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The End: Episode 12

Alex gets in trouble at school. The judge makes their final decision on the case and Jennifer runs into a man who promises to make her novels a little more interesting.


Alexander waited anxiously for his father to pick him up. He wanted to be anywhere but school at the moment, and that was something different for him. His mind flashed back to the fight that took place in the morning, all the way towards his talk with the principal. It was decided that both students would receive a one week detention during lunch for the fight that took place. They would be forced to pick up all the trash in the cafeteria and the quad area. Alexander knew it was wrong to fight, but he couldn't help but feel a little bit better. Ever since the case, a tremendous amount of stress had been put on him. Suddenly people were coming up to him and asking him about his mother. And what was he supposed to say? Sure he loved his mom, but he really didn't remember much of her. He didn't even know the full story of her absence. His father only told him that she was gone, and he didn't know if she would ever come back. Knowing she was dead saddened him, but since he never saw much of her anyway, he didn't know how he should feel.

He messed with the string on his backpack as he felt the wind suddenly pick up. He shivered, noticing that he only had a thin jacket on to go with his uniform. As he waited he saw Marsha walk past him, and they stared into each others eyes for a while before she sighed and walked off. He knew she was disappointed in him for some reason. He knew she hadn't expected him to fight, but there was only so much a sixth grader could take, right?


The sudden beep of his fathers car pulled him out of his thoughts as he ran inside the car. He took a seat and threw his heavy back pack off his shoulders as he he put on his seat belt. Mortimer received a call from the school telling him that his son had been involved in some fight.

"What's your punishment?"

"One week of detention, trash pick up," he answered as he looked anywhere but into his fathers eyes.

"I know there's been a lot of stress put on you but you can't go around fighting people."

"He started it!"

"And you could have resolved the situation much better than that."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's ok. I understand but I really hope you learned your lesson."


"Are you ready for this?"

He shrugged his shoulders and muttered, "It's not like I have much of a choice."

Brandi arrived at her a house a little while ago. She let out a sigh as she took a seat on one of the kitchen chairs. What if Darren really did move on? What if I lost my only chance to be happy again? I guess it would only be my fault right? I wasn't ready to let him in or tell him that I love him. I just...I just pushed him away! But do I really love him? Could I spend my entire life with him.

She hesitantly picked up her phone, ready to call but then she sighed and put it back down. She decided to go for a walk in the park instead. Dustin would be home soon enough to take care of Beau and she could easily take Ty with her. She grabbed the sleeping baby and put him in a broken down stroller as she made her way to the park.

As she walked there she received a call from her doctor. He randomly checked up on her to see how things were going and Brandi didn't leave a detail out. The pills were working fine, and so far there hadn't been any slip ups. After about fifteen minutes of walking, she finally arrived at the park. That was a great exercise She strolled around with her baby but suddenly stopped dead in her tracks when she saw something that she wished she hadn't.

...Darren and Cassandra, kissing?

She rubbed her eyes. No..it just can't be true. If he liked Cassandra again he would have just told me. Or is he that upset with me? She felt her eyes began to burn as she blinked back tears. Her throat started to swell up as she tried to swallow the aching sob that wanted to rip through her mouth. She saw him look her way and she started to walk again, this time heading home.

Cassandra and Darren were at the park as she told him about everything that was going on. Darren tried his best to listen to her, and offer her good advise but his mind kept drifting back to Brandi. He wondered what she was doing right now, if she would ever open up. Or if maybe he hated her.

"...I just can't believe he did this to me. I thought that...maybe I could change him. When he opened up to me I thought he was being honest but he's just a liar. A cheat and a liar! He probably never even loved me," she sighed, "To think my mom could have been here with me right now and all he has to say is that he's sorry. And then he just lies in the courthouse!"

Tears started to fall down her eyes, snapping Darren back into reality. Darren looked at the teary eyed girl. He felt sorry for her. They were best friends and at one time he would do anything he could to protect her. She didn't deserve to suffer. She just wanted somebody to love and even though it wasn't him, he would always be there for her.

"I'm sorry Cassandra...I'm sorry you've been going through hell lately but you'll get through this. You can do anything."

"Thank you Darren...gosh I'm so lucky to have you," she smiled and he felt something in his stomach tingle.

Cassandra stared at him for a little while and without thinking she grabbed his chin and kissed him. Darren hadn't realized what was happening until her lips were planted on his. He wasn't going to lie and deny the fact that she was a good kisser, or that he had been waiting for this moment for a while. But, it felt so wrong now that he was in love with Brandi. The kiss only lasted two seconds until he realized what was happening and gently shoved her away. She looked down, embarrassed with her actions, "I-I'm sorry...I'm just all messed up today."

He let out a nervous laugh but inside he was screaming. Darren was about to tell her the truth when her phone rang. She picked it up and Darren turned his head just in time to see someone that made his heart beat increase. He squinted his eyes to get a better look at the girl but she had already started walking away.

"...Yeah alright. I'm at the park can you come pick me up from here? Thanks," she said. When she hung up she looked back at Darren but all he could think about was Brandi so he was relived when Cassandra said that she had to get going. He gave her a hug and wished her good luck with the case.

"This is it...Marylena said that she should have the papers as early as next week," Mary said as she stared into Daniels eyes. There was this new feeling that built up inside of her. She was sad...yet proud of herself for finally deciding that she deserved more than a cheater.

"Great," he sighed, "I guess this is for the best right?"

Mary just nodded. The door opened and in came Angela and Lilith. They had just spent some time at the school talking with their former boyfriends. Or was Lilith with Dirk now? She couldn't remember.

She grabbed the papers quickly and made her way to her room. Lilith and Angela shot them a confused look but neither of them said a word.

"What were those papers?"

"Uh, nothing."

Lilith gave Daniel a look.

"I'll explain later. Right now I want to say congrats to the silver and gold medalist," He smiled as his daughters and gave them a hug.

They sat at the table while Mary ate dinner on the couch. She turned on the TV and Angela was shocked. This was the first time she had broken the golden rule and sat on the couch with her phone, let alone watch TV while doing so. She noticed her dad was silent and she was dying to know why.

"Hey mom what gives?"

"Sorry honey. I just really need to watch the Goth Court Case today to see how Cassandra's holding up. I thought maybe I'd text her after and bring her something to make her feel better.

Silence filled the courtroom as everyone found their seats. Everyone was anxious to see what would happen.

"Meeting called to order by me, Chantel Leer at 3:30," the judge said, getting everyone attention.

The audience stared at the judge who drew in a deep breath.

"After seeing plain evidence from the recorded tape the jury has made their final decision. Since Don and Dina were not completely responsible for the death of Bella Goth and, did not know that Mr. Beaker was going to kill Bella, only experiment on her they will be charged for a class 2 felony. There were no use of weapons from what we gathered in the video. Don and Dina will be sentenced to three years, and when they get out they will be on probation. If they break their probation and leave Pleasantview, they will be sentenced for another year."

All of the sims started to whisper about the case. Some people agreed with it, others disagreed. The judge looked at all of the noisy sims and called for their attention again, "We are truly sorry for the loss of Bella Goth and have decided that the Goth family will received 500,000 simelions for their loss," the judge said.

Don and Dina's attorney was outraged, "What exactly did this video show!"


The judge sighed, "SILENCE! I will have order in my courtroom. And this video contained all of the evidence we needed."

She took out the video and played it and everyone watched intently. When the video was over people were more than upset with what Don and Dina had done. They started to throw things at them, while others still thought that they weren't exactly responsible for killing Bella and they shouldn't be sentenced at all. The camera showed the sims throwing things and Don and Dina who ducked and covered as best as they could and shouted back angry words at them. The color seemed to be drained out of Don. He couldn't believe he was going to jail and he started to think of his baby.

"Mr. Lothario, do you feel that what the judge has sentenced you to is fair?"

Don sighed, "It's only right that I get thrown into jail for what I did in the past, but I just want to say Nina if you're watching this I love you and that baby."

The reporter was shocked, "So you'll be a father soon but you'll be in jail?"

He nodded sadly, "I'm sorry Nina...I'm sorry."

He pushed the camera gently out of the way as the police handcuffed him and escorted him out of the courtroom.

The reporters ran over to Dina who was crying uncontrollably.

"How does it feel to know that you'll be in jail? Do you think it was fair?"

"GET OUT OF MY FACE!" she screamed.

Some reporters made their way to the Goth family.

"Mr. Goth how do you feel about what the judge has decided?"

"I'm feeling much better knowing that they're going to jail for what they did. And I'm glad that Phoebe and I found this out before Cassandra married him. Now they need to focus on finding Mr. Beaker."

"What do you have to say about that Phoebe?"

"I'm happy that I got to help someone out. Mortimer is a great sim, and he really loved his wife. It's sad what's happened, but all we can do now is move forward."

"And will you two move forward together?"

Phoebe and Mortimer looked at each other then back at the reporters, "What?"

"Will you guys go out?"

Phoebe chuckled along with Mortimer, but they didn't answer.

"Cassandra what will you do now? Will you try to get married again?"

"Now that that scum is in jail I'm going to go on with my life. I'm sure I'll find someone to settle down with."

"And there you have it. The Goth Court Case is a success for the Goth family. Back to you Benjamin."


The Burb family had just eaten dinner and was finishing up their movie night, when Lucy was getting sleepy. Jennifer and John smiled as they led Lucy to her bed, and kissed her goodnight. When Jennifer closed the door John pulled her into a romantic kiss. His arms gripped her waist and traveled down to a lower area of her body and she gasped, then giggled, "What was that about?"

He smiled, "I can't kiss my beautiful wife?"

She rolled her eyes but smiled, "So how is Ms. Broke?"

She made her way into her bedroom and grabbed her coat.

"I can't discuss my patients with you...Where are you going?"

"Oh just out to the cafe for a bit. I'm going to print out a story of mine and then maybe jot down some stuff and send a news article to some of my friends."

"You're really interested in your job."

She shrugged, "Just like you're interested in yours I guess."

She grabbed her purse when he followed behind her, "Wait!"

"What's up?"

"Did you ever think about us...maybe having another kid?"

Her face turned red, "John I could barely deal with the pain of having the first one."

"I know but wouldn't it be nice for Lucy to have another brother or sister?"

"I suppose but then again it would be nice to adopt too, so that another sim could have a home. But right now I can't think about that, I need to head out."

He sighed and went to bed.

At about eight-thirty, Jennifer was at the cafe. There were some amazing karaoke artist out today, and she smiled as she jotted down a few things, scribbling out some insane titles that she had thought of in the process. Her story was all printed out, and she nibbled on a blueberry muffin as she took more and more notes.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned around as she stared at the man. She gave him a confused face, but she shook his hand anyway, "Hi I'm Jennifer, and you are?"

"My name is Grand Vampire, and you are Jennifer Burb, the novelist am I correct?" he asked as he planted a kiss on her hand.

She gave him a weak smile but slowly pulled away, "That's correct. You've heard of me?"

"Of course, everyone downtown has heard of you. You should be having your picture taken right now," he told her and she laughed, clearly flattered.

"There's just one thing that I think is missing in all of your novels."

"Really?" she said, "What is it?"

"Will you come take a walk with me?" he pushed, and she hesitated for a moment before grabbing her purse and deciding to go. He promised her the walk wouldn't be far. It was only a few blocks away from her car.

"So what does my writing need?"

"It needs, vampires of course!" he told her, and she took a step back.

"Vampires? Well I suppose I could interview a few like yourself and-"

"No, no, that won't do. You'd need a firsthand experience my lady," he smirked, and before she could even think he grabbed her shoulders and bit into it, a loud shriek came from her red lips, as the vampire sunk his teeth into her skin.

"Yum, that's the best blood I've tasted in a while," he said, and with that he flew away, leaving Jennifer to stand there, completely shocked. The pain had gone away incredibly fast, and when she looked at her skin, it was a strange pale color. She pulled out a small mirror, but she couldn't see her reflection! Making her scream even more.

At that very moment she knew she was a vampire.

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