is so uncomfortable it breaks my heart. Her moods have been up and down like a rollercoaster and it's driving me nuts. She can't lay still for more than 5 minutes so she's tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and nothing seems to work for her except laying on her side with me holding her. Since we've past the due date I put a hold on sex. I don't want to hurt her so I've backed off. As hard as it is I'm only thinking of Ana. Even worse that she's horny almost 24/7!

We're still at Escala as Ana doesn't want to move anywhere far from the bed. At the moment she is still sleeping, curled up in my arms on her side. Even heavily pregnant she is still sexy to me.

I'm careful not to wake her as I pull away from her and cover her up. I need to work out to get rid of this frustration. If Ana can't have pleasure then neither can I. I stand by that.

Down in the gym Taylor is already working out.

"Morning, Sir." He says, coming off the treadmill after doing a fast run.

"Morning." I jump onto the one next to him.

"How is Mrs Grey?" Everyone is getting worried now as well as me.

"Still sleeping. Do you think something is wrong with her or the baby?" I ask, starting a slow pace.

"I'm sure everything is fine, Sir. Maybe the baby just wants to make a grand entrance." He jokes, which makes me chuff to myself.

"Maybe. Let's just hope he shows up soon. I hate seeing Ana like this."

"We all do, Sir. If I may say so Sir? I believe she is as just has anxious as us." He adds.

"Wouldn't surprise me. You up for a round?" I ask, referring to some kick boxing.

Ana's POV

That was the best sleep I've had in days. Christian and I finally found a position I was comfortable in and could finally rest.

I pull the covers up to my face expecting Christian to wrap his arms around me tighter but nothing. Rolling onto my back I find I'm alone. The gym. I can't blame him, but I can't exactly do anything to help myself.

I sit up slowly and push myself against the headboard. My hands instantly start rubbing my bump.

"Come on, Teddy. Why won't you show your gorgeous face?" I mumble to him. I am so uncomfortable there is no word to describe it. I'm hornier than I have ever been. Hungry all the time and it doesn't help that Teddy when starts dancing on my bladder I can't stand up properly. It's getting more and more difficult to stand on my own or even walk more than 15 minutes.

Today Grace and Kate and coming round to pamper me. As if they haven't done enough. But today feels different. Like maybe Teddy will make an appearance. God I hope so!

"Morning, baby." Christian smiles, striding in all hot and sweaty from his work out. Oh I want him so bad!

"Morning." I smile back, he leans down and kisses me tenderly on the lips then down to my bump.

"You going to show your face today big guy?" I asks, getting a reply with a swift kick.
"How you feeling?"

"Tired, but hungry more than anything else." I reply, making my way to move the covers to get out of bed.

"Let me help you. Sofa or table?" He asks.

"I would prefer the sofa. Much more comfy." I reply. I hold tight to his hands as he pulls me up.
"Hand me my robe?" I ask which he quickly grabs and helps me put on.

"Want a hand out or will you be ok?" He asks. I know he doesn't want me to leave his sight in case my water breaks, but it's not like Blip is gonna just pop out the moment it does break.

"I'll be ok, Christian." I giggle. He smiles and goes for his shower.

As I walk into the great room I can smell a feast being made.

"Morning, Gail. Everything you are making right now smells fantastic!" I exclaim.

"Thank you, Ana. Cup of tea?"

"Please." I reply. Taylor comes out of nowhere and pulls my chair out for me.
"Oh. Thank you, Taylor. Where did you appear from?"

"I was just checking the service stairs, Ana."

"Everything ok?"

"Of course. Just routine. Mr Grey and I used it on the way back up after our workout."

"Oh. That would explain it." I smile. Gail comes over with my tea and a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, beans and tomatoes. Plus a bowl a of fruit and a yoghurt.
"Thanks, Gail."

"You really need to stop thanking me." She adds.

"But you make and do so much for me."

"It's my pleasure. Besides you are hungry a lot lately so it keeps me busy." She smiles and heads back to the kitchen. Taylor has disappeared into his office and I can hear Christian on his cell as he walks out of the bedroom.

"What time?...Ok, that should be fine...No we don't need anything...ok thanks, mom." Christian ends the call and sits down next to me.
"My mom just checking in and asking about a time to come round." He explains.

"When ever really. I'm not exactly going anywhere myself for a while." I smirk.

"Well she said her and Kate are going to come round mid day. So after lunch if that's ok with you."

"Of course it is." I mumble with my mouth full of eggs.

After breakfast I go for a nice, long, relaxing soak in the bath. With Christian's help of course. Right now he is at the end of the tub massaging my feet. Every time he reaches or hits the right spot I can't help but wriggle and arch my back a little.

"Relax, baby." He whispers.

"I am but I want more." I am eager for him.

"I know. So do I but not now."


"Please, Ana. I mean what I said. I don't want to hurt you."

"But you won't. You'll make me feel fantastic." I smile as sexy as I can but it doesn't work. He's definitely sticking by what he said.
"Fine." I huff and cross my arms over my bump.

"Don't be like that, Ana. Just imagine how great it will feel after the baby is born." He has a point there. My eyes meet mine and they are full of promise.

"I think I should get out now." I suggest looking at how wrinkly my skin is becoming.

I'm dried and dressed and I'm as fresh as I am going to get. Grace and Kate have arrived and are waiting in the great room. Christian helped me into a light, mid-length dress. Dresses seem to be the only thing that feel comfy on me at the moment. Christian isn't complaining. He's always telling me how beautiful I look which makes me feel a lot better.

"Oh, Ana. Don't you look lovely. How are you feeling today?" Grace asks, standing from her seat to help me sit down.

"I'm fine. Tired but fine."

"You look like you're about to pop, Ana." Kate mutters.

"I feel it if I'm being honest. I'm so uncomfortable it's unreal." I reply, leaning back into the sofa.
"So where's Mia? I'm surprised she didn't come."

"She's been really busy lately. But she sends her love." Grace tells me.

"Oh well. So what do you two have planned them?" I ask. I notice Kate pulling a bag round from behind her chair.

"How does a foot massage sound?" She smiles. "Maybe paint your nails?"

"That sounds wonderful. Christian has been giving me so many massages lately." I smile. I catch on the corner of my eye Grace smiling brightly over towards Christian's direction just as he walks in. He notices and stops in his tracks.

"Mom? Everything ok?" He looks almost scared by her smile.

"Oh nothing darling. Just glad to hear you're taking good care of Ana."

"That's all I ever want to do." He replies and I blush. He can be so sweet when he wants to be. It's rare in front of Grace and Carrick.

Gail eventually joins us after we convince her to take a break. She kindly made some fruity drinks which were amazing and some small snacks that didn't exactly last very long with me.

Christian went to GEH for a couple of hours to check on things and is due back any minute. With my nails painted and dried, Kate gets to work Grace. I have a fancy for something crazy to eat but not sure what. With Gail's help I get to my feet and waddle to the kitchen.

"Are you sure you don't want me to make you anything, Ana?" Gail asks.

"Please, Gail. I'm fine. Besides all I do is sit and I needed to walk around for a bit."

"Ok. If you need help..."

"I know, I know. Thank you though."

I open the fridge and look at what we have. Something crazy. Marmite with PB and J. Sounds simple to me though. Marmite tastes to good right now but I bet when Blip is born it will taste foul like it usually does.

I'm busy making my sandwich when Christian walks in.
"Ana? What are you making? You should have gotten..." I stop him mid sentence.

"I am making myself a sandwich and I also wanted to stand for a bit." I reply. He walks round to me and kisses my cheek.

"Ok, baby. I see you managed to get Gail involved."

"She looked lonely and I enjoy her company." I smile. "Plus she had nothing else to do anyway."

"Fair enough." He places his hands on my hips and nibbles at my ear lobe.

"I thought you said..."

"I know what I said but it doesn't mean I can't show you how much I love and need you."

"I need you too." I whisper as I turn my gaze up to his. He catches my lips and my mind is lost for a moment.

Just as I get into our kiss I feel a strange feeling. I'm not sure how to describe it but when I look down I am speechless.

"Christian..." I say, grabbing his shirt and pointing to the floor.

"Your water broke?!" He practically yells.

"What?!" Kate and Grace shout in unison. All three of them jumping and running over to me.

"Ok, Ana. How do you feel?" Grace asks me, trying to stay calm but the smile on her face his too big to hide.

"Well at the moment I'm..." Oh here we go. First contraction. I clench my hand onto Christian's tight.
"That wasn't too bad." I laugh.

"They get worse honey. We need to get you to the hospital." She says calmly. Gail has already got the hospital bag on her. Kate has hers and Graces coats and bags.

"Taylor. Bring the car round." Christian orders. Taylor must have come through when he saw on the CCTV that my water broke. He always just seems to appear.

Christian helps me put my shoes and coat on and just as we enter the elevator I have another contraction.

"Breathe, Ana, breathe." Grace encourages. Showing me how to control the pain. The moment I start copying her I begin to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Christian asks, holding me up right.

"I don't know!" I laugh out, while still copying Grace. Finally calming back down and my laughing ceased for now the ride down is silent and then we all start laughing. Strange I know.

Grace insisted riding with Christian and I while Kate and Gail go with Sawyer. I'm sitting in the middle of Christian and Grace. My head in Christian's arms and legs on Grace. Not the best way to ride in the back of the SUV but I am still riding through another contraction.

Taylor is fast yet careful driving through Seattle to the hospital. Grace called ahead so Dr. Greene will be waiting for us.

Christian is stroking my hair from my face trying to keep me cool. When did it get so hot? Grace shows me how to breathe again helping me in control once more. This is only going to get harder.

We arrive at the hospital just as I begin to have another contraction. Squeezing Christian's hand tight I try not to let out a cry. Shit! This hurts so much. Once I ride the contraction through I'm already on a bed being moved to a private room. Christian and Grace both close to my sides. Kate and Gail not far behind.

All I can focus on is my breathing. Having Grace with us I let her talk to the doctors. She understands what they're saying I don't and doubt Christian is paying them any attention either at the moment. I'm dressed into a horrid hospital gown and made comfy in the bed. Christian insisted on getting me a lot of pillows and he keeps fluffing them up, making sure I stay comfortable at all times. How can I be comfortable at a time like this?

"Christian? You know I love right?" I breathe out, dropping my head back into the pillow he just fluffed for the hundredth time.

"Well I should hope you do. Why do you ask?"

"You're kind of getting a little on my nervous with all these pillows."

"I just want you to be comfortable."

"I know but please. Calm down. You're not the one who will have to push a baby out of your body."

"Good point, well made. I'll try to back off but is there anything you need?"

"Ice chips?"

"Coming right up." He smiles, kisses my forehead and leaves. I have about a minute on my own till Kate comes wondering in.

"Elliot is just on his way and he picked up Mia too." She informs me and sits on the chair next to me.

"Thanks Kate." I smile softly at her. We sit in silence for a bit just as she dabs a cold, damp cloth around my face.

"That ok?" She asks and I can only nod and smile.

"Oh god." I groan just as I start to have another contraction. Kate quickly grabs my hand and helps me with my breathing too.
"It hurts, Kate. It really hurts." Just as it slowly passes Christian comes back.


"Christian." I start to cry a little. "Christian get me the gas. The drugs. Anything!"

"Hey, calm down. Dr. Greene is just on her way now." He comforts me as best as he can. As if on cue, Dr. Greene walks in.

"How are we doing, Ana?" She smiles. I give her a look of where I want to punch a wall.

"Can I have the gas?" I cry, and all too quickly another contraction hits me.

"Hang in there baby." Christian rubs my back and Kate still holds my hand.

"How often are your contractions now, Ana?" Dr. Greene asks.

"Every other few minutes. They've started picking up a bit too but then slow down again." Christian replies for me. I drop my head back and close my eyes. I so want to sleep but my body is against it.

"I'll come back in half an hour to see how you're doing." She replies while writing something on my chart. But my gas?! I sulk.

It's now been 5 hours and Teddy is a no show.

"You've still got a long way to go, Ana." Dr. Greene informs us, just after she checks how far dilated I am.

"Is there anything you can do to speed this up?" Typical Christian.

"Sorry, Mr Grey. But you can't rush natures course. Baby Grey will show when he's good and ready." She replies and is giving Christian a look that almost says he's an idiot. When she leaves us alone I can't help but laugh at her expression.

"What?" Christian leans forward into the bed from his chair and kisses my hand.

"Just the look she was giving you." I giggle lazily.

"I know. But can you blame me? You're a week overdue. And I hate seeing you in pain."

"It'll be worth it." I reply. "I just want to sleep. This is tiring."

"I know, baby, I know." He murmurs softly into my hand and kisses it again.

All I know is that most of the Grey family are waiting outside along with security. Grace pops in most to check on me and talks to Dr. Greene when she shows. When Mia and Elliot eventually turned up it turned out that she had to get me and Christian a medium sized rabbit teddy and a basket with all kinds of sweet foods.

Everyone is so excited but so tired. Who ever said this was going to be easy? I sure as hell didn't and I'm the one laying here. Elliot has made some efforts to makes us laugh and it's worked most of the time but I'm just too tired. How much longer?

"Christian, will you just pull him out for me" I ask, half dazed.

"Ha, ha. I wish I could just make him appear without you going through all this." He smiles. His eyes are barely open just like mine. He clasps my hand in his and kisses my knuckles and holds it close to his cheek.

I am roasting! I continue to sweat no matter what. Each contraction is getting stronger and stronger. I think I snapped at someone at one point but I can't remember who or what I said. I hope no one is taking what I say too seriously, well when I'm snapping I mean. I do really want the drugs. I have never been in pain like this before.

Dr. Greene walks in, takes a look at my chart and smiles at me. I am motionless. My face blank and I have no energy. She's starting to piss me off and from the feeling I'm getting, so it Christian.

"How are you feeling, Ana?" She asks.

"Tired." I sigh. So, so tired. "And hot." Christian starts dabbing my face with a fresh, damp face cloth.

"Well, here's hoping baby Grey won't keep us waiting much longer." She adds and leaves once more.

"Can I get you anything, baby?"

"Some more ice chips?"

"Coming right up." He's about to stand but I hold his hand tight. "Do you want them or not?"

"Yes, but get someone else to get them. I don't want you leaving me."

"I'm not going anywhere, baby." He smiles softly and kisses my forehead. "Sawyer." He calls.

"Yes, Sir." As he enters he stands tall but gives me a sympathetic look and smile as best as I can.

"Would you mind getting, Mrs Grey, some ice chips?"

"Of course. Anything for you, Sir?" He asks, always thinking of others.

"No, I'..."

"Christian." I say sternly. "Can you get him a coffee please?" Sawyer looks to Christian, passing a look for permission.

"If you wouldn't mind?" Christian gives in.

"My pleasure." Sawyer leaves and Mia and Ethan walk in.

"Hey guys." Mia smiles and comes to my Christian free side. Ethan stays standing at the end of the bed.

"How you feeling, Ana?" Ethan asks. I give him a glare.

"Um, Ethan. You might want to avoid that question from now on." Mia says for me.

"Fair point." He smirks.

"Did the doctor say how far along you are?" Mia asks both myself and Christian.

"She's not really saying much but just asking the one question everyone is asking." I say with annoyance and drop my head back onto the pillow, with my arm holding the cloth over my eyes.

"It's starting to piss me off." Christian mutters.

"Well mom knows so I guess it's just less stress for you two." She adds.

"But not knowing is fucking annoying." Christian says again, but a little louder.

"Christian Grey. Watch your mouth." Grace scolds him. She moves so she is standing behind Christian with her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, darling. You are doing perfectly fine." She smiles and here we go again.

"Christian." I call as another contraction hits me. Harder than I've felt.

"Let's get you some Pitocin. Helps things move forward a bit more." Grace smiles.

"I would love that." I cry and laugh at the same time.

13 hours. The longest 13 hours of my life.

"Ana?" Kate says my name softly. I open my eyes and she's sitting in the bed next to me.

"Was I asleep?" I ask, curious myself.

"Yeah. But only for a few minutes though." She tells me. She has sympathy in her eyes. Oh for heavens sake! I'm giving birth not dying!

"I want to sleep for a whole week now." I giggle and she joins me. I look around the room and it's just us.
"Where's Christian?"

"He's just gone to the toilet. He'll be back soon. Asked me to keep an eye on you."

"Really?" I ask, in disbelief.

"Yeah. I know. I was exactly the same as you. Even Elliot looked worried."

"He's just as tired as I am. He's been waiting for this day for ages." I rub my bump. Come on Blip.

"We all have." She smiles so excited and grabs my hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. "If I'm honest..." She holds her breath. "I'm surprised you got this far in the pregnancy."

"Why?" I'm shocked.

"I mean, look at what you two, you three, have through already and he's not even born yet. You could have lost the baby on so many occasions but you didn't. You really are amazing Ana."

"Oh, Kate." I sob and hold my arms out inviting her for a hug. "You're right. We've all been through so much shit. I guess luck is just on our side with the pregnancy." I chuff. "But something else is bound to happen." I add.

"Ana, don't think like that." Oh my ever loving husband returns.

"Well just think about it." I say to him. He sits back down in the chair and drops his head into his hands and through his hair. He's warn out. I know he doesn't like waiting around and this must be torture for him.

"Let's just think about this little guy coming out and showing his face, yeah?" Kate adds, placing her hand on my bump.

"Yeah. I guess you're right." He lifts his head and rests a hand on my bump. He sounds exhausted just like me.

"How are you feeling, Christian?" I turn the tables.

"I'm frustrated and tired. I'm almost sick with worry as to why this is taking so long. I mean, I hate seeing you in pain and it's because of me."

"Oh Christian. This is not your fault!"

"Well it kind of is." Kate mutters.

"Well yeah she's right, but we both have a part to play in this. Just think about the future and how happy we will be." I smile to him, running my fingers through his hair. He smiles.

"I love you, Ana." He says and leans up to kiss me on the lips, just as everything tightens once more.

"Mrs. Grey, you've been in labor for fifteen hours now. Your contractions have slowed in spite of the Pitocin. We need to do a C-section - the baby is in distress." Dr. Greene is adamant.

"About fucking time!" Christian growls at her. Dr. Greene ignores him.

"Christian, quiet." I squeeze his hand. My voice is low and weak and everything is fuzzy - the walls, the machines, the green-gowned people...I just want to go to sleep. But I have something important to do first ...Oh yes. "I wanted to push him out myself."

"Mrs. Grey, please. C-section."

"Please, Ana." Christian pleads.

"Can I sleep then?"

"Yes, baby, yes." It's almost a sob, and Christian kisses my forehead.

"I want to see the Lil' Blip."

"You will."

"Okay," I whisper.

"Finally," Dr. Greene mutters. "Nurse, page the anesthesiologist. Dr. Miller, prep for a C-section. Mrs. Grey, we are going to move you to the OR."

"Move?" Christian and I speak at once.

"Yes. Now."

And suddenly we're moving . . . quickly, the lights on the ceiling blurring into one long bright strip as I'm whisked across the corridor.

"Mr. Grey, you'll need to change into scrubs."


"Now, Mr. Grey."

He squeezes my hand and releases me.

"Christian," I call, panic setting in.

We are through another set of doors, and in no time a nurse is setting up a screen across my chest ...The door opens and closes, and there's so many people in the room. It's so loud...I want to go home.

"Christian?" I search the faces in the room for my husband.

"He'll be with you in a moment, Mrs. Grey."

A moment later, he's beside me, in blue scrubs. I reach for his hand.

"I'm frightened," I whisper.

"No, baby, no. I'm here. Don't be frightened. Not my strong Ana."

He kisses my forehead, and I can tell by the tone of his voice that something's wrong.

"What is it?"


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine. Baby, you're just exhausted."

His eyes burn with fear.

"Mrs. Grey, the anesthesiologist is here. He's going to adjust your epidural and then we can proceed."

"She's having another contraction."

Everything tightens like a steel band around my belly. Shit! I crush Christian's hand as I ride it out. This is what's tiring - enduring this pain. I am so tired. I can feel the numbing liquid spread...spread down. I concentrate on Christian's face. On the furrow between his brows. He's tense. He's worried. Why is he worried?

"Can you feel this, Mrs. Grey?" Dr. Greene's disembodied voice is coming from behind the curtain.

"Feel what?"

"You can't feel it."


"Good. Dr. Miller, let's go."

"You're doing well, Ana."

Christian is pale. There is sweat on his brow. He's scared. Don't be scared, Christian. Don't be scared.

"I love you," I whisper.

"Oh Ana," he sobs. "I love you, too, so much."

I feel a strange pulling deep inside. Like nothing I've felt before. Christian looks over the screen and blanches, but stares, fascinated.

"What's happening?"

"Suction! Good..."

Suddenly, there's a piercing angry cry.

"You have a boy, Mrs. Grey. Check his Apgar."

"Apgar is nine."

"Can I see him?" I gasp.

Christian disappears from view for a second and reappears a moment later, holding my son, swathed in blue. His face is pink, and covered in white mush and blood. My baby. My Blip...Theodore Raymond Grey.

When I glance at Christian, he has tears in his eyes.

"Here's your son, Mrs. Grey," he whispers, his voice strained and hoarse.

"Our son," I breathe. "He's beautiful."

"He is," Christian says and plants a kiss on our beautiful boy's forehead beneath a shock of dark hair. Theodore Raymond Grey is oblivious. Eyes closed, his earlier crying forgotten, he's asleep. He is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. So beautiful, I begin to weep.

"Thank you, Ana," Christian whispers, and there are tears in his eyes too.

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