News about the court case spreads around Pleasantview like wildfire.

Wildfire PT 1: Episode 10

"Are you guys ready to do this?"

Cassandra looked at their lawyer. Miss Bendett was said to be one of the best attorney's in the neighborhood. She just hoped that she would be able to win the case.

They all nodded and she smiled, "Good."

Miss Bendett had been prepping them for the court case because unlike most cases, she would not be the one asking them questions. She was to ask Don and Dina questions about what happened that night, while Don and Dina's attorney would question Mortimer, Cassandra, and Phoebe.

"Ok now Cassandra, they're going to try to get you to crack. Just be honest. Mortimer, they'll have their eyes on you. And your son won't even go up there. Now who has the tape?"

Behind all of them was an elderly sim who sparkled and shined with magic. She seemed as heavenly as an angel and she handed the attorney the tape.

"Thank you Phoebe, they're sure to call you up too. Now just relax. Stay honest and you should be fine. We've been over all of the questions."

Inside the court there were cameras rolling and Mortimer rolled his eyes at the sight. How could they just film sims like that? Like they were nothing but faces for their next show. He ignored it as the attorney went over some hard questions with them.

On the other side of the court Don and Dina were standing there with poker faces. Their attorney was Miss Copur was standing in front of them.

"Remember what I told you guys. We should be able to win this case despite what little evidence they have. But Don, you're going to have to really use your charm. Show the judges that you loved Cassandra and would never do anything to hurt her?"

"So lie?" he whispered harshly.

"Look, I'm here to win a case and so are you. That's why you called. If you're not on board with this then I'll just leave so you can be sentenced to death."

"I'm sorry. I-I'll do it."

She smiled, "Great."

The crowd broke out into a fit of whispers and debates about how would win the case when the judge hissed at them, "The meeting has been called to order at 11:45."

Brandi made her way inside the house, sighing as she thought about Darren. What are you doing Brandi? This guy loves you and you're just blowing him off? When she got inside the house she saw Nina changing Ty's diaper. She gave a weak smile as she mumbled a hello to the redhead, who set Ty down in the crib and turned on the TV.

"Hey Brandi! How did it go?"

"Well...I took the pills. I have to check in with Dr. Burb every so often and write down how I'm feeling in this notebook," she told her.

"So what's wrong?"

"Nothing I just-"

The doorbell rang, interrupting her conversation. Nina went back to watching TV. Brandi opened the door to see that it was Darren and she was shocked, "Darren?"

"I wanted to just clear some things up is anyone-"

"Nina's here."

They made their way inside the house when Brandi noticed how involved Nina was with the TV, "What's going on? Is your favorite soap opera on?"

Nina rolled her eyes playfully at her friend, "They're novellas Brandi, and no. You didn't hear about what's going on today?"

She shook her head, moving away from Darren slightly and toward Nina, "No, what's going on?"

"Only the biggest buzz in Pleasantview right now. Mortimer's accusing Dina and Don of being apart of the death of Bella. Needless to say Mortimer and Dina's engagement is off," she said in a shaky breath. She wondered who they would be able to use as an alibi since Nina couldn't be apart of a case so big.

Brandi couldn't believe it. She turned to look at Darren and he shrugged his shoulders, already knowing what she was going to ask. Darren and Cassandra hadn't talked in what seemed like forever so he had no idea about the case. He secretly hoped Cassandra would win. He never trusted Don, in fact, he hated him.

"Do you promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you Wright?" the police officer asked as he eyed Don.

"I do."

Miss Bendett made her way towards Don, a plain expression plastered on her face. She studied him, and she could tell that deep down he was nervous but he didn't look like it.

"Mr. Lothario, can you tell us anything about your relationship with Dina?"

"I've known her since high-school. We've always been close friends and we worked together for a while."

"And what did your job or jobs consist of?"

He shrugged, "Common things. Mostly things in the slacker career."

"And did you ever do jobs out of the neighborhood?"

He drew in a breath, knowing where this was going, "Yes."

"And what did that job consist of?"

"We...delivered messages but we mostly just listened to orders."

"Is it true that this job was in StrangeTown?"

"For the most part, although we also worked in Veronaville for a while."

"Well it sounds like you guys must have been close to travel together. How long were you guys intimate?"

Miss Copur stood up from her seat, "OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! What does his relationship with Dina or his jobs have to do with the death of Bella?"

"Noted, please continue the case Miss Bendett."

She placed a hand up, "Actually, his jobs do have to do with the death of Bella your honor. He said he worked in StrangeTown, which is said to be where Bella was killed."

Miss Copur stood up again, "That's pure coincidence your honor, so neither Don nor Dina should be held accountable for where Bella was killed."

"Again, noted. Miss Bendett those statements will not be used against Don during the case. Proceed."

She turned her attention back to Don, "Mr. Lothario, how close were you to Bella Goth? If I'm correct you were one of the last people to see her before she was conveniently taken away by aliens, am I correct?"

"We were pretty close. She considered me like her son. I wanted to make sure I was friends with Cassandra's mother and father before marrying her."

"And did Mr. Goth appear to like you?"

"No, not exactly."

"And why do you think that was?"

"He didn't want his daughter to grow up. But Cassandra and I were in love."

"I see. And just what did you see the night Bella was taken away?"

He paused for a moment, but quickly recovered, "We were up on my balcony one night, just hanging out. I just wanted to thank her for letting me marry her daughter because it was said that I was a town player. She thanked me and then..."

"And then what Mr. Lothario?"

"And then she wanted to leave. Just as she was about to leave a giant saucer came up and we were both shocked. Somehow I got away but she couldn't, and it sucked her up. I was freaking out, I couldn't believe what was going on. And that was the last time I saw Bella."

She stared at him for what seemed like an eternity. Some of the audience believed what Don was saying, others didn't. But Miss Bendett knew that it was all up to the judge, "I'd like to call Dina to the stand."


Mary and Daniel exchanged a look at each other. It was the first time that had wohooed in years. Daniel felt like she was aggressive, almost as if she was angry and it was something new for him. He liked it, but it was nothing compared to Kaylnn. Neither of them truly felt in love anymore, but they wouldn't admit it. Usually Mary would say something romantically cheesy, but this time, she fell blank. I guess I'm really not in love with him anymore. But we've been together for so long. How could this happen.

He tried to force the thoughts about how he didn't love her out of his head. He kissed her again, then her jawline, then her neck. She pushed him away and he looked at her with curious eyes, "I'm going to take a shower before I head out to Veronaville."

"Maybe I'll take one with you," he smirked.

She shook her head, not finding the idea at all funny or enchanting, "Leave a note for the girls and I should be out of the shower in a little bit so you can take one too."

"Uh yeah sure," he said, a little shocked. He got dressed deciding that he didn't need a shower. He left a note for the girls when he noticed the TV in their room was on. He was just about to turn it off when something caught his eye. His eyes widened, it was the Goth family. But why were they at the court house. He continued watching it as Mary came out of the shower. She changed quickly then noticed that Daniel was watching something, "What is it Daniel?"

"It's the Goth family. Mortimer filed a court case against Don. He's accusing Don and Dina for the death of Bella!"

"Oh yeah, the case. I knew it was coming," she admitted.

He raised an eyebrow at her, "How?"

"Well my boss forced me to interview the Goth family after hearing Mortimer talk to an attorney about taking it to court. I just had no idea they would go as far as to tape them during the case," she said.

As they made their way outside and to Veronaville, all they could talk about was the case and their predictions on what would happen. Mary-Sue thought it was amusing that Daniel said he always had suspicions about Don because he seemed like a cheater. She wanted to shout at him that he was the same way but they were talking right now, and she didn't want to ruin it.


Lilith gawked as she looked at her geometry teacher in disgust, "Mr. Cox what is this!"

"That's the grade you got on the geometry test for today. I have to say I'm pleased. You usually don't score that high," he told her, giving her a small smile.

"I worked my ass off for this test and I still got a C!"

He sighed, "Look Lilith. I've noticed a change in you and I'm glad you're trying to bring your grade up but it's going to take more than just studying for one test. You have to really understand the concepts. Come by after-school to get some tutoring and I'm sure I could help-"

She groaned, "You know what? Forget it. A C- is just fine."

She bawled her paper up and threw it in the trash as she made her way to the cafeteria for lunch. She was almost inside when she felt someone cover her eyes with their hands. She grabbed the persons hands and squeezed as hard as she could, forcing a yelp out of the person.

"OUCH! Dude! Really?"

Lilith smirked as she looked at Dustin, "Dustin! Hey."

"You couldn't just be normal and guess who it was right?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "That way is just no fun. What's up?"

"Didn't you hear about the Goth Court Case?"

"The Goth Court Case?"

"Yeah, that's what everyone's calling it."

"Never heard about it. I don't have any girlfriends here remember?"

"Oh right, well apparently some sim snuck into the teachers lounge and the TV was on and she saw Mortimer accusing that Don guy of killing Bella. She even got a video recording of part of the case. Can you believe it?"

Lilith shrugged her shoulders. She didn't get a chance to meet Bella, and if she did, she was too little to remember. She knew the entire story about Bella though and she knew that someone in the neighborhood was up to something. But as far as she was concerned, it had nothing to do with her. She continued to listen as Dustin talked about the case and when he was done they had gotten their lunch and took a seat. She turned her head, just in time to see Tosha making out with her new boyfriend George. Gees, she was just with Rick. She just bounces from one sim to another.

"Ugh, I hate her," she said as she noticed Gordon taking a seat with them. She bit into her burrito as Gordon started eating his hamburger as if he'd been starving for several days. He waved to Lilith and Dustin who gave a half smile and waved back.

"Are you talking about the blonde girl with the pig tails?"

Lilith nodded.

"Oh, she's hot dude. Too bad she's so loose," he said, and Lilith smacked her on the arm, "Gross! She's not even pretty. Plus you can't downgrade from Angela to Tosha."

He shrugged his shoulders as he drank his milk, "So why do you hate her?"

"She's just a bitch. She pretty much went off on me in the hallway and told me that I wouldn't do good in the talent show. And it's not like I care what she thinks but she was just like, 'I'm singing with Angela boo.' And I was just like I don't give a fuck," she said.

He laughed, "She really called you boo?"


"Well prove that trick wrong then. What are you doing for the talent show?" he asked, watching Gordon have trouble sticking the straw into his apple juice.

"I'm singing. I'm just not sure what to do yet," she said, letting her mind wander, "Wait! That's it! I have the perfect song. I'm so ready for this."

Stopping the conversation was the sound of the ASB group. They stood up on a table as the students looked at them, "Attention! For those of you participating in the talent show, there has been a change in dates. We will be having a rally on Friday as well as a guest speaker from Link Crew club, so the best time to have the talent show would be tomorrow. We're sorry for the inconvenience and you can talk to the assistant principle or one of the talent show directors about dropping out but please don't be discouraged. Thank you and have a nice day."

Lilith practically spit her entire drink out of her mouth and Dustin laughed at her as he handed her a napkin.

"What happened I thought you were ready for this?"

She glared at him and he stopped laughing, "I am ready it's just. I thought I'd have some time to prepare!"

"You'll be fine."

From across the room, Angela, Meadow and Tosha were sitting together. Tosha was making out with her boyfriend and Randy was sitting next to Meadow, running a hand up and down her thigh. She ignored him as she turned to look at Angela, "So are you ready for the talent show?"

"Of course! We have our song prepared. We'll win."

"What about your sister? Is she a good singer."

She shrugged, "Yea but we'll beat her."

Inside she was freaking out though. Admittedly she didn't want her sister stealing her spotlight at the talent show, and she knew Lilith could sing but she didn't want to worry the girls.

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