This is the first chapter of Love Circle. I would have wrote this earlier, but I'm cramming in a lot of mental ideas at ounce for my other stories. Plus, I would like to thank Evilo and Zombie for being so supportive in my efforts. And now, without further ado, here's Love Circle.

Chapter 1: The lovey-Dovey Beginning

It was a normal Thursday afternoon at Elmore Junior High. Everyone was in Miss Simian's class learning about who knows what when the bell rang. Everyone came running out to go do whatever plans they have except Gumball and Darwin, who were in detention because an earlier incident of them having a paper ball fight in the back of the class. They were sitting their idol-ly and bored out of their minds, until Darwin got up from his desk and went down to talk to Gumball. He sat (or stood) at the desk across from his brother and then began to speak.

"Hey bro, can I ask you a question?" ,he said nervously to his brother. "Sure dude, anything. So what's up?" Gumball asked. "Well…um, I have this 'friend' who really likes someone, but every time I'm… I mean he gets close to her he gets all fumbled in what he's trying to do." Gumball gave a look of realization that his brother was talking about himself. "Yeah. So what's the question?" Gumball asked. "Well, I was just wondering if you could tell me all the things you did to try to get Penny." "Oh, so you can tell this 'friend' of yours the technique to swaying a woman." Gumball said with much confidence. "No. So I can tell him what not to do to sway a woman." Darwin replied. "Well, if you need advice then you can always…..wait. What do you mean to tell him what not to do. I've wooed tons of girls before with my methods." Gumball said defending himself. "Dude. Not to rain on your fantasy parade, but you've never wooed a girl in your life; and the only time you did make girls like you, it wasn't you. It was Bobert dressed up like a more smooth and cooler you." "Hey! I can get a girl! I can get a girl just like that." "Well then" ,Darwin said "why don't you use your so called smooth moves and get Penny. That way you prove me and my friend wrong and you get the girl of your dreams." "W-well I w-would it just that I ….I…I….." "You don't have the confidence to do you. Well I should have known. You've known her for years and haven't even had a decent conversation with her yet." Gumball looked down embarrassed at the comment his brother said. "Don't worry man. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'll just say to him to be a little more confident in his approach. I'm sure he'll appreciate the advice." Darwin said.

Darwin got up from his chair and started to walk off when Gumball suddenly stepped in the way. "Now wait just a minute." Gumball said before Darwin walked off, " I do have confidence, I can get a girl, and I will ask Penny out! You watch and then tell this 'friend' of yours that my way is the right way." Gumball stormed out to prove that he could succeed in this task while Darwin stayed and drifted into his thought. 'I wonder if Gumball will actually go through with this. I wonder if he knew I was talking about me trying to talk to Carrie…..Oh well. I guess I'll just have to stand back and see how it plays out.' Darwin thought before he happily skipped to catch up with his brother.

Outside of school Penny and Masami were walking home together talking about how their day was. "So how did you feel that math test went?" Masami said to Penny. "Fine, but my mind was kind of distracted." She said. "By what?" "By the paper balls that Gumball was throwing everywhere in the back. Oh, I love how he likes to be himself; even if he gets in trouble for it." Penny said admiring Gumballs personality. "Yeah well, I like Darwin more. He's so kind and generous to others. He always helps you when you're down and always has a happy smile on his face. He's the one for me." Masami said to Penny. "Yeah," Penny said, "the only problem is that whenever he comes up to me he never can finish a sentence. I think Gumball's tried to ask me out many times, but he always changes the subject before he can. It like I'm the reason he can't ask me out on a date." Penny sighed and looked down at her books. Masami floated around her and stopped her in her tracks. "Look girl. Sometimes when you love someone, but they're too shy to do anything, you have to step up and make a move." "But I don't want to force him into anything that he's not ready for. And besides, he should ask me out when he feel prepared to." Penny said questioning Masani's plan. "But what if he's never ready? You would have been waiting your whole life for a question that may never be said. You have to make the first move before it's too late." Penny thought about it for a minute and then decided that she will make the first move. She will ask Gumball out on a date and then finally they would be together. "Thanks Masami. You really give out good advice." "No problem." Masami said to Penny. 'If only I could take my own words and use them for myself' Masami thought while they both walk their way home.

At Tobias's house Rachel was writing in her diary about how her day went.

Sept. 14, 2012- Dear diary, my day was amazing. I got an "A" in my chemistry class and I just made the volley ball team. Plus I was asked out by the coolest guy in my grade. It was so great ; he just came up to me and said "Do you want to go out." It was magical, at least it should have been. I just… I don't know. I just didn't feel like I was really thrilled that he asked me out. None the less, I guess I should be happy I'm going on a date. Even if it's with someone I feel I don't have a real connection too. In fact, there's only been one guy who I had a really real connection too, but he's only in 7th grade and I'm in 8th grade. It just wouldn't play out right. I mean, he's just a kid and I'm a responsible older women. What would my friends think if they saw me with a lower grade guy? It would ruin my popularity and everyone would think I'm a baby lover. I can't let that happen. I'll go out with the cool guy and maybe with some time I'll learn to love him. I hope. :

Rachel closed her dairy and put it back in its secret hiding place. She rolled over flat on her bed and looked up at the ceiling wondering if her choice of mind is right. "I hope I'm making the right choice." She said . "The right choice in what?" Tobias said from her door. "None of your business you annoying loser." She said. "You were talking about your date with your boyfriend weren't you?" "So what if I was. At least I have a date, unlike you who just sits around and does nothing all day." "Hey! It just so happens that I do have a girlfriend." Tobias yelled at his sister. "You mean Penny. The one who always rejects you. The one that doesn't like you in her presence. The one who loves Gumball and will never love you." "She may not like me yet, but tomorrow when we're at school I'll show Penny that I'm the one she should be with and not Gumball." "Sure, whatever you say dweeb. Now , get out of my room!" Tobias left saying that he would prove that he would get Penny's heart, no matter how long it takes.

Tomorrow was going to be an eventful day for everyone. But how it will play out is the question that will soon come.

So that's the first chapter of Love Circle. Sorry I didn't include Carrie in this chapter, but I just didn't see her trying to figure out what to do alone ya know. Especially if she is usually sad when she's alone. I promise that I'll add her in the next chapter, but until then see ya suckas. (0_0)

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