Mortimer hasn't lost hope in finding Bella, although he says he's in love with Dina. And Angela and Dustin have a talk that could end their relationship for good.

Magic Potions and Lost Connection: Episode 3

The Next Day

"Mortimer, do you think we'll last?" Bella asked, a small smile on her face. They were watching the stars late at night, something they had grown fond of.

"Of course my love," he replied.

"Even when my face begins to get wrinkles?" she questioned.

"Even then," he laughed, then kissed her hair.

"Even when the Grim Reaper comes to get us?" she said, and Mortimer gave her a puzzled look, "We're too young to think of the Grim Reaper Bel. But I can assure you, even then I will be with you. And I'll make sure that we get our graves right next to each other, so that we can talk in the afterlife," he smiled.

"...I love you Morty," she said, looking straight into his eyes. You could sense that her words were true, yet their was still a bit of fear in there. She didn't want to be hurt no, not again.

"I love you too Bel," he smiled, giving her a chaste kiss that he would never forget.

"Daddy! Cassandra's calling you. She wants to go over wedding plans...again," Alexander rolled his eyes at the thought of it. Lately Cassandra had been unlike herself. Usually she was independent, and into things like books, and science. But ever since the wedding all she ever talked about was her husband.

Mortimer shook the thought of Bella out of his head. He wanted to be over her but he couldn't be. All the memories they shared together. How could he forget his first love? But he had a new love now didn't he?

Dina. Dina Catiline. He wasn't sure what he loved about her. Maybe it was the physical aspect, but Mortimer was never one to pay too much attention to something like that, even in his teen years. He couldn't place a finger on it. Perhaps it was the fact that she was always so nice to him. Everyone said that she was after his money, and in a way Mortimer knew this, but he wouldn't bring himself to believe it.

"Dad? You ok?" his son waved a hand in front of his face.

He straightened his posture, forcing himself to not think about relationships. He smiled at his son, "Cassandra's just excited that she's finally found a sim to settle down with. Although I don't agree with the relationship, I have to accept it. Now, why don't you go hang out with a friend today? I'll suffer her never ending talk of wedding plans on my own."

Alexander hugged his dad, "Thanks dad! You're the best! I'll be home in an hour!"

"Wait, where exactly will you be?" Mortimer asked Although Plesantview wasn't too much of a dangerous neighborhood, he still wanted to ensure his sons safety.

"I'm going over to the Burb household. Lucy wants to learn how to play chess," he said, and Mortimer smiled, although he wasn't too close to the Burb family, they seemed like really good people.

"Alright kiddo," he said, waving his son off.

"So he said he loved you?" Angela asked in an eager tone.

Lilith nodded, she wasn't even sure how they ended up talking, but she needed to spill the beans to someone, and she didn't really have any friends at school.

"Eeek! That's so exciting! I wish I had a relationship like yours," Angela sighed dreamily.

"What about Dustin?" Lilith asked. Dustin and Angela had only been going out for a few months but they were childhood friends so they were always super close.

Angela let out a sigh, "I don't know. Lately he's been acting really, distant. He barely even talks to me anymore."

"So call him," Lilith suggested.

After thinking about it, Angela smiled, "You know what? Maybe I will, thanks Lilith...strangely you gave good advice. And in return, I'll help you get rid of all your ugly clothing!"

Lilith rolled her eyes, "Just because it's not pink or sparkly, doesn't mean it's ugly."

"Yeah whatever, I'm going to call my boyfriend," Angela said, skipping off.

"So I'm thinking of having some red roses on the left and then- she stopped in mid-sentence- DAD! Are you even paying attention!" Cassandra said, getting a little bit aggravated. This was the fifth time that her father had dozed off on her.

Maybe she was being a little too obsessive over her official wedding, but she wanted everything to be perfect. Before she met Don, she never even thought once of boys. But Don was different. She knew that he had been with a lot of girls but she trusted him with her life and she was convinced that she could change him.

"I'm sorry honey. You were talking about red roses right?" her father asked, and Cassandra rolled her eyes, "Why don't we go ahead and take a break dad? I'm sure you're very tired."

"Yeah, I better get up to my room. We'll call a decorator first thing tomorrow," he said, forcing a smile onto his face.

Cassandra nodded, "Alright."

She looked around, there was nothing much for her to do. She decided to ring Don. Even though they were technically married, considering the 'pastor' was dressed up as Elvis, they still hadn't gotten into actually living together.

"Hello, Don is not here at the moment. Please leave a message, after the tone," The voice mail spoke. Cassandra almost thought the voice was a bit strange, but she shrugged her shoulders.

"Hey babe, it's Cassandra but you already knew that. Call me back, maybe you could stay over at my place tonight?" she suggested, and then hung up.

A minute later her phone rang, but it wasn't Don. It was just her best friend Mary-Sue calling to ask about what foods she should bring to the wedding.

Dina giggled as she hung the phone up, "Man I can't believe she couldn't tell that it was me!"

Don let out a small laugh, "Well you two don't really talk."

"Good thing too, otherwise she might find out about us," Dina smiled as she gave him a kiss on the lips.

Don kissed her back, but pulled away rather quickly when they were done. Dina raised an eyebrow at him, "Something wrong?"

Don shook his head. He couldn't tell her that he was starting to feel guilty about this entire marriage. He knew that Cassandra deserved happiness, and if Bella were here...he shuddered at the thought of Cassandra's mother. He couldn't think of her right now.

"Look, I know you're starting to feel bad for Cassandra but you need to let that go. We both need money, and this is the only way. Don't blow it," Dina said in a warning tone, "Now, I'm going to go ahead and get home so I can call Mortimer, and you should go over to Cassandra's house tonight. You guys need to talk wedding details," She winked, then skipped off.

When the door closed Don let out a sigh. He grabbed a can of beer from the fridge and continued to think about the situation. What was he going to do now?

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Hello?" A tired voice replied.

"Dustin! Hey!" Angela said in a cheerful tone. She hadn't seen her boyfriend for weeks.

"Oh hey Angela, what's up?" he yawned.

Angela rolled her eyes at this, "Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to come over. I haven't seen you in weeks and you barely say hi at school. You are still my boyfriend right?"

"Of course babe I just, I have a lot on my mind right now alright?" he said.

"Like?" Angela pushed.

"Does it matter?"

"Well considering you haven't said a word to me lately, it matters. Did you get abducted about aliens or something?"


"Or did you suddenly forget that we were dating? Seriously, what kind of stuff is going on?"

"Just stuff, gees! Why are you being like this?" he said in a defensive tone.

"Well sorry for being a concerned girlfriend! You're such a jerk Dustin!"

"Really? I'm a jerk! You know what, you wanted to know what was going on so here it goes. My mothers sick and it's affecting the baby. She almost killed herself after having some strange hallucinations and following what she thought was Skipp into a dark area downtown last night. The doctors don't know what's wrong. My grades are dropping, I've got everyone jumping down my throat and I have to find a new job soon before the repo man comes. That kind of stuff!" he yelled furiously.

"..." Angela remained silent, she couldn't believe that he had yelled at her like that, but more importantly, she couldn't believe that he kept that bottled up inside, "Dustin...why didn't you tell me any of this? We used to be so close."

You could hear him trying to stop his tears over the phone, "I'm sorry Angela...I just d-didn't wanna burden you alright? You have the perfect life, and my life just, sucks. I don't even know why you're with me. I can't take you out for dates and pay for your meal. I can't be a good boyfriend to you. Maybe it's best that I just set you free, so that you can find someone who can be a good boyfriend."

Angela couldn't believe what she was hearing, " You're not setting me free. I can help you with this."


"Dustin?" she said, but he had already hung up.

Mortimer was working hard on a new potion of his. He was desperately trying to find a potion to get Bella back. Nothing seemed to work no matter how good he was with science. As he continued to work he accidentally dropped his potion.

"Just great," he muttered to himself.

He was about to go find a broom to sweep it up when he noticed the potion began to shimmer. Pretty soon it turned into a bright glowing figure.

Startled, he took a step back. The thing nearly gave him a heart-attack.

The figure turned into a full sim. She was pale white, with long white hair that reached to her waist. The makeup on her face covered most of her wrinkles and she wore a long white dress and a sparkling white hat.

"Who are you?" he said, his eyes wide.

"There's nothing to fear. I am a Good Witch, the grandest witch to be exact. You called for me, and I can sense exactly what you need. You want to find a lost loved one. Well, I can help you with that. But first, I'm going to need something to eat, I am a bit parched," she smiled.

He looked back down at his puddle of the potion. It was gone. Had his potion done this? Summoned a witch. He shrugged, he was an old man. What did he have to lose?

"Ok, I'm in...I guess." He said in a hesitant tone.

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