Chapter one - Raven P.O.V

"Hi, my name's Revanna. I just transferred here from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." I tuck a loose strand of dark hair back behind my ear as I take in the faces of the students. There's not so many in this school, not like the Professor's school.

"Welcome to our school Revanna. Please take a seat." Mr. Fury states. giving me a warm smile and a nod.

I keep my eyes trained down as I make my way to the back of the class, ignoring the quiet whispering voices of the students sat at their desks. I take a slight shaky breath as I almost collapse into the seat at the very back. I wait until Mr. Fury begins walking to the class as a general before risking a peek at the students.

I glance around quickly, taking in the variety of students.

A boy with short blonde hair sits in the corner of the room with a straw between his lips. He waits until Mr. Fury turns towards the board before carefully shooting a spitball and then hiding the straw. I watch as the small, wet ball hits a girl with fiery red hair that trails down her back in wild curls.

Her head jerks around and she narrows her eyes at the boy, clearly annoyed at his precise aim. He offers her a brilliant grin, totally innocent and shrugs his shoulders. Her pretty face twists before she turns back to the front, pulling the wet ball from her hair and dumping it distastefully to the floor.

A boy with thick dark hair sits talking to a girl with strawberry blonde hair. As I watch a small robotic man, possibly only about five inches tall, jumps from the boys table to land on the girls desk. It lies down and presses a button on its chest and a hologram appears in a light blur colour - a beating heart. Cute.

My eyes are drawn to a loud-mouthed boy with long, thick blonde hair. His leather jacket and ripped jeans are different from what the other guys in the class wears as he rests both legs on his desk. He talks loudly with his mouth open to tall, but not quite as well-built boy who seems to be trying to avoid the food flying out of his mouth.

A boy with dark brown hair that falls into his eyes which are covered by glasses, scribbles furiously onto a piece of paper hidden beneath a folder. He seems oblivious to the mayhem and chaos around him. He occasionally reaches up to push his glasses back up his nose

Finally my eyes move to the final classmate of mine. Dark, long-ish hair and incredibly white skin. He sits away from everyone else and stares out of the window to his left, seeming almost far away and in a dream.

Looks like class is going to be just so much fun.