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It as only been a month since the day of the final battle. One torturous month, where everyone's true colors were revealed. Not a single person who he thought he could trust, was truthful to him in anyway. The day he found out the truth is the day he gave up on the Wizarding World. Those back stabbing bastards used him to get rid of Voldemort, and they repay him in such a way. It is disgracefully. Those idiots dared pull a stunt like that when they owed him a life debt.

So he sat and thought about what he is going to do. After a week of thinking over multiple things, he came to a decision. While those idiots took him for a weak misguided fool, he would get his revenge. How those idiots got the goblins on his side, he will never know. However, he knew how to fool those thieving goblins.

Goblins are smart. They can count money by sight alone. There are a lot of illusions that goblins can see through, but there is one kind that they can not. All it took was one visit to every vault in one day, to check on his belongings. He took a mental image of the vault, close the door, and took ever single thing in the vault. He sealed everything into his trunk, that took the shape of an emerald earring. With all the wards on the trunk-earing, it gave off a small green glow whenever the light hit it just right. Then he put the special illusion up, before signaling the goblin to open the door. The Goblins did not see through anything.

After taking everything from every vault, he took all of his deeds to Switzerland, where he sold them to the main wizarding bank there. He sold every property, including three-fourths ownership of Hogwarts. He got one-fourth by defeating Voldemort, the heir of Slytherin, one-fourth for being the direct descendant of Godric Gryffindor, and another one-fourth for destroying the diadem of Ravenclaw. All of the money he made by selling his property was given to charities around the world by an unknown benefactor.

This revenge is the best suited for his betrayers, who wanted to take every knut he owned. Now they will not get a single knut for anything. He could only hope that who ever bought Hogwarts would change the school around for the better. He even left a letter for the new owner on what needs to be fixed, and money to make sure that he would be able to keep muggleborns in the wizarding world.

Which brings him to the present, he is leaving this realm. He is not going to leave by ritual or some spell. He will leave the same way that Sirius did. He is going to walk through the veil. If he is to die this night, then so be it. If he ends up in another world, then he has more then enough wealth to support himself.

He is currently standing in the center of the Ministry of Magic. No one can see him. No one can see through the cloak that has pass down his family for many years. The twist and turns are all familiar as he makes his way to the room of the veil. The room where his last true loved one died. He remembers the path like it was yesterday when he wad running from the Deatheaters.

It is like he is in a daze moving through the rooms. Before he even knew he was there, he was in front of the veil.

The veil of the dead. To someone who has not seen death, it looks like a simple archway. It is not like that to someone who has seen death. It looks like a silky silver pond that is always moving. If listening carefully and closely enough, whispers can be heard coming out of the veil. The whispers are not in a language he has ever heard before. It is something older then anything anyone has ever heard in this time.

He moved closer to the veil. He felt scared of what lays beyond the veil. What could happen to him? Will it hurt? Will he finally get peace? Questions raced through him mind, but his decision is set. He can not stay here. He need to leave this place. This world has nothing but bad memories for him.

Taking a deep breath, he moved slowly closer to the veil.

"Mr. Potter are you there," came out of no where, breaking the silence that he was content in. Taking a step back, he turned to see an young man. He knew this young man. This young man is a reporter of a new wizarding paper that speaks only the truth. It became well known. He sent the boy a letter to him here. The boy's name is Josh Williams. He is a muggleborn. He is only sixteen years old, but he is the owner of the Daily News.

Josh Williams is very skinny, but he has muscles that stand out against the wizarding robes. His brown hair contrast with his white skin. His eyes are an intense sky blue.

Pulling off his cloak, he stared at the boy in front of him. The boys eyes went wide in shock.

"How are you tonight child," he asked the male, giving him a sad look.

"Mr. Potter," started Josh.

"You are here to speak the truth to the world. I can not take this anymore. I can not stand here while finding out I am a pawn in a chess game. Every single one of my friends betrayed me. Do you know what for, money. They wanted the Potter and Black inheritance. So I took it away, they will not have it. The goblins were helping them. I would warn the public to no longer trust the goblins with money, they are no better then thieves themselves," he said, before leaning back into the veil.

All that surrounded him is white. Nothing but pure white.

Then there was nothing but darkness.

Where is he?

How did he get here?

"So you have finally arrived," he heard. Opening his eyes, he saw a man sitting right across from him. This man has blond hair, blue eyes, and can not be a day over thirty. His very presence demands attention. His eyes are kind, but tired. It looks like he was working too hard.

"Where am I," he asked looking away from the other male. They are in a gray room. There is nothing else here but the chairs they are sitting on. They aren't chairs exactly. They look more like thrones. The other male is sitting on a solid marble throne.

"You are in the hall of Masters," said the other male. His voice sounded like pure silk. Hall of Master? What kind of place is this?

"What," he asked.

" There are two positions that are the highest in the universes, and that is the Masters. These very positions transcend through time, space, and dimensions. There is a Master of Life, and Master of Death. I am the Master of Life. You are the Master of Death. You are the first to be chosen worth of the title. As soon as you defeated Draco Malfoy you became the Master of Death, but someone stopped you from taking your role until you died, so to speak. You have control over the dead, and the afterlife. I have control over the living, and bringing life into the world. We both have servants, who are the god of our fields in the different dimensions. In your absence, I was force to take on the job of Master of Life and Death. I could not handle all the work, so I put some off on some deities," said the Master of Life looking a little ashamed.

"What are the perks of this job," asked Harry, tilting his head to the side a bit.

"We can not age, we have many powers, but we can still get exhausted if we use too much energy at once," said Life, rubbing his eyes while yawning.

"You need to sleep," Harry told life.

"I will rest in a moment. In a few seconds you will be given all your power. So the power will shift from me to you. It will knock us both unconscious so the process will not harm us. Good luck, Death," muttered Life. Then everything went dark.


One Harry awoke, he saw life looking at him from the throne across the room. Life looked like he had a well rested nap. He new everything that has happened in his absence. The worse thing that hit him was the treatment of Avatars, and the balances of the worlds.

"How on blazes did it get that bad," he muttered to himself.

"What is bad," asked Life, drawing his attention. He turned to the blond, and stared at him for a second.

"The balances of many worlds are out of control. The reason they are like this is because whoever was in control of the Avatars was treating them terrible. Who did you let control the Avatars," Harry demanded to Life, giving him a small glare.

"Fate," said Life.

In an instant a blond haired women appeared in front life. Harry could instantly tell that he is going to hate this women. How dare she treat Avatars like that? This women reminds him of a mixture of Dudley and Petunia. This deity is dressed in a red dress that has a slit all the way up to her hip.

"Hello Master Life, it is a pleasure to be summoned by you again," said Fate to Life, giving a small bow. Life looked repulsed at her.

"I am not the one tow summon you here Fate," said Life as he moved his hand towards me. Fate followed his hand. She turned to see Harry glaring at her. She gulped very loudly as Harry eyes followed her every move.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Death," she said in a sickly sweet tone, that reminds him of Umbridge within a split second.

"How dare you use such a tone on me! You are here because I have found your treatment of the avatars unacceptable. You have jeopardized the balance of too many worlds. Fate you have the power to lead people down paths, not to destroy worlds. You, May Green, are hereby stripped of your power as Fate. You are going to be given final judgment from the gods in your original world," said Harry before the blond women vanished.

"She took out every fate of every dimension so she could be the one true fate. Since the job falls in your category, you get to find thousands of new fates," said Harry to Life, who smacked himself in the head.

"Damn," cursed life. "Why did I do something so stupid? Death, how are we going to fix the balance of the worlds?"

"It will depend on the dimensions," started Harry. "The badly treated Avatars are the ones with the most unstable dimensions. To do this I will have to personally travel to each dimension to fix the problems. I have a list of the most abused Avatars. The sad news is that one of them is my world. I am not ready to go back there yet. May I ask you to fix the balance of the world?"

"I can do that."

"Life there is another thing I wish to be done," asked Harry, looking up from the list that appeared in his hands. The list is huge, taking up many sheets of paper.

Life paused for a second, looking at him with a weary look.

"I will listen to the request, but I do not promise anything."

"Give each one of the Avatars a wish. One wish. It will not be allowed to mess with free will, but if they ask for it, I would like it to bring people back from the dead," asked Harry, looking down sadly at the long list.

"Isn't that a little extreme," asked Life, shock evident on his aristocratic face.

"Have you every been abused Life," demanded Harry. Life looked at him, as if searching his face for the reason for the question.

Life gave a big sigh before answering. "I have not been abused.

"Then you have no idea what is like to be beaten down constantly, be told your pathetic. Everything you try to do turns out terrible, and you get beaten for it. A wish is not too much to ask. It is the right thing to give. It might give these Avatars and worlds a chance to heal," said Harry, his eyes shinning with flames of passion when he spoke.

After the small speech, Life just stared at Death, looking at him. It only took five minutes before Life opened his mouth.

"I agree to this," started Life, holding up his hand to keep harry from speaking. "I have some rules. The first is that the wish can not have anything to do with free will. I will return the dead to life, but no more then nine people at most. The wishes must not be made in the middle of anger. The final thing is that the wishes must be granted in front of some of the very people who harmed the Avatar."

"Those are good terms. They are reasonable, but the last one is perfect revenge.

Harry started down at the list. The very first name on the list is Naruto Uzumaki of the elemental nations.

"Well, I got work to do. I will see you later Death," shouted Life, before vanishing into thin air. Harry stared at the spot where Life just sat a few minutes ago, before vanishing from his throne as well.

Pain is all Harry could feel is pure pain coursing through his body. His eyes are clenched in pain as he gave a mighty scream. His back is arched up into the air, as if trying to get away from the pain. He had no concept of time or place, only pain. There was nothing else but the pain in his body. He wanted the pain to stop.

"Hold him," he heard as his voice went raw from screaming. How long had he been screaming? Hands grasped him, pushing him down. His natural reaction was too fight. Then something hit him on the head hard. Then he knew nothing.


Harry opened his eyes to see a black skinned man looking down at him. The man stared at him for a second. The man has white hair and a beard.

"Hello," Harry mumbled looking at the male, who is still staring at him. The man looked at him again, before standing back.

"Why does Hachibi want me to show you respect," said the man, looking as if in a trance at him. Hachibi? Who is hachibi?

"Who are you talking about? Where am I? Who are you," Harry asked, giving the man a small glare. These shinobi are good killers and can pick up killer intent. The male just continued to look as if in a trance.

"You are starting to freak me out a bit," Harry said, backing up a little on the bed. This guy just kept staring. A male dressed in all black came in, and gently lead the man out. Harry just watched the man, confused.

Another black man stepped into the room. This man is dressed in white robes. Who is this guy? The one bad thing about being the Master of Death, he only knows the names of those who are dead, or should be dead.

"Excuse me, where am I," he asked the black skinned male. The male gave him a glare and looked him over.

"My name is A. I am the Kage of Kumo, the village which you are currently inn. We found you on the outskirts of town. Someone slipped you a very powerful poison. You are lucky to be alive. I do not care who you are, but something is up about my brother and cousin. Since you arrived, they are not behaving normally. They demand that you be completely healed before you are allowed to leave. My brother is not rapping like he normally is," A said, giving him a glare.

"Who is Hachibi, that man said something about Hachibi," Harry said. The Kage immediately went cold, glaring at him even more. With a sigh, he leaned back against the headboard. It is going to be a while before he is going to be allowed to leave this place.

"That is not something you need to know," said A.

Harry sighed, what the hell is he suppose to do.

Knock. Knock.

"Come in," commanded A, who turned towards the door. Behind the door is just a nurse, who is carrying a tray of food. He could see the brown haired women is hiding her face.

"Killer-Bee says that the guest must be hungry," said the nurse quietly, avoiding showing her face to him. When she slowly came forward, he saw it. Her entire face is covered in burns.

"Yuki Mori," came out of his mouth before he could stop himself. The tray, which is now on his lap, seemed to still have the girl's tight grip on it.

A stared at him in shock.

"How do you know that name," said Yuki, taking a step away from him.

"You are suppose to be dead, that is how I know your name. This means I have a lot of work to get done," said Harry, rubbing the bridge of his nose in anger. Damn it, that stupid bitch! This world must be on the brink of obliteration.

"What on earth is that suppose to mean," screamed Yuki going to punch him. Something stopped her, a hand is grasping her wrist tightly. She followed the hand to see Killer-Bee staring at her.

Harry choose that time to enter Killer-Bee's mind. He came to find Hachibi, the Bijuu staring back at him.

"I have long awaited you, Master of Death. Though I am not meant to exist, I have come to love this world. The balance needs to be fixed. It is an honor to have met you," was all Harry heard before he was staring at Killer-Bee and the nurse again. The Bijuu transferred all of the knowledge he knew to him about themselves. He knew that this is not good. If these Bijuus are pieces of a soul that should have been claimed thousands of years ago, then this world is in serious trouble. He would need to find the Death God of this world fast.

"That explains it," he muttered to himself. A stared at him, as if waiting for answers. He could not give it to them, he needs to sleep. He wasted too much energy on the jump. Before he even realized it, he was sleeping.


Opening his eyes again, he found he was still in the same hospital room. At least the room is empty for now. He stood, making his way to the bathroom. He took a shower before, getting changed in a pair of black pants, a black tight shirt, and a long black flowing cloak. Looking up at the mirror, he noticed something strange, his hair is no longer at the base of his neck, it is flowing all the way down to his butt. How long was he asleep?

Transfiguring toilet paper into a hair band was easy. He tied his hair in a high ponytail. At least his bangs are short enough where they cover his scar.

Looking in the mirror, he realized how hot he looked. The emerald earring and his eyes glow brightly, making them stand out in the darkness.

He stepped back into the room, and out into the hallway. He made his way down the hospital hall, which is eerily quite. When he got to the steps at the end of the hall, he heard noise from below. With a sigh, he headed down the stairs. He needs to head to the place where he can meet the Death god. He came down the steps to see nurses and patients running around.

Carefully, he made his way out the back door. Thankfully he was not noticed by anyone in the hospital.

He made his way through this weird village. Well, it was weird to him. He could say that the wizarding world is very weird as well.

He just needed to head to where his gut is telling him to. Surprisingly, it was easy to get out of the village with a notice-me-not charm on. He got past the gate, and made his way through the barren landscape.

He had no idea where he is heading, only that he has to go this way. He knew that he was in for a journey.


"The strange boy is gone," shouted a Kumo ninja, running into the Kage's office. A turned to the ninja, his eyes widened in shock.

"Get ANBU after him now. We can not let him escape," shouted A, before the shinobi vanished. A sat back in his chair. That strange boy had an ability to keep the Bijuu under complete control. Since that boy was in the village, nothing happened with either Bijuu container. It was like they were purely content. The boys very own tears could heal any wounds, and his blood made seals ten times as strong. The boy brought peace to his village, and that is something he desperately wants to keep. Not to mention the very power the boy brought.

So he kept the boy under a sleep spell for a full year.

The boy went from cute little boy to full blown hot boy. He didn't have Anbu guarding him anymore because he was guaranteed to stay asleep for another year. What could have caused the boy to wake?

He sat and waited, but the boy vanished. So he put out a reward, one too high for someone who has not killed anyone. He offered One Million Ryo in exchange for the boy being alive. If the boy is dead, the he offered zero ryo.

He would get that boy back one way or anther.

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