A/N: plz note my former name was .79! So, here it is! The prequel that explains. You do not have to read this before HMMD or it's sequel. But you need to read HMMD for the sequel and- blah! I am here to write an exciting story not bore you to death! Let's go...

Cleo PoV

"Bye Rikki!" Bella, Will, Lewis and I called.

For once, Rikki smiled today. She was nervous that we were leaving her on a full moon.

"Bye, see ya later!" she called back.

"Gate A23 for flight Irish Air 23401 to Highland International Airport now boarding." Said the electronic voice over the PA. The security guy that had been kind enough to let Rikki and Zane in even though they were not getting on a plane ushered them to the exit. As we walked through the narrow jetway, all I could think about was seeing Emma again.

Rikki PoV

After the lady called their flight, the security guy led Zane -who actually had a heart to come- and I to the exit. We drove back to the cafe where of course, the audience wasn't as happy for Bella's stand in as Sophie. I helped Zane for a little bit, visited my dad and swan back to my little hut that Bella and Cleo had helped me make out of water on Mako. When I got there, I mentally kicked myself- I had forgotten to grab Zane's moon-proofing kit! But not realizing how late it was, I stepped outside to hear a boat and see the moon.

Zane PoV

Rikki forgot to grab the moon-proofing kit! I guess I should take it to her. I will close up here and take it to her in a bit.

When I got there, I saw Rikki come out her hut with an angry face, but she looked my way and loosed all expression. I turned around to get the kit but I saw the moon up over the horizon , and turned around in time to see her march in the direction of the moon-pool.

Oh. No.

I flung the kit torwards the hut and sprinted into the jungle after her. I had no idea that would be a bad thing.

Rikki PoV

I like the moon. It's soooo pretty. The moonpool is calling me. I want to swim with the fish- oooooooooooh! Tuna sounds lovely right now! The moon is big an round, it has two eyes, a nose and a mouth. The moonpool...

Zane PoV

When I reached the moon-pool, I found Rikki there swimming around in circles.

"Love, do you want to get out?" I tried being nice. Which never works.

"No." She said in a childish voice. Great. This was going to be a '5 year old' state of Rikki. Just when I thought they were over this whole moon thing.

"Are you sure?" I persisted.

"Well, maybe if you got in with me..." Her voice sounded far off, dazed even. But I wasn't falling for it.

"Later, but now it is time for bed." I stuck out my hand.

"Okay." She sighed and took it. But she burned me and I jumped. she took the opportunity to pull me in. I looked up and started to see the moon. I frantically tried to escape but she pulled me back in. When I did escape, it was too late. I begged her again to please get out and she did, saying that if she didn't it would be going back on our deal. Yeah right.

So I led her home where we promptly passed out, and I forgot everything for a few hours while I slept.