Chapter 1 : What the…

Author's note: This is what I think Minecraft 10.0 would look like so don't tell me that trees don't bear berries in Minecraft.

Someone's POV

Ugh… What happened? I searched my memories for the reason that my body felt like fire but for some reason… I… don't remember anything. Nothing. Not even… wait. How did I learn this language that I am thinking in? I…? I slowly opened my eyes (what's an eye? How am I 'seeing?') and looked around.

If you ever remember being a newborn, and remember when you saw the world for the first time, the feeling I had was probably what you would have felt. Wonder. Fright. Coolness. (is coolness even a word?)

I seem to be in a rainforest, somehow standing up (standing up? Weird word.) on the ground. These 'trees' were all around, ferns all over the ground and other weird stuff that I have to make up (I don't get this. Make up? That sounds like doing something upwards) a name for. The trees seem like the ones in rainforests (why is it called rain forests? I'm making up a new name for this!) except the branches looked like trunks.

Wait. I found out none of my body hurt anymore, neither was I hungry, tired or felt like talking a bath. That was when I suddenly noticed another really weird. Everything was cubes (and rectangles)! I looked at myself and found that I didn't have fingers and that my legs and arms were long rectangles. My body was the same. Suddenly, I felt my thoughts suddenly being whipped away and new thoughts came in.

Only three words described my thoughts now. Survive. Build. Mine. I don't have a clue why I am thinking of that, but it's like someone was commanding me. Commands I can't break. And suddenly, my mind was my own again.

Looking at what I have, I looked backwards and found that I had a backpack and was wearing it. Funnily, it was technically invisible except that, well, I couldn't see it but I knew it was there. These weird 'knew already but don't know how I know' things are really annoying, you know. After that, I checked on what I was wearing. A shirt and pants. Yay.

Then, the three words repeated in my head.

I walked over to a tree and started randomly punching it. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt as I thought and I actually took down the whole tree. Actually, I didn't do much as gravity took in and made the whole tree break. It turned into little floating blocks that I could stack together into stacks of maximum 64. I was able to take the leaves and branches too which I put in my backpack. Now, I got to say, my backpack wasn't a normal one. I still had space after putting a whole tree in! Oh, and I also got these berries. Wait. How did I know what's a berry? Seems I know a lot of stuff that I didn't know I knew.

I punched a few more trees, got the wood, leafs, branches, apples and berries and started looking for a place to build a shelter. After roaming around, I found this very tall tree (it was F***ING 120 blocks tall! Wait. How do I know how to swear?) and climbed up using the vines hanging off it. Geez, these vines are sticky…

Author's note: No, this is not a sequel to 'A Life In Minecraft', just a rewrite. Don't worry, there WILL be a sequel.

Revised on January 4, 2013