A/N: Ok, so it took a while. I had massive writers block. Now you know what writers go through. And I had some of it already! Well here it is and then I'm done for today.

Emma PoV

AT around 3, everyone was getting tired. I forgot the whole jetlag thing- Ash and I are so used to it. And Bella was adjusting a bit better than the others. We headed home after Lewis collected some extra research from the Celtic moonpool. (i hope im using correct terminology) It must be 9 at night back home or something. Cleo and Lewis had no problem staying awake going science crazy. This was a new Cleo trait for me. It seemed everyone changed while I was gone. Ash and I had to watch Elliot while Will and Bella had to watch Dani. By 7.30, we all gave up and went to bed for the early flight home.

Zane PoV

I got up, checked on Rikki and went to the bathroom to wash my face. Because it was the morning, I totally forgot everything -until the water hit my face. I closed the door -and locked it- and frantically tried to dry of. But it was too late, I fell to the floor with a thump. I heard voices down the hall.

"Zane, are you all right?" Rats. I knew I'd mess up in front of dad.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Then I gave Rikki a little hint, "Just a little wet."

She jumped in, "Why don't you get him some dry clothes, I'm sure he's fine." I heard footsteps gradually soften as dad went down the hall.

"Now's your chance!" Rikki whisper-screamed. I did as I was told and dried just in time for the steam to disapear. Dad left the clothes outside the door and he and Rikki headed downstairs to I guess make breakfast.

When I finally made an appearence, Dad smiled and said, "Rikki has been talking you up."

I looked at Rikki and said, "What about?"

"You and you cafe skills, what else?" He conquered.

"Oh, that's nice."

"So, I decided that I will give you any extra money you need if it starts to go under."

"Oh, gee, thanks!" I was shocked. Who lit his nice bomb?

"Well, we'd love to stay but we have to pick up the gang from the airport!" Rikki grabbed my arm and pulled me to her car.

Emma PoV

"Elliot, stop changing the tv!" I must have said for the millionth time on the flight. He has been seriously annoying the whole ride.

"Dani, stop kicking my seat!" Dani must be giving Will the same sibling trouble. I could only imagine if Kim were here how much havoc would have insued. Us three girls were in a row with the guys in front of us. Who the smart person was to put the 2 others in the back is a mystey- and in trouble! The movie screen paused and went to one that said 'PA'.

Attention passengers! This is your pilot speaking. In Southport (idk its in the gold coast) it is a hot 40'C with a good chance of rain.

We all looked at each other, worried.

We will be landing shortly, in 15 minutes. If the flight attendants would come around and secure the cabins for arrival.

When the pilot shut up, we started coversing in code -and on paper- about how to avoid the rain. Dani and Elliot got adgittated with our passing notes and snatched it away from Will. Ha! They were so confused- who said code was a bad idea? When we got there, there was no rain and Rikki and Zane were waiting for us with the rental van keys. Apparently theay had been at it after the others left because they weren't standing exactly, close. When I asked them about it, they said that they had made a deal for Zane to 'walk in Rikki's shoes'. Oooooh, one of those fights. We got of it right quick. They did show us around and threw us a party at their cafe. This must be normal. But Cleo said they had stopped... Oh well. We had a great day, or what was left of it. We decided to go to Mako tommorrow.