So I decided to make a new Gallagher story. The idea behind this story actually came from my friend and me wanting to open a school of our own. We want to name the school Grandezza Academy for Young Men and Women. Obviously everything I will put into the story will not be in Grandezza in reality, but I still wanted to write this. So o guess a little back ground to Grandezza is in order. So here you go.

Name: Grandezza Academy for Young Men and Women

Location: Red Wood Forest, Northern California

Uniform: Girls: plaid skirt, white blouse, tie, fedora Guys: black pants white polo, tie, black dress shoes, fedora

Set up/sorting: two wings of dorms. 7th-12th grades. One boy's wing and one girl's wing, six different levels per wing. Each grade has their own level, and they keep the same level and dorms and dorm mates until graduation. The new class (7th graders) would take the level that the class that just graduated had. Each class has their own private common rooms. (9th has their own, 10th has their own, etc.) big brother/sister program where the higher classes are assigned a lower class student to be a big sibling too. Each class, separated by gender, pick their own colors and mascot. (Seventh grade girls could have blue and green and have an elephant be their mascot while seventh grade boys could have black and red and have a shark be theirs) they live in a castle looking building that had a huge library and a large great hall as well as a ballroom where they have their 4 official balls.

Balls: Christmas ball: festive dance and feast, where ball gowns and tux's, and has a secret Santa thing where they r assigned a person to get a present for. Halloween ball: a dance and feast but you come in costumes and prizes are given for the best costumes. Valentine Ball: a festive dance where the students wear ball gowns and tux's. Prom: traditional prom, with a king and queen (seniors), Prince and Princess (juniors), Duke and Duchess (sophomores), and Count and Countess (freshman). Separate parties for 7th and 8th graders but set up similarly only with 8th grade having a king and queen, and seventh a prince and princess.

Thanks for reading the new story and if you have any questions about grandezza or the story or any other story please PM me and ask or ask in a review and I'll do my best to answer! Here is CHAPTER 1!

Chapter 1

Headmistress Morgan and Headmistress Johnson stepped on the stage at the exact same time on opposite sides of the country, one in Virginia and one in California, both with similar but slightly different speeches.

"Hello Ladies, and welcome back to another wonderful year" Headmistress Morgan said, getting the attention of every young lady sitting in the great room.

"Hello gentlemen and ladies, and welcome back to another exciting year at Grandezza" Headmistress Johnson said, getting the entire school to pay attention to her.

Like headmistress Morgan, Headmistress Johnson was young and beautiful. But unlike Rachel Morgan, Michaela Johnson, as well as her second in command Megan Kent, were both unmarried and without children, but they loved the kids that they taught. Michaela was 5' 8" and Megan was 5' 7". Michaela had long wavy light brown hair that went to her waist line, which was now pulled into a high pony tail, and Megan had shoulder length light brown hair which was curled, framing her lightly tanned face. Michaela has a round face with angle on her cheek bones and chin, unlike her sisters who have completely round faces and no chin or her brother who has a very defined and angled face, and Megan has a round face, given definition by her fashionably rectangle glasses. Michaela also needs glasses, but she prefers contacts which is what she is wearing now. Michaela has complex eyes, a mixture of her mom and dad's, with golden hazel near the pupils, a light green in the middle, and a brilliant blue on the rims, though when angry turn a deep ocean green. She has a freckle on the right side of her face, and a scar on the left from her sister when they were children accidentally cutting her with her razor sharp finger nails, and a small, certainly smaller than average, button nose, which no matter how hard she tried cannot hold science goggles or 3D glasses on top of her own glasses. She has heart shaped lips which were normally a dark pink, many think she is always wearing lip gloss even when she isn't, but at the moment she had a subtle red lip stick, and long fingers which make it easier for her to play the violin, as she is a wonderful violinist. Megan has bright blue eyes that turn stormy when she is angry, and perfect thin lips that were normally light pink but right now are a dark pink. She also has long fingers that helped her in childhood as well as now as she is a magnificent pianist. Both were wearing dress pants with black high heeled boots, and blouses. Michaela wore a dark purple satin blouse, and Megan wore a light blue satin blouse. Both were single, but not because they were never asked, both were very beautiful, and pleasant to be around, but because they were waiting until their school, which they had only been headmistress and deputy headmistress to for only three years, was ready and stable enough for them to have lives apart from school, which they were hoping would be soon. Megan as well as the third in command, Jessica Jennings, were the headmistress's best friends. Jessica was shorter than both Megan and Jessica, at 5' 6", and had waist length sandy blonde hair, which was pulled into a side braid and was draped over her shoulder. She wore black pants, black high heeled boots, and a light pink satin blouse. She has dark chocolate brown eyes that told the truth no matter how well she tried to hide it, at least to those who were closest to her, to others she could hold a complete mask of indifference and lack of emotion, but the same could be said for the other two, though Michaela was certainly best at hiding her feelings and emotions from everyone, including her two best friends. She, unlike Megan and Michaela, was in a serious relationship with a man who works in the town close by. The last of her closest friends was sitting on the other side of Jessica and the other side of Megan. Briana Taylor was so close to Michaela, some thought they were sisters, and they actually looked like they could be, and the truth was, they were. Michaela and Briana were half siblings, same mother, but different fathers. Michaela is a year older than Briana, but they have similar personalities, neither one liking either of their fathers, but loving their mother more than any other family member, aside from each other. Michaela has two full blood sisters and a full blood brother, all older than her, and none that she talks to because they are all in prison for high treason against their country. Briana and her were the two angels, while their three siblings were the three demons, though Anika certainly showed signs of regret for what she had done. But Katarina and Stephen weren't ones to dwell on their past. Briana was the same height as Michaela, with mid back length straight brown hair, which she left down for tonight, and green eyes, which held all her emotions, but only her sister could decipher them. She wore a black skirt, black high heeled boots, and a turquoise satin blouse. She though, was married, to Samuel Taylor. They have been married for six months. Kallie Whitman was short, 5' 5", and had long, thick, flaming red hair, blue eyes, and dainty hands which she uses to play her piano with professional ease. She had three siblings, none of which know the real Kallie Whitman, and all of which thinking she was crazy for working at a boarding school nine months out of the year. Her sister, Raquel, is the only one who knows she is beyond ordinary, that she and her friends are geniuses, and master athletes, and wonderful musicians, but she has no idea that the school Kallie, Michaela, Megan, Jessica, and Brianna begged to attend when they were in seventh grade, is a school for spies.

"Our castle, which I'm sure all of you have noticed by now has two more buildings built, will be playing host to our sister and brother schools. I'm sure most of you have not heard of these schools before other than the names, and I'm sure none of you realized the part these two schools play in society, but the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women and the Blackthorne institute for Boys will be learning at our school this year. It will be a yearlong exchange where the entirety of both schools will be coming and living among us. You will all have separate dorms, from them, but the girls can go to the Gallagher dorms, and the boys to the Blackthorne dorms, and you can even sleep over in their dorms as long as you are in the dorm rooms and out of the halls by curfew, which this year is eleven thirty. I would like to warn you of one thing, those of you who already know what these schools are, at least by their reputation in the world outside of espionage may already have prejudices about them. If I hear about these prejudices coming up in conversation or how you treat them, you will be punished. You see, the world thinks that Gallagher is a school for snobbish rich girls who get everything they want, but that is not true, at least for the most part, I do know of one girl that is a senator's daughter, but for the most part these girls are daughters of spies, and half of them only have one parent. The headmistress's daughter is one of those, if I hear any of you treating them as their cover has led to so many treating them, I will punish you to what I see fit. Blackthorne is disguised as a school for juvenile delinquents, but they are not. They are all trained the same way we are, and if you treat them any differently than you treat your own brothers and sisters that walk these halls with you, I will not hesitate to put you in detention with me every night until you graduate. They will be arriving next week, so please, make them feel welcome." Headmistress Michaela Johnson stepped off of the stage to allow everyone to process what she had said, and get ready for the beginning of year feast. She sat in her place in the middle of the table, right in between her two best friends Megan and Jessica, on the other side of those two, Kallie, and Briana.

In Gallagher, Rachel Morgan was giving similar news. "Ladies, last semester, we played host to Blackthorne Institute for Boys, but this year, we will be going to a different school. Blackthorne and Gallagher will be staying at our sister school for the entire year. This school is Grandezza Academy for Young Men and Women, and we will abide by their rules, and be respectful to their students, staff, and building. It is located in the Red Wood Forest in northern California, now eat, get a full nights rest, and begin packing. Over the next week, we will be getting you your uniforms for your stay at Grandezza, a class schedule to each of you, as well as a packet with the history behind Grandezza and what is in relation to Gallagher. You will still have the same dorm mates as here, and the rules that we live by will be in addition to the rules that they live by. You will not go into the Blackthorne dorms or the dorms of the boys at Grandezza. Thank you" Headmistress Rachel Morgan stepped off of the stage, taking her spot at the staff table, and listening for the quiet murmur of conversation to pick up again, knowing that in one short week, they would introduce these girls to a situation they have never faced before, going to school at a prep school for spies other than the one they have attended for so long. I guess the seventh graders are the lucky ones. They have not grown accustomed to life at Gallagher, just to have it change drastically this year.

A/N thanks all for reading! I know this had a lot of descriptions and didn't go anywhere as of yet, but I promise it will, I just wanted to introduce the new school, and I will do my best with this. Now I have been thinking, this story will not be a Cammie, Zach, Bex, Grant, Macey, Liz, and Jonas story, I'm going to have the main characters be Michaela, Jessica, Megan, Briana, and Kallie. Again thanks for reading and please review! Tell me what you think! Oh and in real life, if I open a Grandezza Academy for Young Men and Women, it will not be a school for spies, though it would be awesome wouldn't it? Until next time, BYE!

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