[Hello :) This is a new story I thought of while playing the Sims. It pretty much follows what happened in my game while I was playing, but with a few twist. It's not a sequel to anything, just some new idea that came to me. I hope you enjoy and I'm treating this story like a show so my chapters are going to be episodes and I'll have little summaries for the show. Alright, shutting up now :)]

Join our Pleasantview sims as they go through their everyday life.

Weddings and Smiles: Episode 1

Darren made his way to the club after a long day of trying to sell paintings. It was already 9 o'clock so it was dark out. He only earned himself 50 simelions and he was rather disappointed in himself. He didn't know what else to do. The upbeat music snapped him out of his thoughts. He glanced over at Nina and Dina, who were dancing with some random Sims. He let out a laugh as one of them stepped on Dina's toe, and she yelled at him.

He took a seat and eyed the bartender, "let me have two drinks...poured please."

The bartender smiled at him, "coming right up sir."

As the music continued to play, he looked up at the TV right above the cabinets of the bar. A new episode of SBN was on, and Darren watched intently, despite all the drama it caused (always talking about the latest scandals and stuff), it was actually pretty interesting to watch.

Mary: SBN is bringing some of Pleasantviews hottest topics to you today! Two days ago, a fireman saved none other than Jennifer Burb, best selling novelist in Pleasantview. She said that she is very thankful for that and she will NEVER try to cook Basked Alaska again.

Benjamin: Well I sure hope not, we don't want her burning down the whole house!- he laughed- Our next topic, has to do with Bigfoot. Friend or foe? In about 20 minutes we will introduce the man who has supposedly witnessed Big Foot in action!

Mary: Now let's go to what was voted the Hottest Topic of the Week. It's got all the magazines buzzing! Drum roll please- she laughed- The newly weds, Don and Cassandra Goth! It's been noted that they got married just one day ago. They planned to do it in secret, when some paparazzi caught them action. We actually have them here today. Let's bring out my best friend Cassandra, and her new husband, Don!

Darren looked away, his heart was hurting right now. He was always in love with Cassandra, ever since the first day he met her in the park. She was reading to some kids and it reminded him so much of his first wife...Darleen. He couldn't believe that they were married right now! The bartender came with his drinks and he gulped them down like it was water. He was already feeling himself getting buzzed but he didn't care at that point. He made his way out of the club and into his car, driving off to a place that strangely made him feel calm, the graveyard.

The drive was only 15 minutes. He parked his car and got out rather quickly, searching for Darleen's grave. He began to cry hysterically, but he wasn't sure if it was because he was so hurt, or if the alcohol was making him emotional.

"Darleen...you told me to give love a shot again, but all I did was hurt myself. I wish I could just die with you. I miss you," he said, staring at her graveyard. The graveyard began to shake and all of the sudden, there was Darleen's ghostly figure!

She yawned, and stretched out her arms, "Darren! I was sleeping, don't you know not to come at this time by now?"

"Sorry," he mumbled, and Darleen gave him a sad smile, "Sorry. You know I always get a little grumpy when I'm 'woken from my slumber...How are you holding up? A little ghost told me that Cassandra got married," she said in a soft tone.

"I'm fine...I don't need her anyway. And how did a ghost find out?" Darren asked, staring at her curiously.

Darleen laughed, "Darren, down here in the world of the dead, we find out everything."

He smiled at her.

Darleen sighed, "Darren, you're going to find a girl that will make your heart happy...even more happy than when you were with me."

"How do you know?" Darren asked her.

"Some things I just know. Take care my love," and with that, she vanished.


Darren heard a leaf crunch and he turned quickly, to see who it was. Maybe it was just a ghost. That wouldn't be the worst thing. Nevertheless although being with Darleen here calmed him down, it still gave him an eerie feeling to see other ghosts.

He saw a white figure began to walk toward him and he wasn't sure what to do. He noticed the figure stop walking, and fall down to it's knees. What kind of ghost does that? Then he heard the female voice began to cry he came to realization.

That was no ghost, it was Brandi, coming to grieve again for her lost husband, Skipp. Darren truly felt sorry for her, he understood exactly what she was going through. He felt a strange urge to go talk to her, so he did.

"Brandi?" he said, and Brandi turned to look at him, wiping her tears slowly.

"Oh, hi Darren," she greeted him. Darren and Brandi weren't exactly close friends. In fact, they weren't really friends at all. They had talked a few times, but that was all.

"Are you ok?" he asked, and Brandi shook her head, "I-I don't think I'll ever be ok...I really miss him," she turned and faced the grave again.

"I know just how you feel...I miss Darleen all the time, but I know that she just wants me to move on and be happy," he said, and Brandi nodded. They could both smell the alcohol on their breath, they didn't need to ask if they had been drinking or not, they just knew.

"How do you deal with it?" Brandi asked him.

He sighed, "I just keep telling myself that one day I'll find another love. Someone who cares about me...someone who understands me."

They stared at each other for a long time, both hearts racing almost too quickly. They leaned into to each other, closing the gap between the two of them and they locked lips. She wrapped her arm around his neck and he held her waist. They pressed their bodies close together, but as soon as they started, they stopped, both shocked with their actions.

"Um, I'm going to go," Brandi said rather quickly.

"It's probably best that I go too," he said, making his way to his own car.

Angela was downstairs eating a slice of pizza when the phone rang. Both Angela and Lilith ran to get the phone.

"Move loser!" Lilith hissed.

"You first ugly!" Angela argued back.

"Watch it with the names!" their father groaned.

Gees, what it would it take for those two to just get along?

Lilith pushed her out of the way and grabbed the phone. She was hoping that she would get a call from her boyfriend Dirk. She hadn't talk to him in what seemed like weeks.

"Hello," she said, sounding casual.

"Hello is Angela Pleasant there?" someone replied, and Lilith sighed. She hated that 8 out of 10 times, the phone was always for her. It was either one of her little friends, or a relative. Why didn't people call for her? Oh right because she was a 'trouble maker'.

"Here bubble butt. I'm going upstairs," Lilith rolled her eyes, then handed her the phone.

Angela smirked and politely said, "Thank you." She grabbed the phone and said, "Hello...yes this is Angela, how may I help you?"

"Hello Angela, we are happy to announce that you were one of the 10 contestants who were called back to play a lead role on Sim Station Dance!" the lady said, and Angela squealed so loud that she probably irritated the neighbors.

"Thank you so much!" she said.

"No problem. You will perform at a club called P.U.R.E. I'm sure you've heard of it, it's downtown. I hope to see you there at 4:30 tomorrow. Don't be late, or your out." the lady said, then hung up.

Angela smiled proudly, "Mom! Dad! I have great news! I might have a chance to be on Sim Station Dance! Eeek!"

Her mom and dad laughed, "that's great honey."

Eh, not my best work but oh well.

Stay tuned for episode 2: Secrets & Awkwardness