A/N: Hey guys, it's me. No i am not dead, just been taking a long break with my busy schedule and exams and such as have alot of you i assume.

School is currently out for me (i know, crazy right?) but i am going on vacation this weekend with family and wont have access to a computer for about a month. So, even with that said, I can still write/type on my ipod to update when i come home. Also, i have gotten a bit of a social life and will be in the marching band at my school this summer so, yeah. Band!

I am opening a new account for some anime/manga fanfictions too. So if you wanna check that out when i come back in July, let me know because I could use some support. By the way, I only know 3 different animes and honestly, all of them are girl power, magical, superhuman shows so if your not interested, dont ask. If anyone knows any good animes that they like, let me know and i can check them out! i am open to suggestions! I haven't the slightest clue what my other account will be called, but if you are interested, PM me and i will let you know the name of the account.

Now, i know i have been active on reading, reviewing and following different stories, but i can do that easily from my ipod. It's really hard to get this computer im using up and running sometimes it's so full of crap. I also have been suffering from a severe case of writer's block for a while so I appologize ahead of time for when i finally do update my stories when they seem rushed or are missing parts.

Speaking of, my story Lockdown for Danny Phantom has almost been finished writing, (does that make sense? im pretty tired...) and all I need to do is upload it on here after 2 more chapters. however i have had a lot of trouble writing this because i have some ither plot bunnies chewing up this little carrot garden.

My story Moon Frenzys for H2O is, well, i have no clue. I enjoy the suggestions being made for the plot of Kim, Elliot and co. finding out about the H2O gang, i needed those.

My story Gravity H2O that i finally started writing in March and lied about going to update alot more? Yeah sorry about that. Really i am. I have no clue how to even begin the next chapter so ideas are greatly appreciated.

If there are any other stories I forgot then, i probably am not going to do anything about them. My Doc Manager has deleted all of my past uploaded chapters so i dont know if i have written more chapters for past stories. I find that really annoying.

Anyways guys, just an update to let you know my general plans. Of course if I do die i would have QueenOfAshes come on here and say so. Have a great summer and for those of you still testing, good luck! ;D

~Sydney 3