After dozens of sleepless nights, the sobbing, the longing, the physical devastation, Glitch was finally able to say what he felt. To say what he had been holding back, for so long. So with a smile, and the brightest of hopes in his heart, he approached the Brea's bedroom, ready to accept whatever happened.

*Dance Central. GlitchMo. Glitch suffers from the pangs of puberty and true love, yearning for the older, beautiful Mo Brea.

*Author Note: I realize in MoGlitch romance fics, there's a certain trend. But I figured it was my best option to deepen Glitch's problems.

Glitch's love for Mo was the love a knight had for the ruler of his heart: pure, unwavering and unbreakable.

The young breaker consoled Mo whenever his late mother arrived at his mind's surface, smiling as she worked in the family diner. Glitch listened intently as the Brea shared tales of her infectious warmth, recipes and lullabies. Glitch then held him whenever the memories rekindled loneliness, bone-crushing loss and anger. The young breaker hated the sight of tears rolling down Mo's cheeks, and instinctively wiped them away, as if allowing one would forever damn his soul.

Whenever he was at home, Glitch taught himself how to cook. Not just dishes from his native country, but dishes Mo talked about on a regular basis. The dishes he sometimes cooked, ordering Glitch to relax, even though the Brea had just finished a long day of handling Starbucks and promoting their crew.

Glitch's mouth watered whenever his mentor was in the kitchen, but he hated Mo being in the kitchen after a tiring round of work. So he got on his feet, grabbed whatever a certain recipe called for, and went to work. If he managed to botch sweet potato pie or macaroni and cheese, he pulled money out of his pocketbook, and off to the store he went. His greatest triumph was Mama Brea's award-winning pot pie, which cost him thirty bucks, a second-degree burn and three hours of 'why can't I get this right'. But in the end-

The look on Mo's face made it all worth it. Mo's silence did too.

The Brea didn't speak for the rest of that night, unless it was to ask about the burn on Glitch's arm, or if he could clean up the kitchen. Glitch had to pull horse teeth to get Mo to go to bed, but when it eventually happened, the fifteen year old Korean was left in smiles, so happy he spent the rest of the night singing his favorite tunes.

Glitch's take on a family recipe broke Mo's heart, but at the same time, the young one succeeded in bringing the happiest memories to life.

So the younger half of Hi-Def was willing to fly to the moon for his mentor. He would gladly jump in a pot of boiling water, if being boiled alive would save Mo's life. But whenever the heart of an eternally loyal, devoted knight wasn't on stage alone-

It ran neck-and-neck with a sixteen year old boy's appetite.

Bodie was on Glitch's speed dial, having established himself as Head Confidante. The kind-hearted, motherly deejay answered Glitch's calls for help, no matter where he was or what he was doing. Emilia's friend worried about Glitch a great deal, in the wake of Hi-Def's thunderstorm. But Bodie was relieved to know the mere thought of Mo no longer sent Glitch to the bathroom, clutching his stomach.

Mo actually had another effect on him.

"B! It keeps happenin'! How do I get it t' stop?!"

"How do you get what to stop?" a smiling Bodie asked, talking to Glitch over the phone, on break from Dance Central Live. His young friend answered instantly, frustrated, shy, frightened. Seeing his growing stages as a curse. Glitch spoke as quickly as the fine print guys did in commercials, apparently with cheeks as red as roses.

"Errthang Mo does is just so fuckin' hot, I dunno what t' do, how do I get it t' stop? Ya gotta help me!"

"Calm down! You're going to be fine, Glitch!"

"Says you! At least you ain't havin'..."

The sixteen year old dancer's voice trailed off in clear embarrassment.

Not wanting Glitch to see either puberty or love as a curse, Bodie rose to the occasion. Whenever there was a friend in need, it was effortless to count on the Parker. "Don't worry," he said soothingly, his voice in stark contrast against the raging trance in Dance Central Olive's studio.

"You can't get it to 'stop'. Its a part of not only getting older, but loving someone as well. Just...just be subtle about it. Don't call attention to it, you big drama queen. Or, better yet, keep on doing what you've been doing with your journal. Do more of it."

Glitch's shyness rose another ten levels. "...not sure if writin's really helpin' me, B."

Chuckling over his friend's cuteness. "It is. More than you know. But find other outlets too. Find a really good game to beat yourself up over at the arcade. Imagine you're protecting Mo while you're playing it. Or dance more. Put all of that energy into your choreography, and imagine your special someone is watching."

Silence, once again, came in the wake of Bodie's counsel. But it was only a moment long, and through it, the Parker sensed relief. Overpowering shyness was mixed in with relief, but relief was there, all the same. "Thanks, B," a blushing but definitely overjoyed teen said, and the Parker silently brought the call to an end, believing Glitch would be just fine, but there was the occasional:

"B! Mo's eatin' a popsicle 'n he wants t' watch movies 'n stuff but I can't take it! Everytime I try t' get up Momo gets sad, not wantin' me t' leave, but-"

"Boooodie! Momo's singin'! What should I do?!"

What a joy it was, seeing someone so young and hopeful race after true love. Glitch reminded Bodie very much of a certain blonde dancer, who tripped over himself whenever the exotic Oblio was around.

Despite the physical (and frequently visible) pangs of puberty, Glitch found himself able to cope with Mo.

Ever since the Brea expressed loneliness over Glitch avoiding him, the young breaker reminded himself of how he couldn't stand seeing Mo anything less than happy. So he brushed his previous intense discomfort underneath the rug, and did his best to keep Mo happy.

It was nice to have Bodie's invaluable advice handy, too.

Whenever he wasn't working at the children's hospital, or putting on free performances for the world's enjoyment, Glitch could be found in his bedroom, putting extra spice into his routines. Pouring his heart, soul, tears and dreams into choreography that would definitely blow the competition out of the water. He turned on Pandora radio and off he went, even giving his all to the particularly slow, seductive songs. It was always 'omg did I just dance to THAT' afterwards, but Glitch couldn't stop beaming.

Yer th' best, B.

Would he ever show Mo any of the choreography?

Glitch's only answer to that was a chuckle. But at least dancing to Samantha James and Skillrex remixes of Ellie Goulding made him feel a million times better.

Continuing to use Bodie's advice by dancing and writing love stories in his journal, Glitch gradually found it much easier to hang around Mo. Even when the Brea was dripping wet, finishing one of Hi-Def's routines, or wearing one of the sweetest outfits to ever grace his body. Beaming out of both shyness and worship, Glitch always pulled out his journal or headphones, instead of floundering in pent-up frustration.

Mo continued to be attentive towards his G, loving, kind, always willing to listen. After participating in a baseball game to support an after school program, Glitch was compelled to open up-with an incomplete version of the truth, but he opened up nonetheless.

"Sorry fer th' way I acted, a little while back. Its just that..."

"Jus' what, G?"

"I jus' feel like...I dunno. 'S wrong fer somethin' like me t' be around ya."

At that point, Mo turned so steely, he became vicious.

"First of all, you ain't a thang. Yer my G. 'N that's fer real, dawg. And secondly, it ain't wrong fer me t' hang out wit' someone I care about, more than anythang. Don't want cha sayin' anythin' like that again. Ya hear me?"

As moving as Glitch found Mo's frosty, wrathful speech, it only left him with a 'that's nice, but it doesn't change anything' attitude. Nevertheless, the sixteen year old continued to make his Princess happy, dancing, laughing under the same sky. Bodie, Angel and Aubrey called Glitch on a regular basis, Glitch happily provided them with reports, saying he was all right, just being by Mo's side-

But the night eventually came, when Mo's other half finally mustered up the courage to tell him.

After dozens of sleepless nights, the sobbing, the longing, the physical devastation, Glitch was finally able to say what he felt. To say what he had been holding back, for so long. So with a smile, and the brightest of hopes in his heart, he approached the Brea's bedroom, ready to accept whatever happened-

But then he found MacCoy in Mo's bedroom.

With the last four, happy weeks of his life shattered, Glitch tore out of the apartment-and never wanted to look back.