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Breed of a different kind-12

Aragorn wrung out the cloth blood had tainted the water a deep crimson. Boromir replaced it wish a fresh bowl handing the ranger a clean one.

"I never knew elves bled so harshly."

Aragorn dipped the cloth in the water pressing it against the wound. "The nature of the wound is bound to bleed heavily; it is a sheer miracle that it did not tear the main arteries for we would be digging a grave by now."

Boromir placed the hot cloth against in his hands Aragorn sprinkled it with a mixture of herbs and weeds, the ranger took it pausing to look at the pale face before him. He pressed it against the wound that an agonizing shockwave through out legolas's body causing him to let out a pained cry. Aragon placed a comforting hand against his friend's cheek.

"It will be alright…. He turned to Boromir… "He is growing hot."

Boromir took cloth dipping it in cool water and dabbed at prince's face earning a pained moan.

"This day just keeps getting worse with every passing hour. What are we to do now?"

"We will need to conceal ourselves until he is fit to travel." Aragorn answered as he gently bandaged the wound."

"And how long will that take. The longer we linger the more vulnerable we are to danger."

"I cannot change things. Elves naturally heal fast, but the arrow that pierced him was laced with poison, it will be sometime before he is back to true form. It is how it is, so do not show irritation towards me."

Boromir stiffened at the slight anger and hurt in the future king's words. "I did not mean to offend you. I just fear for the little ones they are discouraged as it is… he waved his hand at the ill prince… This is just adding insult to the already tense situation."

Aragorn sighed; sitting back on his heels he took another cold cloth and put it on his friend's forehead. "I do share your concern Boromir, but we must be strong or we will fall. Middle Earth is at the brink of destruction and I will not falter until I am no longer alive. I will fight for peace and I need you to stand beside me."

The soldier frowned looking over his shoulder at Frodo. "I have been struggling to contain myself around Frodo. If I do not keep myself occupied I fear I may put us all in jeopardy."

Aragorn leaned back placing a reassuring hand on the others shoulder. "I know that your spirit is not one of evil. If you were to harm Frodo it would not be your doing it is the power of the ring and the hold it has. Not just you but on all of us."

Boromir caught the glance toward the elf. "He has also been tempted? But I thought he out of all of us would be the least troubled by it."

Aragorn lowered his hand to adjust the cool cloth on his friends head. "There is apart of me that fears that the ring is the core cause of his sufferings. In Moria, it was the first I have ever seen him hold such terror, his heart has been unsettled ever since. Now he is vulnerable and makes me worry more. I cannot do this on my own, despite what Gandalf thought; I am only a man nothing more."

Legolas gasped lost in a feverish dream. Aragorn squeezed his friend's hand whispering comforting words in elfish.

The elf prince fought against the burning current in his veins. Aragorn where was he? He can't be alone not again, find him…he needs to find him."

"Aragorn…" he weakly called out.

Boromir gathered the cloth and bowl. "I will gather more… you are not alone Aragorn."

The ranger watched as the soldier walked away. Trying to take comfort in the idea of it. Legolas let out a pained moan his breath hitching as he continued fight the poison.

"Is he going to be ok?"

Aragorn looked behind him to see the remorseful look of Sam. The hobbit held a bowl of steaming water in his hands and a clean cloth draped over his shoulder.

"It's hard to tell, but he has pulled through many times before." Aragorn replied taking the bowl and cloth from the hobbit.

Sam sat beside the ranger looking at the archer. "He's so pale… the hobbit ran a hand against the elf's cheek… "And hot."

Aragorn placed the cloth in the water grabbing the last of his herbs; he sprinkled it over the cloth and let it soak.

"I hope he gets better soon. I like hearing his songs." Sam stated as he moved a strand of hair from the elf's eye.

Aragorn smiled sadly. "He used sing everyday. Didn't matter what he was doing you could always hear his voice. He said it was away to express his feelings without physically doing harm to anyone, I tried it once but I do not have the gift of song."

"It's not like the songs from the shire. I find-"

Legolas's let out a blood curdling yell causing both man and hobbit to jump in shock. Aragorn caught the prince as his back arched up due to agonizing pain. Sam scrambled to his feet in shock, as the ranger held onto Legolas he yelled at Sam to get Boromir.

"Ta Lwe mellon. It's alright." Aragorn desperately said as the prince struggled against his grasp.

Boromir was at the ranger side. "What can I do?"

"I need you to help calm him down. Or he'll irritate his wound more."

Boromir held the lower half still as Aragorn swiftly put together a calming agent saying a prayer he poured it into a bottle.

"Gimli, come!" he called over his shoulder

Legolas pained scream pierced the night air as his body was savagely tortured by the orc poison. The dwarf huffed from the sprint he made.

"Hold him still!" Aragorn ordered as he grabbed the archers chin, cursing as the elf tossed his head back and forth trying to get away from the pain.

"FYLNOTMENA! GANDALF! NYS," Legolas screamed

Gimli gripped legolas's head keeping it in place. Giving the window Aragorn needed to give him the medicine. Aragorn tossed the bottle aside helping his friends still the prince. He continued to fight thrashing and twisting from the flames that licked his skin and burned his tongue on fire surely he'd die he knew soon he would. It had to.

"Nys…nys." Legolas went limp as he lost consciousness

Causing the trio to sigh in relief.

"Gah, that is more like it laddie. Rest." Gimli said patting the elf gently on the shoulder.

"What was he yelling?" Boromir asked a bit breathless from the ordeal.

Aragorn ran a weary hand over his eyes. "He spoke of evil human, to what that means I do not know."

"Elves hate humans perhaps it's just a subconscious reaction to something he's experienced." Boromir offered.

Aragorn shrugged. "Even though he is my dear friend, I still do not know the secrets that he hides and in some ways I find I don't want to."

"Go and rest Gimli and I can watch him." the soldier said seeing the tiredness in the other man.

Aragorn shook his head. "No. it is best that you stay with the hobbits. He would want me near him."

Reluctantly the duo left.

Aragorn moved to lie down beside his ailing friend. Drawing up close he took Legolas's hand in his. "Don't be afraid, dear friend, I am here….I am here."

Soon sleep found the ranger and there they slept but unknown to them they did not see the danger that soon would be upon them.

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