"He said freak?"

Sally looked at Mycroft's intense stare and nodded glumly. "Serves me right, after-"

"Sergeant Donavon, if you had mentioned this before, then the case would have been solved four hours ago," Mycroft snapped, snatching up his umbrella. He whipped his mobile phone from his pocket. "Convent Garden, level two mauve. Pierre Lafreak. Any force necessary."

Sally stared at Mycroft, not sure what was happening. Had his brother's death made him snap? "What am I missing?" she asked, instead of the "Should I call a psychiatrist?" that she wanted to ask.

"Only everything, Donavon," Holmes replied coolly. "And I don't have time to explain. But I will tell you this:"

Sally straightened in her chair as Holmes turned away and skewered her with his gaze.

"Sherlock is not dead. In fact, it is very plausible that he will regain consciousness by the end of the day. I only told you that he was dead so that I could determine your true feelings for my brother. Good-day."

And with that, Holmes left the office. Sally sat in shocked stillness. Sherlock was alive? He was alive! Instantly, she felt elated and furious. Elated because Sherlock wasn't dead, and furious because Sherlock was going to be back. She was going to have to deal with him still. He would annoy her to the ends of the earth! Plus she had been tricked.

Sally didn't have much time to deal with the chaos of conflicting emotions. Within seconds of Holmes's departure, the chief superintendant burst into the office.

"Well?" he demanded.

"Well what, sir?"

"What did he say? Are we doing a satisfactory job?"

Sally stared blankly at the chief superintendant. "I don't understand, sir. What does Mycroft Holmes matter?"

"What does he matter? Are you daft, Donavon?" he barked at her, looking sickened. "He's only our boss now, isn't he?"

Sally felt the blood drain from her face.

. . .

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