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Chapter 1

The Spirit Slasher

Danny Phantom smiles as he flies through the Ghost Zone. It's been 4 months since he saved the world from the Dis-Asteroid and revealed his secret identity to the world. Things have changed since then. Dash started to treat him better. Lancer stopped giving him a hard time, but he didn't always take 'fighting ghosts' as an excuse for being late. Vlad Masters AKA Vlad Plasmius hasn't been seen since he tried to phase the asteroid and Jack left him in space. Best of all, Danny and Sam were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Danny has also gotten stronger and improved his ghost powers. His ghost rays got a little stronger when he saw they were a little brighter than usual. He improved his ghostly ice so much that now he can create weapons out of ice just like Frostbite. He even got the hang of his Ghostly Wail so that now he only uses 5% of his energy when he uses it and it's still just as strong when he used it against his evil self. The problem is if he uses it twice he goes back to his human form, so he can only use it once every couple of hours. But he still can't seem to get the hang of duplication.

Yesterday, Sam found a book that told of a ghost sword similar to the Soul Shredder called the Spirit Slasher. According to legend, this sword is the same one used by the Shinto God of the sea, Susanoo, to slay the 8-headed dragon Yamata no Orochi. It was then given to his most trusted Samurai, who would guard it after he died, waiting for a new warrior to wield the blade. Unlike the Soul Shredder, which is used by the evil Fright Knight, this weapon is meant to be wielded by great heroes and it will go to a new wielder when the samurai believes it has been earned. When Danny read this, he decided to go after the sword to help him fight ghosts. Plus, he was sure the sword would make him more powerful, considering the Fright Knight gets most of his power from his weapon, the Soul Shredder.

Danny noticed the temple he was looking for was deep in the Ghost Zone, since he passed by the Ghost King's castle. He was flying for another 10 minutes when he reached his destination. The Torri was green with a blue glow to it. The Sando was a flat glowing lane of white light with green flaming Toros on the side. The Haiden was purple with a glowing white outline. The Honden was blue with a green aura around it. (1)

Danny landed on the Sando and started to walk down it. As he entered the Haiden, he could see paintings of Susanoo on the walls. He exited the Haiden and entered the Honden. When he saw the inside, he was surprised. On every wall, there were katanas mounted everywhere.

He wondered, "Which one is it?"

A voice said, "You must choose, but choose carefully."

Danny turned around and saw a ghost dressed as a samurai. Parts of his armor were green and blue. He had green eyes shown under his helmet. He reminded Danny of the Fright Knight a little.

Danny asked, "What do you mean?"

He replied, "The True Spirit Slasher will give you power, the false one will take it from you."

Danny looked back at the walls and stared at the swords. Some of them were in different colors, or had different inscriptions marked on the blades. After a while he saw one that stood out from the others. The whole sword was green, the blade, the cross guard, everything, just like the Soul Shredder. An inscription on the side of the blade read 'Susanoo' in Japanese. The blade was around 3 feet long. He slowly led his hand to the handle of the sword. He grasped it, closed his eyes, and lifted the sword. When nothing happened, he opened his eyes, and saw the sword emitting a blue aura.

The samurai ghost said, "You have chosen correctly. The Spirit Slasher is yours to wield. But be warned: it must never be used for evil deeds."

Danny nodded as he held the sword in both hands. He heard a humming sound as he looked down and saw a black scabbard materialize on the left side of his belt. He smiled as he slid the blade into his scabbard.

He walked out of the Honden and exited the temple. He was flying back when he felt his ghost sense go off.

'Oh no, not now.' he thought.

He was taken out of thought when he saw a blue ghost ray zoomed past his face. He turned around and saw Skulker flying toward him.

"This time, your mine, ghost boy!" he bellowed.

Danny turned around and started to fly away. A second later, something latched onto his back and he was shocked with a thousand volts of electricity. He screamed in pain as the electricity surged though his body.

After a moment, the pain ended and he floated there, exhausted. He saw Skulker approaching him quickly. He knew he didn't have enough energy to reach the Fenton Portal. His best bet was to fly through the Ghost Zone and go through the first portal he could find.

As he started to fly, he looked back and saw Skulker was nearly upon him. He turned around and fired ghost rays at him. The attack managed to damage his armor and slow him down.

Danny took the chance and flew away from Skulker. As he flew through the Ghost Zone, he couldn't find one way out. After what seemed like forever, he looked to his right and found a portal.

Danny floated in front of the portal, worried about where, or even worse, when it would take him. Before he could decide, Skulker tackled him, sending them both into the portal. Danny managed to loosen his grip on him and broke free right before coming out the other end. He stood up and saw the portal disappear. He saw he was way up high in the sky. He flew to Skulker and punched him in the face.

Danny and Skulker have an all-out fist fight. After that, Danny flies away to find a place to land. He flew over a mountain range and landed in a forest. The first thing he noticed was the trees didn't look modern. Before he could take in anymore of his surroundings, Skulker landed behind him and kicked him, sending him plowing through a tree, breaking it in half. He got up, created a snow ball, and threw it at Skulker, encasing him in ice. It wasn't long before he broke out and sent big pieces of ice everywhere. A gun came out of his arm and he tried to shoot at Danny.

Danny ran as he tried to dodge the ghost rays. It wasn't long before he got hit, sending him into another tree. He stood up and tried to fly away, but Skulker appeared in front of him and punched him into the ground, making a big crater on impact.

Danny tried to get up, but he was so exhausted. Skulker landed in front of him and said, "As much as I want to get rid of you, you've damaged my armor far too much. You better be gone when I get back, you little whelp." He flew away after that.

Danny was in so much pain that there was no way he could move. He closed his eyes and fell into unconsciousness.

The temple is based on the layout of a Shinto Shrine found here on this page. ( wiki/Shinto_shrine) Go there to see what it looks like.

If some of you are wondering why I chose the name 'Spirit Slasher' for the name of the sword, it was the best name I could think of. I thought of 'Banshee Blade' but Danny's Ghostly Wail is based on the scream of a banshee and the banshee originated from Ireland and I wanted the sword to look like a katana, so that one wasn't good. I thought of using the word 'specter' but they used that word way too much in the series. Besides, I like the name.

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