Brandi gets a shocking report from her doctor. Ivy realizes that her and Dustin will never be together. Mortimer returns home.

Sweet and Sour PT3

"Brandi please take a seat," Dr. Burb said, and she did. Darren and Beau were sitting down in some stiff chairs that were further away. She sighed, she couldn't help but feel embarrassed knowing that they were sitting there, about to hear all of her problems.

Dr. Burb looked through several of her files before clearing his throat and staring up into Brandi's dark eyes, "Now as you know you have delirium syndrome which is causes you to suffer severe confusion and disorientation not to mention a relatively rapid onset and fluctuating in intensity and-"

Brandi put her hand in front of his face, motioning for him to stop. She glared at him, "Yes I know all of this already, can you just prescribe some more pills to me?"

He shuffled with some more files and cleared his throat again, "Well actually Ms. Broke, since your syndrome is so different I've teamed up with doctors from Veronaville, River Blossom Hills, and Belladonna Cove and we've created a new medication. We're willing to give you 70,00 simelions for trying this medicine out."

When Beau heard this, his jaw dropped to the floor. Darren didn't say anything, completely stunned.

"We could be rich mom!" he shouted, a wide smile on his face, "70,00 simelions! Oh my Wright that's a lot of money!"

Brandi sighed as she looked at her son, "Beau go wait outside with Ty."

"Are you going to take it?"

"Maintenat dehors!" she hissed, and he knew not to say anything else. He picked up the baby and quickly made his way out of the room. Brandi let out a frustrated sigh and ran a finger through her hair as she walked over to Darren, "You can go Darren. You have Dirk to look after and this really isn't your scene. This is my problem, not yours."

"I want to stay if that's ok with you," he said.


"Because right now you need someone. Dirk will be fine at home by himself for a little while. Just let me help you, if not as a boyfriend then at least a friend," he said, gently grabbing her hand. She looked down at the ground, then pulled her arm away. Right now she couldn't handle the whole romance thing.

"Fine, you can stay."

He smiled, "Cool."

They walked over to Dr. Burb and took a seat. Brandi eyed him with a serious face, "What's the catch on this new product?"

He seemed to play with his hands a lot as he looked at Brandi. It was a bad habit he had when he felt nervous, "We're not sure if the medicine will work. It could worsen the situation."

"Worsen it how?"

"It could worsen the brain damage and cause you to go into a coma and it could cause amnesia if it doesn't go right."

She looked at him with disgust, "And you want me to try this? I could die and you want me to just take a chance on my life! Can't you test it or something?"

Dr. Burb shook his head, "I'm sorry Ms. Broke, but there's a law against testing on animals here. Look, I know this is a hard thing to deal with, but I need an answer. Not now, but soon. You have a week to decide what you want to do. I know about current situation and this could really help your family-"

"My family is just fine," she said, glaring at him with so much anger on her face that she might explode.

"I'm sorry if I offended you but please think about it. Do you really want your son to have to take you to the hospital again?

She crossed her arms over her chest, "That really isn't any of your business."

He threw his hands up in the air, "I'm sorry! Now your old pills will be prescribed to you in the mean time but please feel free to call and let me know what you're going to do."

Brandi grabbed her bag and started walking out the door.

"Have a nice day Ms. Broke!" he shouted, and his eyes widened when he heard her mutter asshole underneath her breath.

Cassandra came back from her walk and she felt a little bitter. Walking gave her some time to think and it was a nice way to exercise. She unlocked the door and saw Mary-Sue smiling. She chatted with her for a while, and thanked her for watching Alexander. Mary-Sue then left to be with her own family. Before she could do anything else she heard the beautiful strumming of the piano and she knew it wasn't her brother because the songs were old. Who could it be?

She followed the sound of the piano when she saw her an elderly man sitting there, playing the piano with Alexander.

"Dad!" she shouted, running over to hug him as well. He returned the hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Where have you been!"

He started to think back to everything that he had seen and he shuddered, "Right now that doesn't matter. Is Don here? I need to talk to him."

She frowned, "No actually he's-"

The doorbell rang and she held a finger up, "Hold on."

She walked over to get the door, wondering who could be at the door when she hadn't invited anyone over.


Don gave her a small smile and handed her a package, "I know you said you needed space but my relatives told me to give that to you. I guess it's a little gift for our wedding. Or it was anyway."

She smiled a little as she received the package, "Thank you..."

"No problem. I guess I'll see you a-"

"Don, I need to speak with you. Come in," Mortimer interrupted, and Don was shocked. They never really spoke much even though he was getting married to her daughter.

"Uh, while you guys talk I'm going to start a meal for you daddy," she said, patting him on the back then heading to the kitchen.

Mortimer eyed Don and it took all of his will power not to reach over and strangle him. They made their way upstairs and took a seat. Don rubbed the back of his neck, nervous about being around Mortimer alone for the first time, "What's going on?"

He stared at Don with cold eyes, "I know."

"You know what?"

"Don't act dumb. I know that you were apart of the scheme to get rid of Bella. I know you helped in the death of my love," he said, feeling bitter tears fall down his face. His voice seemed to crack as he spoke to Don and he curled his fist up in anger.

Don's eyes widened, "Bella's really dead?"



The sight of his son and daughter seemed to pull him out of his angry thoughts. He slumped down to the floor as tears fell down his face.

Cassandra turned to her brother, "Alex, why don't you go check on the food?"

"But dad's-"

"Now! Please Alex," she pleaded with him and he sighed as he made his way downstairs.

Cassandra ran over to Mortimer's side and hugged him, "Dad, if this is about Don getting Nina pregnant it's-"

Mortimer looked up at her, completely shocked, "He got Nina pregnant? You are definitely not marrying my daughter!"

"Dad that's my decision to make."

"He's a bad guy Cassandra," he said as he stared up at Don.

"Mortimer what I did in the past was wrong but please, just give me a second chance," he pleaded.

"I can't do that," he said, "I just can't. It's too much of a burden."

"Dad if I can handle him getting Nina pregnant then you're going to have to too. Everyone makes mistakes and I don't know if we'll get married but I have to figure it out on my own," she told him.

Mortimer rolled his eyes, "It's not about that Cassandra. Look Don, you need to go."

"Maybe it is best I go. Goodbye Cassandra," he said as he made his way downstairs and out the door. He couldn't help but feel angry with himself. He ran over to his car and kicked it, hurting his foot in the process, "Dammit!" He couldn't believe that Bella was gone and that it was partially his fault.

"Dad what are you talking about? If it's not about the pregnancy then what is it?"

Mortimer drew in shaky breaths, surprised he hadn't had a heart attack yet. He tried to stop himself from crying but he couldn't, "I-I don't want to talk about this right now."

"Dad! Please just talk to me! Tell me what's going on."

"She's dead baby. Your mother is dead," he wept and for a minute she couldn't process what he had said.

"What? W-What? No. No you're wrong! How do you? How would you?"

"He was is partially the reason that she's dead Cassandra. It was all planned," he said, and she started to cry.

When the dancing ended, Dustin was starting to get lightheaded. He had never taken weed before, and he was surprised by how it was affecting him. Everyone else was so calm, for some of the sims it seemed to do nothing to them, but for him, he felt sick suddenly. The group started to get worried about this. Ivy took a seat next to Dustin, who was holding his head and trying to get a grip on things.

"Relax Dustin," Ivy said, rubbing his back and feeling guilty about the entire situation. She turned the group, Maybe we should take him back home."

Dustin wasn't listening to anything they were saying. He was off in his own little world as he held his head in place.

One of the sims groaned, "Why did you bring that loser anyway?"

Ivy glared at the tanned skin sim, "Don't say shit about him alright? He's cool and about him."

"Then why did you get him to do weed?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know that all you ever do with your boy toys is get them to relax by doing weed so you can wo-hoo with them. If you really wanted to be with him you should have just asked him out. You know as much as I do that any chance you have at a relationship is gone now. I mean come on Ivy, you're hot but you had to get him to do weed just so that he could make-out with you. Do you really think he likes you?" he pushed, and the group laughed.

"Shut the fuck up," she said, not wanting to admit that he had a point, "Someone call for a taxi."

One of the sims ran off to call for a taxi while she sat there and thought. She knew that her friend was right. Any chance she had with him was ruined but he did interested her a lot. She just wanted him to see that she was cool. Everyone thought he was the bad boy at Sim High, and she wanted him to see that she was far from a goody-two shoes, and help him loosen up a little bit.

"Man I'm fucking hungry," Dustin said, pulling Ivy out of her thoughts.

"You have the munchies," she stated in a bored tone, then pulled out some hard candy, "Eat this."

He sucked at the hard candy and smiles, "Thanks dude."

The taxi came and Ivy helped Dustin up. She stayed silent, unsure of what to say at that point. They made their way over to the taxi and touched his shoulder, "Dustin I'm sorry I brought you here and pressured you into trying weed. It's my thing, not yours. Gosh I should have never brought you here."

"I had fun though," he smiled, then pulled her into a hug. She returned it as she felt something go off in her stomach, "I guess I should savor this moment."


"Because after this you'll probably hate me. Once the high wears off, you'll start giving a fuck again and you'll realize that I messed you up."

"I doubt that. Today was the best day of my life!"

She shrugged, "It'll ware off in a few minutes anyway."

She waved goodbye to him and the taxi dropped him off at his house. By that time the high had almost worn off but he still had a little left in him. Regardless, he was happy to get out of the house for one day, but something Ivy said seemed to stick with him. Once the high wears off, you'll start giving a fuck again and you'll realize that I messed you up. Was she right about that?

Dustin opened the door to the smell of mac and cheese. He saw his mother cooking and meal and Beau was feeding Ty his bottle. His mom turned to see who had opened the door and some relief came to her, "Dustin! Where have you been?" She walked over to him and was about to reach for a hug when she smelled something she didn't like, "Gosh you stink."

"Gee thanks," he rolled his eyes and started heading to his room.

"Wait," she said in a tone that let Dustin know she was on to him, "It's more than just an I need to take a shower smell. Wait, have you been smoking weed!"

His high was gone, and he seemed to come back into reality, and just at the right time, "Mom, I don't want you to freak out. Yes, I did some weed but it was only a little bit and I didn't even want it, I just didn't want to look lame. I won't do it again."

Brandi had never been more disappointed in her son, "I can't believe you. I thought you were smarter than this. Dustin, you really let me down."

Those last four words seem to hit a spot in Dustin, "Mom! I just wanted one day off to relax and stop being stressed out. Today made me forget about this tiny space we live in, you wanting me to take tutoring, and I'm...I'm sorry but I don't regret what happened. I needed that."

"Go to your room."

"It was just one big mistake. And don't act like you're so high and mighty because all know you've made a ton of mistakes!"

"You know what Dustin I don't want to hear it. I needed you today. I was sick again and you know who came with me, huh? Darren, Beau, and Ty!"

Dustin felt guilty but he couldn't back down now, "Look I said I was freaking sorry but it's not my job to make sure you're ok."

"Oh please, I gave you the gift of life it's the least you can do."

"I didn't ask you to have me, you chose that crap all on your own."

"Just go to your room Dustin. Juste une decepton," she muttered under her breath and those words stuck with Dustin. For his mom to use French she had to be pretty mad. It was her first language but she only used it when she was angry. But he couldn't hide the anger her felt when she called him a disappointment. He felt like no one believed in him. He made his way to his room and slammed the door, then closed his eyes and prayed to Will Wright, "Why did you give me this life? Why did you take my dad away? Why are you letting my family live like this. Will Wright, I hate you."

A knock on the door forced Dustin to open his eyes. He didn't say anything but the door opened anyway and it was Beau. He walked over to Dustin and handed him a plate of food. Dustin put it to the side and looked up at his little brother, "Thanks."

"No problem bro," he said, "And Dustin?"


"You're not a disappointment. I love you, mom loves you, and Ty loves you too."

"I wish that were true," he sighed, "But thanks. I know you love me Beau and you're a good brother."

He shrugged, "You're always there for me. It's only fair that I'm here for you. Anyway moms just stressed because Dr. Burb wants to try a new medication but she doesn't want to take it because it's never been tested before. Or at least that's what Darren told me."

"Hold up, a new medication for her delirium?"

Beau nodded, "They're offering her 70,000 simelions for it Dustin!"

"What's the down side?"

"Darren told me that it could make it worse as in...death," he gulped.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there bro," he said, and Beau shrugged his shoulders, "It's ok. You don't have to be there all the time Dustin. Sometimes you need a break too."

He laughed, "Why can't mom be like you?"

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