So here's the deal: each Theme will be a different pairing since I feel like doing it that way. Now, I don't know how I'll choose the pairings, but I'll delve into just about any canon. I guess whatever Theme I believe fits a certain pairing, I'll go ahead and do. And once I do one certain pairing, I won't use it again for the rest of the story.

If anyone suggests a pairing, I may consider doing it. But that's a huge maybe. It all depends on if I feel like writing for it or not. Remember, I'm not too biased and I'm up for anything, just don't be too hopeful.

None of these pairings will include Pokémon, unless I include slight WishShipping or something, but I don't really plan on it. I'm not too comfortable with writing human x Pokémon and Pokémon x Pokémon pairings. That's why when Ash is paired with a Pokémon in The Story of Ash and: Insert Character Here, the chapters are normally very short…

One last thing: I put a list of all the Themes with possible Ships I might do for that chapter at the bottom of my profile. So check that out if you wish.

Introduction: VisorShipping

"Hi! My name is Rosa!" a girl with two buns in her hair waved to no one in particular.

"Rosa, who are you talking to?" a boy with messy brown hair sticking out of the top of his visor asked her.

"The audience, Nate!" she smiled to him. "We have to introduce ourselves! We're the new kids in school!"

Nate made a face. "We don't go to school."

"DON'T QUESTION IT!" Rosa suddenly raged, causing Nate to jump.

"…Err, Rosa?" Nate smirked awkwardly.

"Yes?" Rosa smiled again.

"Um, nothing…"

"Hey, guys…" a boy with dark blue hair walked into the room…wherever they were.

"HUGH, GET OUT OF HERE! NATE AND I ARE INTRODUCING OURSELVES!" Rosa angrily yelled at him. Hugh's eyes widened.


"I SAID GET OUT!" Rosa threw a Poké Ball at him, which whacked him in the face.

"Oww!" Hugh rubbed his nose. "Okay, message received! I'm leaving!" He promptly walked out of the room.

"Rosa, was that necessary?" Nate asked, his hands on his head for some reason.

"Yeah!" Rosa huffed. "The script said that only the two of us were supposed to introduce ourselves! Hugh has a backstory. We don't!"

"…What script?" Nate just now noticed that Rosa was holding a stack of papers. She ignored his question and gazed at them intently.

"Hmm, it also says I'm supposed to hug you and act like I like you."

"What?" Nate raised an eyebrow. "Aren't we friends?"

"I guess that's supposed to be implied…"

Nate pursed his lips. "Ugh, Rosa…" Without warning, Rosa suddenly pounced on Nate, knocking him over and bringing both of them to the ground. "ROSA, WHAT THE HELL?"

"Nate! I love you!" Rosa rubbed her cheeks against his. "Let's be best friends forever!"


"Yay!" Rosa jumped up and faced the 'audience.' "Well, was that good enough? I hope so! We'll see you guys in Black 2 and White 2! Bye-bye!" She waved enthusiastically. Nate continued to lie on the ground, not sure if he could even move. Rosa pranced off and turned off the light.

"…What did I do to deserve this…?"

The game characters aren't given much of a personality besides their official poses, like Brendan looks way too overly cheery with that weird grin and Leaf looks devious for some reason. With Rosa, she looks like she might have an explosive personality under that smile of hers.

So…how's that for an introduction?