Dustin falls into peer pressure. Beau is caught in a sticky situation with his mother. Daniel post pones telling Mary he wants a divorce. Cassandra receives some shocking news and Mortimer faces the reality.

Sweet and Sour PT2

Dustin arrived at a bar called Midnight. Gordon dropped him off and he met up with Ivy and a large group of her friends. She waved at him and he smiled, "Sup."

She smirked as she twirled her hair, "I thought you'd show up. I checked out the bar, there's not a lot of people there but no worries, we can have our own little party." She winked at him and he couldn't help but laugh. She's nothing like Angela. She's different...fiery, sloppy, bad ass I guess. I don't know if I like it, but she sounds like a good time. But then Angela. She's sweet, kind, pretty and-

He shook the thoughts of Angela out of his head because he knew that he couldn't think about her right now. Her and Angela were over and it was for her own good, "So what should we do?" He looked toward her group of friends, "Oh I'm Dustin by the way."

"They know," Ivy smirked, "Let's head to the back of the club."

Dustin raised his eyebrow in curiosity, "Why?"

She laughed at him, "Oh gosh you're so naive. Just follow me."

The group walked with her so he followed them blindly. Once they made their way to the back of the club, they all took a seat. They were in a wide circle and Dustin raised his eyebrow, "Is this some type of pow wow?"

The group laughed. A red head kid with pimples on his face shrugged his shoulders, "We just come here to chill bro." He pulled out a familiar substance and looked at Dustin, "Want some."


He knew it was weed, he could smell the stench from a mile away. It smelled like arm pits to him, but some of his friends told him that once you get over the smell it's good. Dustin knew that weed wasn't the worst drug out there, and it didn't seem to dangerous but yet he had never tried it. He knew that if you smoked weed all the time it could cause you to become forgetful. People said that it made you calm, and it did because it killed most of your brain cells. Dustin didn't want to get caught up in that. As much as people called him a bad boy, he was just a sim with a few problems.

"Nah bro I'm good," he finally said.

"Oh come on Dustin. Have some fun it's just a little weed."

"I just don't think it's a good idea alright?"

"Don't be a wimp. Everyone knows weed doesn't do anything?" she told him as she batted her dark eyelashes.

He was about to refuse again when the pressure got to him. Everyone was staring at him, and he didn't want to seem like he wasn't cool. He shrugged his shoulders but inside he was freaking out, "Alright."

He smoked some weed and it didn't take too long for him to get high. While mostly everyone else was calm, he was seeing the world differently. He felt free, alive. He laughed at things that weren't funny and made himself look like a complete idiot. It was strange that weed had the opposite effect for him, but it did. The music from the bar was so lout that you could hear it from outside. Dustin got up and started dancing and the group laughed at him. Ivy danced with him and it didn't take too long for her to lock lips with him. She kissed him and he didn't stop her. He wrapped his hands around her waist and she threw her arms over his neck. Before long they were having a full on make-out session. The teens whistled at Dustin and Ivy, and in that moment he felt like it was the best day of his life, like nothing could ever go wrong.

Beau returned home after a long day of school. He was tired from most of the work they assigned him but he loved school. He had good grades but he was also happy to see Lucy there. Lucy was his best friend although he'd never admit to the guys. They were like partners in crime. They always pulled pranks on the teachers and never got in trouble for it. Beau made his way into his brothers room. They shared a double bed and both of them wanted their space but he admired how Dustin never complained. Beau looked up to his brother Dustin because he was cool about everything, responsible, and he never complained. He was strong in Beau's eyes, and he wished that his mother could see him the way he did.

Interrupting his thought about his brother, he heard puking and ran over to the bathroom to see his mom throwing up. He knew she wasn't pregnant because he'd taken notice of the baby in the crib, "Are you ok?"

She flushed the toilet, washed her hands, and brushed her teeth. She was fine but then all of the sudden something seemed to go off in her brain. She turned to Beau and smiled, not recognizing that it was her own son, "Hey Skip. Shouldn't you be at work?"


Beau immediately felt fear. Usually when this happened to his mom, Dustin was here to help but now he had to do something. This was his time to be strong for his family, and he wouldn't fail them. He remembered her pills being up in the cabinet and he immediately got an idea. He cringed knowing he would have to play along.

I had a day off," he said, looking toward the ground.

"That's great honey! Now we can spend it together. I love you Skip. Oh, can you check on the baby?" she said in a sweet tone. It made Beau miss having a dad. He wished with all of his heart that Skip could just come back and save them all, but he knew it would never happened. Skip was dead and he would just have to accept that. Beau looked over the newborn baby who was sleeping peacefully, "He looks great."

She smiled.

"Did you take your pills?" he asked.

"My pills? What pills dear?"

He sighed and ran over to get them. He grabbed the stool from under the cabinet then reached for the bottle of pills. He shook it, then scrunched his face up. They were all gone. Oh crap. He started to panic, what the heck was he supposed to do now?

"We have to get to the doctors!"

Brandi wasn't listening to him though. She was going through a series of events that happened when Skip was alive. A shot of pain surged through her and she screamed. He ran over to her, wondering what was wrong. He asked her numerous times but she wouldn't answer. All she could see was the scene in front of her, and unfortunately it was one that Beau couldn't see or help her with.

"How could you leave me like this! Come back please, come back! I love you! I wasn't with him Skip! I love you!" she cried.

She was in her own little word and Beau knew that it was most likely some fight she had with Skip. He couldn't help her. The baby began to cry and everything was building up to the point where Beau wanted to explode. He picked Ty up and tried to quiet him down but then Brandi started to cry as well. Beau almost felt like crying himself, but he couldn't.

"Skip please!" she cried, and before Beau could blink she ran to the kitchen and took out a sharp knife. She started cutting herself and Beau screamed so loud that he was surprised the baby didn't cry. He almost dropped Ty as he put him in the crib. He ran over to his mother as the blood rushed down her wrist, "MOM!" He started freaking out as he grabbed a napkin and wrapped it around her wrist. The blood seeped through the napkin and he looked toward his mom with all the concern in the world. He groaned as he looked for her phone. She didn't have Dr. Burb on her contacts look so he looked for someone else. He called up Mr. Dreamer and prayed to Wright that he would pick up.

"Darren! No this is Beau. Look my mom needs to get to the hospital...What? No she's not having another baby! She cut her wrist...Why? Because she's sick look I don't have time to play 21 questions just get down here!" he screamed, then hung up.

"We have to go mom," he said.


Her face softened as she realized that it wasn't skip, "Wait..Beau?" She looked down at her wrist that was dripping with blood, "Oh shit. I'm sorry Beau oh my gosh." She grabbed a rag and wrapped it around her wrist.

Beau felt relieved to see that his mom was back to normal. Tears fell down his eyes, "Mom?"

Brandi felt tears roll down her eyes as well, "Honey I'm so sorry. I need to go to the hospital. Did you call a taxi?"

There was a honking sound that answered her question. Beau grabbed Ty and made her way outside. Brandi followed him and her face grew hot when she saw who was in the taxi, "Darren?"

Daniel arrived by the time the Pleasant family was almost done with dinner. The room grew quiet as they watched him. His wife was glaring at him, and he felt his heart race. Is she mad? Does she know about the affair?

"Honey I'm home?" he chuckled nervously and walked over to his wife. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and she pushed him away. She stood up and pointed to his food, "Your dinner is on the counter. It god cold probably because I was waiting for you to get home."

She got up and heated the meal for him. Daniel looked toward his daughters in hopes that they would tell him what's wrong. They stayed silent, looking down at their meal in the process. He sighed and walked into the kitchen, hugging his wife from behind, "What's wrong honey?"

She wanted to cry into his shoulders. She wanted him to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be ok but instead she scrunched her nose up, "Where have you been?"

"Just looking at local shops in Pleasantview."

"Why do you smell like perfume?"

"There were people walking around with perfume at the store, maybe it rubbed off on me," he smelled his own clothes. It did smell like perfume, Kaylnn's perfume, "I don't smell anything."

"And you didn't answer my phone calls because-"

"Honey we can discuss all that later. Just tell me what's going on. It has to be more than me not coming home on time," he said, rubbing her shoulders in the process.

She sighed as more tears fell down her face, "Coral's sick Daniel. She's in a coma."

He pulled her into a hug immediately, kissing her dark hair in the process, "Honey I'm so sorry." He really felt sorry for her, and he wanted to be there for her. Any chance of him telling her about his affair was gone at the moment. He couldn't tell her when she was going through so much.

Lilith and Angela were at dinner table when Lilith threw a meatball at Angela's face. Angela squeaked, "What the heck!"

"Come upstairs with me. Now," she said.

"Why couldn't you just tell me that without throwing a meatball at my face?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "That way was more fun. Now come on!"

Angela followed Lilith upstairs as she wiped the meatball sauce off of her face. They went inside Lilith's room and Angela scoffed, "Ew your room is so dark and ugly!"

Lilith rolled her eyes, "Yeah I didn't ask for your fucking input Angela. I called you in here to talk about dad. Did you notice anything different about him?"

She shook her head, "Nope. Same old dad."

"He didn't come home on time."

"He probably had to work extra."

"He smelled like perfume."

"No he didn't Lilith."

Lilith gave her a look and Angela sighed, "Look even if he did and you have some type of theory going on, you need to stay out of their business. We should be comforting mom right now. Coral is her mother, and our grandmother."

"Yeah Angela I know but dad is cheating on her. You're just going to let mom get played?"

"Look just stay out of it. Whatever happens with them they have to work through it on their own."

"I thought you were the good daughter."

"I am!"

"Then why don't you care about mom?"

"I do Lilith but if mom finds out something like this, not saying that it's true but if it was, she would divorce him. I don't want a divorced family and neither should you."

"So you care more about a social status then our dad cheating on mom?"

"Look you don't know the full story and neither do I so just stay out of it," she warned, then slammed the door as she walked out.

When Don returned him, his face looked pale and Cassandra noticed right away. She walked over to him and grabbed his cheeks, pulling him into a kiss. He returned the kiss halfheartedly and she raised an eyebrow at him, "Something wrong?"

He sighed as he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her again. He knew that after he told her what he needed to, it would be the last time he got a kiss from her. He grabbed her and led her up to her room. They sat on her bed and he looked her dead in the eye, "We need to talk."

"Alright. Talk."

"I did something bad and now I don't think our relationship is going to work out," he said.

"Whatever it is Don I love you so it won't matter," she told him.

"I know you love me Cassandra but I don't know if love will be enough because-"

She shook her head and put a finger to his lips, "I don't care about your past Don, I told you that."

"Cassandra...Nina's pregnant and it's my baby!" he blurted out and she froze.

She couldn't collect her thoughts, it seemed like everything was going in slow motion, "H-How? W-When? I just...no, no you're wrong! This can't be happening Don. How did this happen!" Tears started to fall from her eyes and he wanted to kiss her tears away but he just sat there, "I-I'm sorry."

"Oh my gosh. I just...I really can't believe this. We were supposed to be married and now...I just don't think this is going to work out."

"She's getting the baby deleted," he told her, and she scoffed at him, "And you think that's going to save your ass or something?"

"N-No not at all. I just...I don't know why I told you that. Look, I'm sorry. But you said no matter what-"

"This is just too big for me to handle Don. I have to think about it."

"It was just a mistake. A big mistake."

"Don I think you should go."


"Please," she said in a painted tone, "Please just leave. Don't make this harder than it has to be. I need some time to think before the wedding."

He sighed as she pulled her hand away, her arms crossed over her chest. They both walked downstairs and she opened the door for him. He turned to say something but she closed the door on him. She fell to the floor, drawing her knees up to her chest. How could this happen? And why now? He's my husband technically. He can't be having her baby he just can't.

Alexander stopped playing his piano as he walked over to her, "Hey sis. Why are you on the floor?"

She wiped the tears off her eyes and smiled at him, "Hey Alex. I'm going to go for a walk alright? I'll be back in fifteen minutes. I'll call Mary-Sue to watch you."

"Where's dad?"

"Dad's taking a little vacation."

Mortimer's body was filled with rage, and sadness as he watched what was happening to Bella and knew he couldn't do anything to stop it. He felt like he was in some type of nightmare where he would never wake up. Phoebe had to record what was happening because he couldn't bring himself to do it. Tears filled his eyes as he watched Bella being tormented.

"Finally I have you. You're going to make good for this experiment of mine," Mr. Beaker told told her. His voice was dark and it frightened Bella. There was a certain fear in her eyes, but she hid it as best as she could with a stony cold glare.

"Why are you doing this? What the hell have I done to you?" she said, tears filling up her eyes.

He laughed at her, "Bella. You're the most well known girl in sim world. You're married to an extremely rich lad. The mother of Pleasantview don't they sometimes call you? Well if I make clones of you here, then I'll be rich. Everyone in Strangetown will want a Bella. And then when I'm done using you, you can do whatever you want. If you're not dead of course."

"You're a sick bastard!" she spit on him.

He angrily slapped her in the face repeatedly, trying to teach her some type of lesson. She buried her face in her hands as she tried to defend herself from the blows that were coming her way. He continued to hit her and when he stopped that, he would touch her so inappropriately, that she prayed to Will Wright that he would just die.

Mortimer watched the scene and he wanted nothing more than to go over there and beat the crap out of that guy, "BELLA!" he screamed, but he knew she couldn't hear him. Tears ran down his own eyes. He wanted to run over there and kill that sick bastard. Phoebe finished tapping the scene. She looked over at Mortimer, "I know it hurts but these sick people are going to go jail or be killed for what they've done to her."

"My Bella," he gasped, suddenly losing oxygen.

"Oh gosh please stop crying! Mortimer you're shaking, this isn't good," Phoebe tried to tell him, but she knew he wasn't listening.

A blood curdling scream ripped through his throat as he fell to the ground, "H-How could this happen Phoebe? How could I have not saved her?"

"Things just happen. We have to trust that Will Wright is protecting us," she whispered, rubbing his back in the process.

"She's safe now Mortimer," she continued to say.

As days passed by the collected more and more evidence. The worst part was seeing what Bella had to go through. But when they finally had what they needed Phoebe turned to look at him, "Are you ready to go home? To tell the court what really happened to Bella?"

He nodded. The energy had been sucked out of him, "I'm ready."

She transported him home and they stared at each other for what seemed to be an eternity, "Mortimer, my job is done here. I'm sorry for what you had to see but I'm glad that I was there to help you and it was fun getting to know you."

"Likewise...don't be a stranger ok?"

She smiled, Ok."

There was a moment of silence before Phoebe grabbed Mortimer's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek, "Goodbye Mortimer."

And with that she flew on her broom and took off back to her home in Belladonna Cove.

Stay tuned for more episodes.